An epiphany regarding the oportunities of Abyssal Space

more than tied to the content its about the prospect of what instanced space like this can bring to the table.

im not sure if its due to server limitations or something else but New Eden cannot be expanded more in terms of avaliable space (adding more systems) according to CCP.

however, Abyssal Space is an instanced region not tied to K-Space in anyway, its a simulated ambient. what if the technology obtained from the Triglavs, both from a lore and gameplay standpoint would allow to settle pockets of space in a similar way?

instanced pockets of space that can only be mantained by building a specialized gate from both sides (almost like how the EVE Gate structure was supposed to work).

capsuleers dont have the regular technology to manufacture Stargates to link uncharted solar systems (in the case that there’s any outside of New Eden) or the advanced technology of the Talocan to create feats of engineering like Wormhole Space.

however, the Triglavian domain poses what could be a possibility to add a new layer of exploitable space for players with a clear risk. kinda like a second generation of wormhole systems but with a much less limited amount for settling in.

there’s of course a set of technical problems with it like:

  1. possible lack of planets or moons for anchoring structures and resource extraction

  2. possible lack of asteroid belts or ore anoms

  3. no sov, the only control over the system is having control of the entry way and any possible expansion that could be do to add more entries into the instanced region.

  4. no way to clone jump or cyno into these systems, a gate defense would ahve to be settled in order to protect the entrance/exit for the passing of logistics.

  5. as far as Abyssal space goes, only cruiser sized hulls can pass and survive (if its actually feasible). so no Battleships, Capitals or small vessels. with the same T1 to Faction and T2 rule.

  6. NPCs impossing an added layer of danger, if Drifters and Triglavs have the technology to enter these systems and bring their drone pets with them, then it means a challenge to set up home there.

  7. actual economical value, Mutaplasmids and Triglav stuff will probably not be enough for the risk, however, since we are talking about a big group it would probably be easily farmed if not harmfull for the market value of those items.

its just an idea. perhaps im just excited about the new layer space (even if its instanced), not only because of the atmosphere it has or the new enemies or the possible profit but because it could fulfill that vision of player mantained and founded space, including the filament based stargets that would serve as entry/exit.

time will tell i guess. but the instanced system may prove usefull not only for missions and the like.


My gues is they’ll add more of these with Triglavians in mind but they’ll remain timed and just allow different ship classes or limited number of players


Why does eve need to be bigger?

It doesn’t. We also do not need instanced space.

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Technically speaking does instanced space not make EVE bigger, but I agree nonetheless.

You mean

  1. Ships too expensive to fly
  2. Modules that don’t calculate right on Zkill.
  3. Modules that create more lag and therefore more tidi because how many thousands of variants will there be.
  4. Pve too dangerous for most people too do, yea apparently all you cheering haven’t been stepping in those superior sleeper caches or even the standards for that matter.
  5. Instanced anything, it speaks for itself.
  6. Content that a very small % of people will end up doing regularly.
  7. Rewards that wont be worth doing the site outside of Nullsec and Wormhole space. Were they bored or something?

Yeah, definitely something to consider, also I think you’re just a bit overexcited. I still think the Playermade Stargates that CCP promised will be used to colonize Jove space due to their Stargate network shutting down back when Caroline’s Star was observed and recorded.

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I believe the instanced content serves 2 purposes for CCP:

  1. Now that the average Eve player is adult with career and family responsibilities, there is a need for short session content that is available when and where the player wants. If they only have a half hour to play there should be something they can do, appropriate for their skill level, in that amount of time. Abyssal deadspace meets that requirement.
  2. CCP needs a place in the game where they can do live testing without impacting the entire game. Instanced pockets are ideal for this. There will be hundreds, if not thousands of them active at any given time and they are isolated from the sandbox and from each other.

There are just over 8000 systems in Eve that are accessible to players; roughly 70% of players live in highsec which has 1090 systems; most of the players in highsec live within a few jumps of a major trade hub. There are a few population clusters outside highsec (i.e. Delve) but the rest of New Eden is practically deserted. We really don’t need “new space” in the context of more places to live. Abyssal deadspace provides new space in the context of PVE content and procedural generation means every instance should be unique.

Note that players will emerge from abyssal deadspace with a suspect timer so CONCORD will not intervene if highsec gankers wait for them.

5 levels (initially) means there should be content for a wide range of skill and experience.


