Route Planner Issue: we need two settings in it for avoiding Trig involved systems not one

Why is there only one setting in the route planner to avoid both Edencom AND Triglavian minor victory systems and not settings for each (and should be avoid Edencom minor AND major victory systems on Trig side not just minor)?

Because one or the other kills us players but not both, so seems lazy on CCP’s behalf to lump them both together, forcing us to find and ban these systems individually.


To give everyone shorter route to amarr.

That setting prevents you from going to Amarr via the route people want to take, you clueless person. CCP screwed up yet again, as it is tradition for them.


There is no warning anywhere on these gates. There are no longer any arrows indicating invasion, the sovereignity has it’s old owner & there is no pop-up warning you before the jump. There isn’t even an official list from CCP as far as I can tell of the affected systems, I had to use a third party website to find these systems individually to ban them.

Also in these systems the gates are flooded with wrecks from CCP’s lazy or intentional handling of this situation. This is a game developer who actively and intentionally likes to grief their own player-base without giving them the tools that they need to play this game effectively.

It’s definitely a wink and a nod to the properly aligned salvage folks that must be making a killing off this deliberate griefing tactic by CCP.

CCP = Chief Clown Patrol. Requiring players to parse through every devblog post to avoid the constant griefing attempts. It’s why you can’t have nice things in Eve for the most part–it’s not just other players that want to blow you up or even regular NPCs its the game developer actively doing so as well.

I’m not interested in avoiding Edencom minor victory systems as they won’t blow me up on the other side of the gate. Conversely for Trig-aligned players they aren’t interested in avoiding Trig minor victory systems. That setting lumps all 112 systems together as if they are the same. They are not the same there are 84 systems that will blow up Trig-aligned players & there are 28 systems that will blow up Edencom-aligned players.

Edited as I initially thought the reply was for me.

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That is exactly why I called Lis a clueless person. He thinks this setting with avoiding both is good because it makes you not go through Bei. Instead she wants that you go through Vecamia, which is the shorter route she’s talking about. Please read what actual clueless people write.

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Yeah roit Christie

I WISH CCP liked Salvaging as a profession, but the boons from this stuff is just about worth doing it and certainly CCP have no love for Salvagers.

Jokes are to hard for eve forums…

In times like these with continued, uninterrupted screw ups from CCP? Yes. If you want to be sarcastic or make jokes about these kinds of things, you really need to mark them as such. CCP’s development practices and quality have fallen to such terribly low levels that reality is worse than any sarcastic exaggeration could dream to be. :slight_smile:

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I think this is the bone they threw you guys. I was flying around in a Venture yesterday exploring (I dare not fly around in anything expensive exploring per CCP’s can’t have nice things attitude towards its player-base) and popped into Nonni (no arrow down, no popup warning on the gate, sovereignity identified as Caldari State) and see a dozen wrecks and smile and think I’m going to have a field day salvaging. A smile that lasted a whole second until I realized I was wreck 13.

CCP’s shambolic treatment of its players continues. Maybe it’s different for Trig-aligned players as there are so many more Edencom systems I don’t know.

But as a non-participant in the Trig invasion this is a total joke CCP’s supposed “fix” in the route planner is to avoid BOTH Trig and Edencom Minor victory systems.

It should be player option to avoid: 1) Trig-aligned minor victory systems OR 2) Edencom Minor AND Major victory systems. To have one setting that avoids both Edencom and Trig minor victory systems remains a big screw you to the players as with that setting checked the routes generated are garbage and Trig-aligned players will still get destroyed in Edencom major victory systems.

It should be a thing to be either neutral or possible to be liked by both.

It has definately been said by CCP that lore is not as important as outcome and mechanics (though specifically that was about those ridiculous Quantum Cores), but if thats so, how come I still get CONCORDED for shooting an empty wreck, but I cant be a non-entity to two powers that only showed up earlier in the year?

Mandatory Events are not events in the sense of a thing to join if you like. They are paradigms.


With Final Liminality systems removed CCP’s Route Planner fix for players to avoid being blown up in empire space is a total joke as it has one setting: avoiding minor victory systems on both sides.

This is a bad joke for two reasons:

  1. Both Edencom & Trig-Aligned players will be blocking systems in the Route Planner that their own side won a minor victory resulting in much longer routes.
  2. Trig-aligned players will still be routed through Edencom major victory systems.

There are no longer any indications in the game about these systems, you find out when you arrive at the other side of the gate and see a bunch of wrecks then you’re the next wreck.

The current solution for Edencom-aligned players is to individually ban all 27 Trig minor victory systems still connected to empire space. This is annoying but doesn’t take too long.

The current solution for Trig-aligned players is to individually ban all 84 Edencom minor victory systems AND 53 Edencom major victory systems which will take a considerable amount of time. OR maybe Trig-aligned players are no longer attacked in Edencom systems? In which case they can move freely through empire space but Edencom players cannot despite having won the war?

In the meantime salvagers on both sides can make a killing on wrecks for how badly this has been mismanaged.


Do people not use their maps? We have maps you know.

The map said Caldari space sovereignity yesterday in a system I was killed in despite me having good standing with them. I was killed by Triglavian NPCs on the gate despite their being no indication on the map that this was a Triglavian invaded system.

So what maps are you talking about?

I’m talking about the map (old and new) where you can select to show trig systems and avoid them.

Your tears are so sweet, like a fine wine, rolling down your rummy cheek, straight into the river of LOL…

Although I think they need to fix autopilot to separate the two, the map does have filters to show which systems are occupied:


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