Triglavian Trinary Datastreams - what to do with them?

I’ve been running the Abyssal sites a little bit now, and am starting to amass a good quantity of what appears to be junk from the sites. Namely all of the Triglavian Trinary Datastreams. Does anyone know what these things are good for aside from just pure lore? Are there any NPCs that collect these items?

I haven’t received anything whatsoever yet that can’t be taken to Jita and sold either on market or contract (if its a blueprint). I recommend you try that 1st, unless its building materials for something you intend to buidl or research materials for something you intend to research.

Because I am not in the game I don’t know the exact name of the items, but if its red loot or isotopes, basically jsut sell it on the market like I said, unless you intend to use it.

Keep them they might be needed in the future since triglavian lore is still not up

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It is interesting, lore items are usually more limited. The fact that these have been actually coded into the abyss, and Hoboleaks on sisi showed other places you could interact with that aren’t here yet, Implies this is going to be a future feature.

I am hoping that there will be a way of combining them in the gate interaction that will take you into a deeper level.

nothing hard to indicate this, but it would be a good way of doing it if they expand the abyssal loop we are allowed to transit. After all the Triglavians must live somewhere?

Do you mean those red thingies that look like a heap of red sheets of paper?

I did find those on SiSi in the last few day but I also have no clue what to do with them. I collected hundreds of them.

Those “heap of red sheets of paper” are Triglavian Survey Databases.
Use them on the Bioadaptive Caches (before you blow it up) and you end up getting Cache Vaults that contain the Datastreams.

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Ah, so put them inside those and then blow them up, like the Anomaly level 4 mission and the mad scientist?

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