What is going on with this game and no-warning Trig Invasions

Whats happening with this game. Trig invasions 3 red bar and no warning in a .7 zone. As I enter gate showing Green .7 next thing I know jumped at gate entry 12KM away in a FINAL luminati. Then a minute after my ship and clone are dead… an e-mail from COncord … there is an invasion in your area.

This is ridiculous.

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Well, saying that there is no warning is disingenuous. There’s at least the dialogue box that pops up warning of a trig invasion (unless you suppressed it), and the route planner shows a special icon for a lowered security status.

Should CCP give more warning? Maybe. But then again, I’ve never accidentally jumped into a final liminality system. Thus, I’m wondering if the problem is that CCP isn’t giving enough warning, or if some players just aren’t paying enough attention.

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Illuminati confirmed.

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I have come up with a plan to keep the Trigs out!!!..
We need a…Wall.

When you set your destination and your route shows a triangle in it then that system has had or is currently being invaded. You can check if the system is controlled by Triglavians or EDENCOM with this site:

If it’s Triglavian, you should add that system to your avoidance list and bypass it.


Both Trig and Edencom systems show as trig invasion systems currently.

So setting avoid would need to be checked system by system,not blanket avoid.

And that’s why I said if a triangle shows in the route after setting destination, check that site to see if it’s controlled by Triglavian or EDENCOM, if it’s Triglavian then put that system on avoidance list.

I’m sorry for your loss, OP, but Vale has been showing as Final Mittani for months now, in fact it was one of the earliest systems to flip. I’m sure mission running out of Cat has suffered for it.


I died in Vale! I think I had to close a dialogue box to go there too :laughing:


It would have warned you, had you not disabled that warning.


Anyway that ishtar fit was pretty much mercy-killed anyway.


I ignore EVE warnings just like I ignore the cautionary writing on fast food coffee cups that the contents will be hot, before gulping them down.

So, CCP, you will be hearing from my lawyers for enabling me to hurt myself.


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