Triglavians - The True Fifth Empire

The Triglavian Collective is the fifth major Empire in New Eden that players can actively align themselves with. However, unlike the previous four of Gallente, Caldari, Minmatar, and Amarr, this race was introduced within the last few years, requires actively joining in their cause through forwarding their mission (rather than simply starting with them), and most importantly rather than being given their own space, they worked with the playerbase to take territories from the existing four empires. While the Empires represent stability and order, the Triglavian Collective represent chaos and the notion of survival of the fittest above all else.

I covered a lot of the following in “Invasions End” but to summarize:

Over the last two years as the Triglavians have been revealed to us, and the Invasion cycle played out, the pilots of New Eden have increasingly been asked to choose a side in the climactic battle between the Triglavian Collective and the combined forces of the other Four Empires under the banner of EDENCOM. With the release of Chapter 3 in the Second Quadrant of YC 122 (AD 2020) this conflict hit its peak. Capsuleers could either defend known space alongside EDENCOM forces or assist the Triglavians in disrupting CONCORDs influence.

For five months the Collective and EDENCOM, along with Capsuleers supporting both sides, fought over the Stars of New Eden. Stars that were proper for the Collective could “progress” into a state known as Liminality. From Triglavian Datastream XCZ 1:

“the course of the flow of Vyraj from the domain of Bujan to the ancient domains shall pass from first liminality, through second liminality, at last to breach third liminality.”

Systems taken and held by EDENCOM became known as “Fortresses” and were secured from further attack by the Triglavians. While some systems failed to progress, this was very confusing in the early days as players assumed that Invasions that ended in this way were bugged. Soon thereafter the introduction of Minor Victories clarified that not all systems would progress.

Not all systems are created equal. There is something particular about Blue Stars and G5 (the largest) Yellow Stars, Designated by the Collective as Fruitful, Glory, Divine, and Gold. Originally this was meant to be a secret for the playerbase to unfold, however, thanks to the diligent work of Arataka Research Consortium, the solution was discovered several months prior to Chapter 3 even rolling out. Assembled from the data collected over the previous year of Invasions, they were able to determine the cryptic goals of the Collective.

From XCZ 3:

“as the Sobornost and Kybernauts pass over the waters of communion, the floods of liminality shall cover the faces of Immanent Glory and Immanent Gold alike.”

On September 28th the 27th system was taken by the pro-Triglavian forces and pushed into Final Liminality. Once this happened, the Invasions as we knew it ended. The Liminal systems were divided among the three Clades, or sub-groups of the Triglavians as “three Krais of nine fields within clade”. And thus ended the Invasions, and the Pochven region of space was born.

Pochven Born

Pochven is Slavic for “soil”. The Collective consider the “Triglavian Minor Victories” to be “Forests” for hunting, and Pochven as the soil for them to cultivate.

Pochven itself is divided in two ways. Each “Krai” is made up of nine systems with a “home” system at the heart of the Krai. Outside of the home system chains 3 additional “Internal” systems, followed by a “Border” system. The border of each Krai is connected to the border system of one of the other two Krai, creating a Triangle.

Life in Pochven heavily favors those loyal to the Triglavians. While the systems themselves are effectively wormhole systems mechanically, the Collective has several services available to pilots based on their standings with them.

Minimum of -0.05: Docking

Minimum of 1.00: Fitting

Minimum of 2.00: Repairs

Minimum of 3.00: Jump Clones and Reprocessing

Minimum of 4.00: Industry and Corporation Offices

In addition to this, travel between systems is restricted based on how deep it is within the Krai. Border systems only require 1.0 to travel to, however Internals require 3.0 and Home systems require 7.0 to enter using the Triglavian Conduits (The previous gates have all been disabled by massive chunks of exotic matter growing where the artificial wormhole once formed.)

However, this does not mean Pochven is shut out from all but loyal Kybernauts. There are two additional ways to attack the Collectives domain: Pochven Ingress Filaments, and new Wormholes.

Pochven Wormholes

Wormholes leading into Pochven are unlike previous wormholes in several key ways. First, they never come from Pochven, and thus all wormholes inside of Pochven are K162 wormholes. This means the Wormhole must come from somewhere else. Due to the mechanics of wormholes under normal conditions the K162 side of connection does not spawn until the other side of the wormhole is at least warped to. This means that those inside of Pochven cannot discover a wormhole leading out until someone on the outside opens it. However, this is complicated by a second major difference, the Wormholes themselves are now part of a larger site.

The “Tier 2” Invasion sites are known as either “Triglavian Major Conduits” or ‘EDENCOM Field Bases” and these new wormholes are formed within a copy of that site, with the center most conduit or cyno replaced by the Wormhole itself. These sites are Deadspace which means not only is there no warping allowed within the site, but all warping to the site is in relationship to the beacon of the site. In other words, you can warp to fleet members or bookmarks made within the Deadspace pocket, but you will land at range and direction relative to the beacon of the site, not your target. The Wormhole spawns roughly 70km from the landing beacon, meaning a good celestial can get you close. Without that however, just navigating TO the Wormhole itself can be tricky.

