PSA: trig systems no longer visible on autopilot

Someone who said they lost half a billion hauler because of this posted it in reddit. Not in game, so cannot personally confirm.

CCP game design strikes again if true. Careful out there…


Yes trig systems no longer show up on the route planner. Also there is no warning before jumping into it, your character will just go straight into the system and be killed by the trig fleets.

I don’t know why it is like this but surely it has to be a bug.


This is probably by design knowing how CCP’s been doing things the past few years.

Guess the theme park owners decided that it would be fun to release a few lions and tigers to help entertain the patrons…

Nah, don’t make sense. Think it’s the old incompetence again

A half a billion and they use autopilot? Come on people at least make it a challenge.

He used the route planner.
If you land in a trig system (minor voctory, the rats will tackle and kill you. Even if you warp manually.

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There is literally an autopilot setting to ignore all edencom and trig minor victories, might i suggest using it :stuck_out_tongue:

That setting is basically useless. My character is friendly to edencom, if i use that setting my avoidance list has 80+ edencom minor victory systems in there that are perfectly safe.


In that case use one of the public lists of systems and manually avoid just the trig ones, or go spend a few hours farming rogue drone structures to be blue to both and negate the issue entirely :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, i know the drill. It was PSA so nobody else loses ships to this undocumented crap after the patch.

Losing ■■■■ is how you learn in EVE, its all part of the natural process

There is a “world map” setting to show minor victories for just trigs, if you want to avoid them you can manually add them to an avoid list from the world map.

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Or maybe less horrible game design and better documentation, so players dont have to lose ■■■■ to learn all the time.

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Yeah, cos people read signs.

There used to be a flipping pop up saying “This is bad dont go here if you dont know”

Guess what

People ignored it.

Yes, most people do. I think that message would have saved that guys hauler mentioned in original message.

Why if you agree that most people dont bother reading?

Ok so a rumour.

This is now marked as a n exploit

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