Please explain how new Trig invasions work

I’ve tried to research this myself but the lack of info in Dev Blogs is very frusterating.

My question is very simple: How do I know if an invaded system is safe (re: Concord is active) to jump into? I am trying to do a storyline mission but the system I need to navigate to is currently being invaded. Prior to gate jump, I get the same generic “System is under invasion” notification we’ve been getting for months, I do not get the security drop notification.

Does that mean sec status is still active? I really, really wish communication about this whole thing was better.

The gate tells you what security status. Only Raravoss has lowered status so far. You also get a warning if you’re going to jump into a low security system.

Also no an invasion system is not safe. There are roaming Triglavians and they will shoot you.

Do they jump into deadspace pockets? Like, is running missions a bad idea?

I don’t know if they’ll invade mission dead space. Probably not. They will attack you at gates, though.

Eeeek! The unknown!


Open the Agency and go to Triglavian invasion section.

Click the sites called “first and final liminality”

It should then say on the display.

It’s also safe to assume that any site the Triglavians hold (on the left of the screen) is lowered security.

Triglavian Invasions is a feature we have seen roll out in the last year. While original Invasions were mostly built on the Incursion framework, the new version is a way for CCP to provide dynamic content, with interesting and lasting implications to the game. In this case systems that begin to be taken by the Triglavians will change security status. When “1st Liminality” is achieved, they system becomes effectively low-security space, and when "Final Liminality is achieved, the system becomes effectively null-security space.

All new Invasions begin in the 3rd phase, named “Stellar Reconnaissance”. The progress bar begins in the center and killing the NPCs of one side will push it towards the other side. Killing the NPCs also gives you standings changes, which will influence the NPC’s behavior. Any positive standings with the Trig, and you will no longer be KOS by them, at +3 with a side, you will see them as blue, and they will begin assisting you in combat. At -1 you will become red, and kill on sight to EDENCOM.

There are Tier 0, Tier 1, and Tier 2 sites for both sides.

Tier 0 - Forward Post/Emerging Conduit (1-3 Pilots) ~10 min respawn, no overview beacon - Tallasinite Ore
Tier 1 - Staging Area/Minor Conduit (1-4 Pilots) ~50 min respawn, overview beacon + remains after completed -
Tier 2 - Field Base/Major Conduit (5-8 Pilots) - ~50 min respawn, overview beacon + remains after completed -Roaming packs - throughout, but mostly on belts, POCOs, and structures.
Stellar Deployment Site - At the star, starts cruiser down, then shifts to battleship down, then the site opens up without the gate. This constructs the Weather beacon for the winning team. Also Dazh Porevitium Transmuter.
Observatory Flashpoint (10-15) Dread fight - Bezdnacine ore, .25 standings changed for your faction.

Talassonite Ore (12600 Trit, 456 Nocxium, 81 Zydrine, 13 Megacyte)
Rakovene Ore (2200 Trit, 7200 Pyer, 855 Mexallon, 450 Nocxium, 270 Zydrine, 83 Megacyte, 2 Morphite)
Bezdnacine Ore (13200 Trit, 2200 Pyer, 3780 Mexallon, 1100 Iso, 185 Megacyte, 10 Morphite)

The EDENCOM NPCs are the Empire that owns the system. The Empire NPCs do that ships weapon system/tactics, as well as uses the T2 resist profile for that Empire. They use heavy logi and their races EWAR.

T(0) Sites can be soloed by a good BC, and many BS. They reward 4.5 million isk + some LP for EDENCOM for up to three players before being split up. Forward posts reward 6 million isk for up to three people before the 18 mill pool starts being split evenly among all those who either did damage, or repped someone who did damage.

T(1) Sites are the exact same setup as T(0) and can be safely ran with several comps of 3 or more. They are just harder versions of the T(0).

When you land on a T(0) or T(1) you can warp to a rock on the inside bend of the far side at 70 to land very close to the spawn point for the NPCs. They do scram, and pod.

T(2) Have multiple entrance points for NPCs. is a deadspace pockets (so no additional warping). The opening event is timed and will spawn 4 full packs by the end, and are just generally a whole different beast requiring 8 or more players.

Roaming packs also exist and some can be quite nasty. Real control over the system will be determined by who best deals with the roaming packs, not the sites themselves. They can also warp to any site and react to each others distress signals.

Players can disrupt your efforts in indirect way via bumping and repping the enemy, beware!

I would advise getting out of the system long before it goes into Liminality if you don’t want to be butchered…

You can ask me any further questions, you can also check out and the discord



Thanks for the detailed breakdown, Ashterothi.

Do you know if the lesser (e.g. Tier 0 sites) stick around into the later stages? Furthermore, do they (both?) stay in Fortress (EDENCOM victory) or Liminality (Triglavian Victory)?



Yes the later stages keep spawning Tier(0) sites as well as Spawning Tier(1) and Tier(2) sites eventually.

No sites spawn in Final Liminality or Fortress that we are aware of.

It seems all active invasion systems are either full Trig or full EDENCOM control right now, except for one lowsec system I’m not going to risk ratting in :slight_smile: maybe more will spawn soon …


Yes. There has been no new Invasions since Sunday. Either the Triglavians are focusing their efforts on the footholds they have obtained, or they are waiting for tomorrow patch :wink:

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