Triglavian Tech

so i’ve been combing through some of the Triglavian information, using this link here.

someone in my alliance linked a Triglavian data vault, the snippet inside caught my attention, however it got me thinking.

what if the triglavians don’t have the “immortal implant” you know the very peice of technology which makes us capsuleers immortal.

more importantly what if they combine this tech with Mutaplasmid tech.

i don’t know if there are any main theories out there regarding triglavian tech and their development and such, but this could be a pretty big development. are we on the brink of a technological arms race within new eden?

I’d say this is likely more suited for the lore discussion subforum, but there’s a lot of interesting material already teased/provided concerning some of your questions & ideas~

The Triglavians as a race actually comprise three kinds of life, some slightly less traditionally human than others - the “Narodnya” are more or less traditional humans so far as we can tell, with the inclusion of bioadaption tech (mutaplasmids, etc) among other things. “Navka” seem to be some sort of “spirits of the dead”, so to speak, likely some kind of infomorph (consciousness/memories in data form) preserved as a new entity after the death of the original; and we don’t know much about “Koschoi”, the third one, but they seem to be something a bit more impressive than either of those (and act with high regard by the rest of the trigs).

All of these come together in single entities known as “Troika”, like Zorya Triglav - that is, one of each, all residing in one Narodnya body - which act as the crew for pretty much all their ships & other things we as players encounter.

Trigs in general seem to not really need the sort of machinery we as capsuleers require in order to be immortal as we are - they likely have a bit more access to special tech that would make it far easier to clone or be reborn in a different form of life in the collective, without the need for a big, stable capsule containing all the necessary parts in a sealed environment. The trigs very likely branch off from an older group of the Jove, who themselves already would have at that point had much more effective & simple ways to clone/be immortal etc than we have now - I don’t think they have much to learn from what we as capsuleers use.

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apologies if this has been posted on the wrong boards, i was doing some googling and i was reading some stuff, i went to post and it was on here so i naturally assumed it was all good.

regarding the trigs not having much to learn from us as capsuleers, honestly that is possible, but the blending of technology is always a thing, i know that trigs don’t have cynos tech for example. in my brain i can see the trigs blending cyno tech with filaments allowing people to jump to a cyno using a filament from anywhere in new eden, however this is just my brain, its kind of like one of those things where you go “we’ll they’d obviously do that”

with all the tech in the game, the discovery of trigs, the establishment of edencom, i can just envision an in game arms race of some kind. given we’ve had WWB1 & 2 if the natural progression of a game would imitate our real life history, then some kind of cold war, some kind of arms race / space race (tech race maybe) could maybe be on the horizon, personally i’m pumped to see what is next.

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following on from my last post, all i really have to say is that i hope the trigs looks like this on some level under their masks


It isn’t necessarily true that they don’t have cyno tech. Rather they simply don’t need to use it and are able to move around in ways that make cynos obsolete.

It’s like coming across a society using electric cars exclusivity and determining they don’t have the technology or understanding to build an internal combustion engine.

well my knowledge of the offical trig lore is limited, so if i don’t have all the fact hey ho, i’m sure there is a page out there somewhere with all the facts clearly laid out for me to sink my teeth into some time.

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