Trig Dreadnaught, Who’s in?

Que the mass disgust and whyssss?

Who’s in for a Triglavian Dreadnaught? Some potential food for thought:

  • Obtained by running Ablyssal Fleets of 3 BS, or maybe dreads/carriers in Low Sec and Null.
  • Combines all capital traits in one hull, so no future capitals will need to be added later. Could have standard Trig remote rep bonuses, standard Trig disintegration beams in capital flavor, plus a single wing of fighters or multiple heavy drones.
  • Should be considerably more expensive, or very rarely dropped, because you’d get more bang for your buck with a ship of this type.

3 BS disintegration beams sound like plenty.

The rest sounds good.

Ehhh not what I ment. Trig = Triglavian

Traits should stayed triglavian. But dread idea is fine.

Now I dont know if anything in eve should be considered to strong, or too weak.
As it would have great station bashing potential and suprise cryno grappler ganks.
While kitting the charge up time might avoid it being too strong.

But being immune to ecm would might be the thing that makes it too strong, esspecially in low as it could just focus the heavy indics and never be caught as they will need to leave immediatly before the ramp up.
Or on the otherside, doesnt do enough damage.

I think have all faction skills would be an awful idea.
It would be way over tuned.
Concord gets away with it as all its skills are veried,
For example, that dread would use disintigration beam only where as concord uses all weapon types which dont overlap.
Or it has bonses to non overlapping skills, afterburner and movement while cloaked for example.

Also I would like new interesting caps, like blood raiders having powerful neuts that nothing else has or a serpentis webs.
Maybe something like angels getting huge cap recovery or less cap usage on jumps to keep up with its warp speed brethern.

I think having one powerful “all cap” would be boring in concept.

Sincerely, the idea of a fighters wing on another ship than a carrier shouldn’t be given to a possible Triglavian capital. The Guristas Caiman (dreadnought) and Komodo (titan) have that special trait of being the only capital and supercapital that aren’t carriers or supercarriers to launch fighter crafts.

Yeah, I know, faction capitals are rarely used because of price tags. But since CCP seems to give a major emphasis on abyssal deadspace resources in the upcoming Winter Expansion (with Triglavian Drills spawning in the pockets), getting the materials for a Triglavian capital ships could be considered as “easy”…

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But getting them in such amounts could be not.

About idea now, if they will have to make triglavian dread overpowered when fighting other capitals, then ok. If they will make it more anti sub cap then what we already have, then no. Dont know why giving them fighters, triglavians use drones. Can be special anti capital drone. “Semargl”, “Beda” drone or something.

This idea will be good, when CCP will introduce the Abyssals for Rorquals.

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