Triglavian future

I would love the triglavians to become a playable race, and if you play with them you start in Abyssal space, wich need to be “mantained stable” by their inhabitants by gathering resoures for this purpose. The life here is a little different from New Eden, systems have triglavian characters and you could learn them and have an advantage just for that, (forcing invading new eden players to learn them too).
But the thing is that both factions have unique minerals that can only be either stolen, or harvested.
I want them to need something from one another.
And also this gives room for the triglavians to have their own different ethnics to choose.
This will provide the game with something bigger than the wars of new eden.
The game would have 2 gigantic mayor factions with subfaccions and corps and alliances and even a different culture, languange and lore. Maybe they have a concord like thing, maybe they have something new, maybe they have their own Aura or something like it. Maybe the “Warp Drive Active” sound is in Trigavian language audio. (please make it sound cool)

Imagine how bigger can Eve get with this.

Just a fantasy that i had in my mind.

Triglavians have three factions. Perhaps a read of the lore would help you flesh your idea out. :slight_smile:

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Great, this is what we get when DED scientists are fondling around with technology they don’t comprehend and open anomalies to see what’s inside.


Oh did not know that, but serves well.
Maybe that is the plan already. I would love it.

It would be something like starting being part of one of the three Clades: Perun, Veles and Svarog (I recently discovered that they are the names of Slavic gods) and when leaving the abyssal space you can only be seen by New Eden players as a member of Zorya Triglav.

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