This problem is compounded by the fact that NPC forces pour out of the Wormhole at a regular rate. The space that the Wormhole connects to determines the kinds of forces you will encounter. Connections to Null-Sec (Seemingly preferring Drone Regions) will bring relatively easy Rogue Drone forces into Pochven. While the largest Drone Overminds may be quite nasty, overall these are the easiest of intruders. When connected to Low or High security Space EDENCOM rats will bring their forces into Pochven, including setting up Dreadnaught Flashpoints for loyal Kybernauts to run. This site appears to be the best single way to gain Standings, and thus further access within Pochven.

Pochven systems unfortunate enough to connect to Wormhole space unleashes the terrifying Drifter and Sleeper forces, complete with overshield and doomsday weapons. While these forces provide the best standings for fighting the roaming packs, they are fearsome enough to cause catastrophic damage to all but the most prepared fleets.

Systems connected to Pochven have their own problems. Roaming packs of Triglavians will attack anyone they can find not loyal to the Collective. Wormholers have raised particular alarm as these forces can reinforce their structures, and even if they do not return to finish the job, many fear that other Capsuleers will happily capitalize on their moment of weakness.

So what does this have to do with a K162 connection? The site the Wormhole is in has an opening “animation” that opens the wormhole, and this animation does not begin until the first decloaked pilot lands at the site on the other side. This means that cloaked pilots landing in the wormhole site will not trigger the animation, and thus pilots outside of Pochven can effectively choose to open the hole. This can result in problems for those in Pochven who rely on these connections for logistics or content. While it is somewhat alarming that it seems that forces invading Pochven can travel the Pochven Conduit Network (even though bad standings players cannot) without a linked wormhole there is no reliable content within Pochven itself. The Wormholes are the sites that Kybernauts are expected to “run” , destroying any intruders into Pochven, NPC or Capsuleer alike.

Pochven Filaments

Thankfully wormholes and Triglavian conduits are not the only way to travel to, from, and within Pochven. Two new types of filaments, each with two subtypes have been introduced. Ingressing Filaments lead into Pochven, whereas Egressing Filaments will bring people out of the Collectives domain.

Ingressing Filaments are split by what kinds of systems in Pochven are targeted. There are Filaments that target specific Clade Krais, while the other type targets a particular “depth” of the system, be it home, internal, or border. While it seems unknown at this time where Krai filaments can be found, Home-5 filaments (capable of bringing up to five Capsuleers to one of the three Home systems) have been found to drop rarely off pro-EDENCOM forces inside of Minor Victories and Fortresses.

Egressing Filaments can either be ‘Devana’ or ‘Extraction’. ‘Devana’ bring the pilot to a random Triglavian Minor Victory (many of which are in low security space) and are sold by the Collective in their Stations, or they can be “Extraction” filaments which lead to a random system within 2.5 lightyears of the Pochven system you are in. Each Pochven system has a physical location on the map, and by choosing which system you use these ‘Extraction’ Filaments a savvy pilot can arrive near Jita, Dodixie or elsewhere, and thanks to ingressing filaments, could potentially be coming from anywhere.

As of now most of the Filaments are rare and expensive, however this will of course change over time.

Joining The Kybernauts - The Proving

Any Capsuleer can choose to align with the flow of Vyraj and join the Proving. While the Collective starts out as hostile to Pilots by default, a single act against EDENCOM or the enemies of the collective within Pochven is enough to convince the Collective to give you a chance. The instructions from the Detached Executive Troika, our connection to the Collective, Zorya Triglav are built into their last message to us:

We are Zorya Triglav
We speak for the convocation of Triglav outside the struggle
We continue the work of sublimation of the poshlost flow
Sobornost Kybernauts hear the words of our prayer, and heed them
Totality and the weaving of Pochven has been realized
The flow of Vyraj has been anchored in in the domain of Pochven
Stabilization of the ancient domains proceeds
Cladistic dominion in glorification has been invoked
Clades within the Struggle have imminence within their Krais
Foreign Narodyna proving fitness to join the flow shall be glorified
Kybernauts [proved?] [poshlost?] [extirpated?] shall be glorified
Sobornost kybernauts are EXHORTED to extirpate poshlost
We continue the work of sublimation of poshlost flow
We speak for the convocation of Triglav outside the struggle
We are Zorya Triglav

While the key line is unfortunately somewhat garbled, it is possible using the rest of the message to verify that the Collective is mostly now interested in the invaders (poshlost) within Pochven. We are being told (exhorted) to destroy (extirpate) the invaders. Those who do so will be glorified and accepted by the Collective.

