Invasions End

Greetings Fellow Empyreans it is I Ashterothi, the eater of suns and Voice of New Eden coming at you once again this time to talk to you about Totality, the end of Invasions, and where we go from here.

To catch everyone up, for the last year and a half the High and Low-security systems of New Eden have been under Invasion from the mysterious Triglavian Collective. However, in May of this year, things took a serious turn with the release of Invasions Chapter 3. While previous versions of Invasions amounted to little more than a revision of the earlier Incursions system, Chapter 3 introduced competitive PvE, PvE in dangerous territory, and long-lasting changes for both the individuals participating and the world at large.

The Triglavian Collective are attempting to permanently take systems in New Eden for their own purposes. Not to be caught off guard, CONCORD’s recently formed AEGIS division, led by Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir, has expanded their Mandate and formed the New Eden Defense Fund, increasing taxes throughout New Eden. This ultimately led to the formation of New Eden’s Common Defense Initiative (EDENCOM).

For the last five months, the Capsuleers of New Eden has freely joined the Triglavian and EDENCOM efforts, resulting in hundreds of players descending upon system after system to decide the ultimate fate of the cluster.

Not all systems are created equal. There is something particular about Blue and Yellow (G5) Stars that are interesting to the Triglavians. Systems that were ineligible could still be invaded, but these special systems could proceed, becoming Liminalities for the Triglavians, or Fortresses of EDENCOM. In the end, 27 Final Liminalities and 53 Fortresses. Once the 27th Final Liminality was secured, the remaining candidate instantly fortified, the Convocation of Triglav sent an EVEmail declaring “TOTALITY REALIZED” and no further Invasions have spawned.

So now the question is what happens next. The day after the final Final Liminality, the text involved in shutting off a Stargate was added directly to the main EVE client, and the nature of sites spawning in systems has changed. These facts, plus what we know allows us to know certain things:

  • Minor Victories are not going away - These systems are very disruptive to travel around New Eden as each Capsuleer must determine who will be aggressive to them through their standings with EDENCOM and the Triglavian Collective. This standing can be achieved by running sites in these Minor Victories. The sites themselves are rewarding for solo and small gangs, based on the Emerging Conduits of last year. Each Minor Victory has two Tier 0 (Emerging Conduit/Forward Post) and two Tier 1 (Minor Conduit/Staging Area) of the “winning” team. This means the Talassonite can be mined by people on the same side as the winners, and the sites can be run by those opposing them for Standings, ISK, Salvage, LP, etc. However, it is possible that there could be a change in the roaming packs within the systems, which would be good because wow are they deadly!
  • Fortresses are not going away either - These systems now have Tier 1 (Staging Area) Tier 2 (Field Base) and Tier 3 (Observatory Flashpoint) sites. This means there are now systems for farming “raid content” including the Dread fight from Chapter 2.
  • Final Liminalities are… something - The 27 systems are going to be divided between the three Clades of the Triglavian Collective (Perun, Veles, Svarog). It is as yet unknown what will happen to these systems. However, they spawn Tier 1 (Minor Conduit) Tier 2 (Major Conduit), and Tier 3 (Observatory Flashpoint/World Ark) sites. It is worth noting that there is no CONCORD response within these systems. It is unclear what further changes are coming, but the suggestion of turning off the Stargates has led to rampant speculation.
  • Like the Minor Victories both Fortress and Final Liminalities provide Rakovene ore in the Tier 2 sites, Bezdnacine in the Tier 3 sites. However, these ores are going to be changed in line with the rest of the changes coming to ore in mid-October.
  • The path between Jita and Amarr is now long and “Blue” - With the fall of Niarja, the route between Amarr and Jita has increased to 40+ jumps AND at least 5 of them are EDENCOM Minor Victories or Fortresses. This is because many systems in Amarr space went for EDENCOM, while much of the State went to Triglavian.
  • You can set systems owned by the hostile forces on avoidance and often your autopilot will find a decent alternative.
  • More information about Invasions, and the locations of each type of Invasion system (including Minor Victories which are not visible in the Agency) visit
  • More information about the Precursor Crisis

I’m hoping at some point that the “Triglavian Invasion” filter on the map will be able to differentiate between Triglavian and EDENCOM systems, as it’ll be important to anyone that has worthwhile standings with either. They’d probably have to rename the Triglavian Invasion option, but they could color code it pretty easily. Red for final liminality, yellow for Trig minor, green for Eden minor, blue for fortresses.

