Greenlight individual/types of Trig Invasion systems so we don't receive warning on (EdenCOM Fortress, etc.) systems

The current programing gives us only two options…
Option #1. Be warned you are entering a system that, at some point in the past, has been invaded by the Triglavians, even if it is now an EdenCOM Fortress.
Option #2. Click “Don’t remind me again”, so it won’t remind you… even if a system is now in “Final (Trig) Liminality”

I propose the adoption of one or two additional options.
#1 . Individual Systems: A feature mostly opposite of the “Avoidance List”. This would be a user created whitelist of systems that we do not want our ship to be stopped from automatically jumping into while waiting for us to click [OK]. We would still be stop-notified of new systems as they get invaded.
#2. Classification of Systems: This would be similar to the current High/Low/Null sec travel-route option. It would let us select to not be stopped and notified we are jumping into a system that “The Agency” has listed under a particular invasion status. For example we could select to not be notified we are jumping into either EDENCOM Bulwark or EDENCOM Fortresse systems. Under this example, we would still be stop-notified if our ship tried to jump into an Escilating Liminality.

Thank you all for your time. Celestial Blessings be upon the kind readers.

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Given that this is a limited time event, I don’t think CCP is going to expend effort on this for mechanics that aren’t going to end up being permanent.

STEVE disapproves.

CCP, why did you remove the [Confirm jump to Triglavian Invaded system] warning and leave roaming Trig gate camp fleets in High Sec??? There is also no longer a Route Planner warning icon. There is no warning people are about to jump into former Trig Minor Victory systems still filled with Trig gate camps and as a result, are having their ships killed.

What’s worse, the Trigs will Immediately start Warping to you once you are on grid, whether you are barely on grid, or only 100k away.

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