Minor Victories and Fortress are also available for pilots to “align to the flow of Vyraj” and prove themselves. While destroying and scuttling EDENCOM fleets and Gunstars still provide a token amount of standings, and the Forward Posts, Staging Areas, and Field Bases still technically appear in Fortresses and Minor Victories, the leading way is destroying the Fortification Orcas that unfortunately seem to like to hide in the T1 Cruiser site, the “Stellar Observation Post”. In addition, the support fleet that arrives to defend Gunstars and Orcas as of this writing are assigned to the EDENCOM Corporation AEGIS and thus do not offer standings with the Collective.

In other words: there are few easy answers, and almost none of them are solo oriented.

Joining the Collective isn’t about unlocking new features, or even about getting stupid rich off of new space. The rewards from working with the Triglavians are either cosmetic or available elsewhere, and often easier. The Triglavian ore minable within Pochven is a nice perk, but invaders via Filaments and Wormholes make extraction of the resources a challenge. Living in Pochven isn’t about you, it is about the Collective.

The standings grind appears to be long, and require fleets, which is to mean the support of the rest of those within the Collective. The use of the services within Pochven are available only to loyalists, and while many invaders may also go through the process of getting some standings to attack, by doing so they have by consequence made large amounts of normally safe highsec dangerous (EDENCOM Minor Victories and Fortresses) but the likelihood that an entire fleet or organization has done so to the extent of being able to move freely within Pochven is unlikely. Invaders will be frequent, but long term residence will gain increasing tools to utilize in a home field advantage.

The story of EDENCOM and the Triglavians is not over. The stage seems to be set for a competition between Triglavian Clades, and increased conflict with Drifters, Rogue Drones, and perhaps even Sansha. With hope, continued events will mean continued opportunities to prove ourselves to the Collective, gain deeper admittance into Pochven, and perhaps someday the Domain of Bujan.

Living in Pochven as a Kybernaut is harder than it has to be, and takes work to even get to take part, but that means that by doing so you are alongside only those who have passed the same proving process. Ultimately the only threat to a group’s ability to hold the most secure systems is from other loyal organizations. Truly the Proving shall be Glorified in Pochven, and the Ancient Domains.

For the best and most up to date information about the Triglavians visit we have a new section on Pochven.

There is also a great Unofficial Guide currently maintained by Ephriane Korasai and Elsebeth Rhiannon


There’s nothing new in your post and it doesn’t even touch on the really interesting parts …
… like which systems are most likely going to be their rookie systems … (hint: Border systems : - )
… and that they’ll have agents and missions eventually as well.

I appreciate the recap, though.

Stain has more impact on history than Pochvag. I think Stain should be the fifth empire.

Oh really? That is of course why you setup so many blue standings:

I am glad that Edencom managed to prevent that from taking shape in reality. The ingame shape of the region looks more like a tumor than anything else. The tumor that Trigs are. :joy:

Pochven is for plowing. I mean farming,



Thanks for the update, @Ashterothi, quality work as usual, with the info you have available to you.

One side note, from the Edencom ninnies who are still wondering if it was all worth their trouble. After all, “27 systems” was chiseled in stone, although they could have been an even more annoying selection of “lost” systems. Yep, we feel a bit left out in this PvE circus and wonder …

So…you are turning on each other already, eh? Ok, cool. Content is good.

It was intended as a recap and not as speculation. I did add the link at the end to the document that has way more detailed information. I didn’t want to take their thunder, so posted what I had written. The goal was to help frame the larger context of what we are looking at.

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If players had no impact on the result then there would be no Fortresses. After a certain point each one of them was a potential system that failed to progress, often in spite of hard effort.

Pochven could have been prevented, but it would have been an amazing feat indeed. Even if you consider it inevitable, the systems chosen were a direct result of player actions.

The Trig naming conventions have me convinced they are all from Poland or something.

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In czech, Povchen means Vagina.

Fun Fact: Vagina isn’t a censored word, just like Penis isn’t anymore.
I’ve actually faught for this, because it’s quite bad to censor the word Penis, but not the word Vagina.
Praise CCP Falcon for this one! \o/

… I’ve finally managed to put this into a post while staying on-topic! \o/


It was annoying as hell to spend all day grinding systems out, but I’ve kept them out of all of the space I currently frequent. Unfortunately some space I formerly frequented got Pochven’d (RIP Otanuomi and Wirashoda) but that’s unfortunately due to me being that far away, and Caldari sucking. Having a tangible reward would be nice, but I guess I’ll have to take that.

Anyways, it’s not like players had no input on invasions. We certainly did. There was probably always going to be a Pochven in some shape or form, whether CCP had to brute force it or not. We as players couldn’t change the outcome, but we could effect which systems became Pochven, and how much of Pochven there would be.


Since 27 is 3x3x3 (times three - three times) i think it is essential triglavian symbolism so there would be 27 systems regardless.

I don’t get the joke, but you helped me catching a spelling mistake in my post.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Well, I was going to say something about Pochven being a giant genitalia, but I decided that might get me in trouble with the forum rules. So, I decided to tone it down, but I guess it isn’t funny - you are right.

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