Triglavian Trinary Datastream

So…I keep getting these from exchanging the survey database’s, but these don’t seem to have any purpose…? Should I just be hold on to the survey database and not exchange them? I’m kinda confused by the whole abyssal thing…I’ve found numerous articles on how to complete them, but nothing telling you what to do with what you get from them. Useful items used in making the ships/modules seems to drop randomly, but that’s about all I understand as far as what to do with the items.

Someone in game mentioned you can sell them to an NPC, but that NPC must not be in my region…anyone have an idea? I think I have over 100 of these things.

I don’t run abysmal sites, but here is a list of buyers for the survey databases:

The buy orders that have a length greater than 89 days are the NPC buyers. Take a look at that list, filter as needed, and you should be able to find a buyer relatively close to you.

I don’t have any info on the data streams that you mention though… hopefully somebody else will chime in on that,


Oh wow, thank you, I didn’t know that site existed, tried eve central with no luck

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No worries- sorry it wasn’t more directly helpful to your question, but yeah- EVEMarketer is a hugely valuable site if you’re looking to buy or sell things.

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