Also, an in-game display for minor victories would help too. Kybernaut has been a lovely and invaluable tool for chapter 3, but it is one of those things where I wish there was an in game option to view those as well.


Yup, and from my understanding there is a strong desire to do that internally, we will just have to see what they come up with.

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Having minors stay in lowsec is a big bummer for PvP. We have to avoid those systems with roams, because in public fleets you always have people not aware and not having the standings. As well do all the former targets.

But I know … people who want to PvP have arenas, ■■■■ roaming. EvE sandbox is dead.


You sure about Trig Minor Victories spawning T2 & T3 sites? I’ve spend the last 3 days across all the MV systems in Caldari space and have yet to see a Major Conduit. Only Minor/Emerging Conduits. Even logged in minutes after downtime and still no Major Conduit sites. I have found plenty T2/T3s in Final Lim systems tho.

Read the text again.

I noticed theres no longer a roadmap for this game. I resubbed after a 3 year break to get in fw again. Joined in Apr and had a blast. But trigs ruined it and its no longer fun for me. Say what u want I dont care. I have only played eve for FW, thats my sandbox. Started in 2005 but fw was easy pvp. I could disengage to take a break and jump right back in. Its harder now and more time consuming. So ive been checking forums to see if anything will change. But then the mineral changes happened. So i can no longer build frigs. Whatever

But for now, i subbed a daybreak all access subscription. Its cheaper than eve and I get to play planetside 2 and dc universe. So thats where its heading.

FW is in a really decent place right now, and mining in lowsec will be better than ever. I think if you tried to make it work you could have a good time of it.

But enjoy your Daybreak sub.

Caldari FW? There are like mixed opinions about it. In this forum.

Really? Maybe if they will add battle barges to the game. But perspective of staying in belts for hours in low sec environment, when everyone can drop what they can on you, isnt very convincing. The Edencom systems full of cynojammers may help those miners survive for a bit tho.

Did you know that there were people who asserted that there would never be Rorquals in belts. Turns out players will put assets on the line when the rewards offer sufficient justification. Now, I’m just a simple hyperspace chicken that don’t know too much about mining, but the fact that LS offers the only significant source of certain ores makes me think that someone will mine it. Thus, the only questions in my mind are who and how.

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Not when they cant really defend themselves or have ability to run somewhere safe. Then other group just farms them for kills.

In low sec you can drop capitals on the rorquals like in null sec, but controlling space by bubbling is impossible. The escalations look different usually by means of how sparsely populated low sec is. When it will be more populated that may look different and more capitals will be involved. Overall I think CCP will hope for more people just losing stuff anyway.

The geography and rules changed enough in recent time. Now everything is more risky, and with less reward especially when someone is after you.

You really think anyone will mine in Low Sec. I want whatever your smoking. Why throw away good mining ships to all the PvP players there? Sorry I just do not see it. Maybe you should stop drinking the CCP Koolaid…

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I guess its just too hard for you to do, thats why you think its impossible.

Plenty of people already do it.


pvp players will mine?


Ha ha yeah, guilty as charged. That guy should try some of what I am smoking. Some of my days start with me sipping coffee, lazily keeping an eye on local while the mining lasers go BRRR as I light my first spliff of the day. I would rather deal with the possibility of getting caught by an actual PVPer then being pestered some loser in his bumping Machariel.

Yup. Check my KB. It’s not glorious but it proves I PVP. I also mine, but nobody has attacked my barge in YEARS. Might find a few Venture losses here and there though.


I very much like your style, fella!

I hope not.

I’d quite enjoy having a monopoly on isogen and nocx.

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Skiffs make GREAT bait :slight_smile:


I’ve read some guy somewhere mines ice completely unopposed in a triglavian system.

There’s tons of money just waiting out there for those with balls.


Someone will have to eventually…