The Trigs are coming!

3 new ships found in abysal deadspace pocket type dungeons with limited dungeon lifespan.

1 new focused beam weapon that increases dmg the more it is on target limited to 1 per trig ship

Lots of utility highs on the Trigs and high armor.

New material to apply on modules gives chance based changes to stats-can make god tier module or brick it.

New weapon is thermal/exp and total max dps can be high but won’t beat current ships too much(let’s hope)

New weapon is subject to tracking like turrets has only optimal range,geting out of optimal resets its channeling ability.


I personally like the changes CCP are making. I know that not everyone will think this way, but I like the shake up in the current stasis-like state of eve.

I think we should wait until all the panels and presentations of those new things are over, before we make up our minds about the value of the changes. Currently we don’t know anything specific, so lets wait and see.

Also… twitch chat was rude af, lol


Abyssal space is an interesting concept.


It certainly is, and if they refine it further, sort out issues quickly, it could get very exciting and engaging too.

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The whole RNG concept to so many items will bring a level of salt out that has probably never before been experienced.

It was the one thing EvE had on items and now, uh oh.


I don’t think that way. Lets say you want to make a better T2, alright, then you have to buy it for the price of nearly a officer mod. Make a godlike officer module… well give me your titan and it’s yours.

The market will regulate itself. There is nothing different from now, you just have a new system, more options and a great new isk sink and loot chance… They will be awfully expensive, but that is how it’s intended.

Also, we dont know the drop rates and their chances of actually enhancing items yet.


We welcome our new Triglavian (Salt) Overlords.


Might complicate some third party software regarding modules, fitting and such, depending on number of possible variations of stats.

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How they would put it on market with all those random attributes? Maybe not for sale? :thinking:

Banned from market and contracts? But it would really make it rare and you would have to work for it and roll the dice yourself. :smirk:

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Kill reports will not be able to accurately value the price of these “godlike” items.

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Probably just be via contracts


Instanced PVE dungeons and RNG item enchanting. R.I.P. EVE…


Contracts only

They already said, that they will introduce killreports V2. The chances are high, that those reports get more accurate aswell


Yes by sound of it on stream you’re only vulnerable to player interaction at the entrance point

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So make the entrance point right on top of your citadel…

Instanced as long as you do PvE, but you get spit out after time and are then vulnerable… you even get your own beacon in local where you will exit… lol thats like a big sign saying “please kill me”

Also, that citadel argument is true tho, but they for sure have thought about that, its CCP after all… wait, what

Depends how long it takes to do a site people once they get used to it they’ll go for blitzing

well i hope they will have advanced AI in there, so that every “stage” is random and dangerous as hell. If you have the possibility to get something like those modifiers out of there, the risk should also be significant

If it’s in high sec, just bring an alt to the beacon and gank it with another alt and already have Concord pre-spawned when you exit…