I agree. Between high, null, low and wormholes we have plenty of “space”. We really don’t need more “space” (including Jove space).

I see player-owned stargates a bit differently. These could be established as hyper routes between major systems (ie: Jita and Amarr) and either open to the public (toll booths?) or private spacelanes. The advantage of these is that they could extend beyond the typical 1-system jump.

I really enjoyed reading this post. I too am excited for this update and the overall experience it will provide. Either part of k - space or instance based, I think it will be an amazing experience to have NEW space to explore…

Eve certainly has its perks but I too feel the stagnant boundaries of the game give it a huge limitation, comparing to procedurally created worlds, like SC… not to advert but that would be a huge advantage in game dev imo. I dont’t know why CCP cant “add more k space” technically speaking, I didn’t know they were limited in some way either. Im just curious now.

As for the idea that player made gates can access special boundaries of space, that ■■■■ is genius right there. Should be pretty cool to see new space, new areas we can even live in… too, if CCP is open to that, linking both worlds together, idk. prolly rambling on and on again. cheers.


I disagree, I think the Jovian Gate Network shutting down paves the way for Playermade Stargates. If not then why did CCP have that happen?

As for having a Stargate bypass multiple systems such as jumping straight to Amarr from Jita, that sounds more like an exploit which would remove any risk in transporting goods.


that would be cool, more new space to explore!

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Why does CCP have anything happen? There have been so many missed opportunities (Drifters, Jove, etc.) I really don’t know where to start. Yeah, I do see your point about stargates bypassing multiple systems. They can be destroyed, though…

i can understand the fact that good chunks of space in the game are left to stagnate but that’s a consecuence of the player’s perspectiveof the profit vs risk of each layer of space.

i can totally see low class WH space inhabited by different groups, the issue is that people only looks at the big profit which means high class holes, which are capped by the big WH blocs.

same for Null sec, i’ve never lived in NPC null sec but it seems doable for a regular corp as long as they are cautious, however, the small corps cannot make a dent in the territories of the big blocs and have to resort to renting if they want to hold any kind of sov.

Low sec has a similar problem like WH space in which there’s an oportunity for profit but it suffers in being a free for all zone due to being an interface for WH travellers, null sec players, pirates, PvP and FW enthusiasts which means a corp would have to develop a firm grasp in terms of numbers and infrastructure to be able to have any kind of power over a low sec system.

Abyssal space is a time based and instanced environment right now as its meant to be an exploration and combat session for the solo player.

however, the possibility of building a special stargate into these pockets that creates an stable pocket inside this new environment could mean a new frontier and blank space for corporations to build upon. it has a clear weakness tho. unlike WHs there’s only one entrance and exit to the region, there’s no other escapes outside of pod express, the moment that connection is lost, the unstable environment kept at bay by the gate will probably be the doom of anything left inside, including structures. the space isnt high sec either as there’s still the risk of the local phenomena like weather, local effects in sites or the like and of course, the threat of the Drifters and Triglavs with their drone pets and advanced AI to fight players.

as for the opening of Jove space. i think that can be placed too. what would be the uses of more null sec systems? i wouldnt know, because is probable that the big blocs would claim it in no time.

again, its a matter of perspective regarding the risks vs the profits more than plain mechanics.


This hasn’t been confirmed so best to stop quoting it like its gospel, a suspect timer literally makes zero sense in terms of lore or game mechanics, you didn’t commit a crime so its not going to happen


I can’t say I heard anything mentioned at all about this at the presentation or RT other than the possibility of implementing it so people don’t default to running them in HS. This specific idead was simply mentioned along side multiple other possible restrictions, such as limiting higher filaments to lower security space. This being the option they were leaning towards as they didn’t really want to simply limit their use to just LS/NS/WH if they felt it to be a problem.

So I’d say it’s a load of hot air as things stand, also their least likely course of action given what was actually said.

There’s a better than 50-50 chance the suspect flag gets implemented for high-sec.

According to whom?

Jove space could be an area to bring new Jove Tech, new enemy NPC’s, new Exploration sites and new Jove Agents offering new missions. Hell, Jove space could even have stable Abysmal Pockets there to colonize. As for Null Sec Bloc’s claiming Sov in Jove space, just have that area be NPC Sov.

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Concord could just declare that using a filament is taboo. Satisfies the qualification for a suspect timer.

Personally I am for the timer… :wink: