What are your thoughts on new Triglavian Ships?

Trig frigate, cruiser and battleship. Also new weapon system. What do you think about them? Will they be overpriced?


I think they are an interesting design that fills a niche that really doesn’t exist right now.

As far as price, they will be very high initially, but where they will settle out depends on drop rates for the new material inputs and etc. Hard to guess right now.


The Trig Battleship is gonna be awesome! New weapon system should be interesting…

Not so sure myself, the BS has 28km optimal on its guns as a based with another 25% from skills, thats a 35km max range without any tracking mods or implants/rigs etc, the weapon has a 60 second warmup timer to reach full damage and i assume that any interruption in hitting a target will cause that to immediately drop off meaning if someone gets out of range for even a single cycle of the gun you’re back to base damage, how many engagements actually last long enough for a ship to get 60 seconds of continuous damage in the first place, these things are going to end up relegated to structure bashing if anything


In theory, I like new ships and weapons as much as the next guy. In practice, I think we should work on balancing what we have before introducing new stuff into the mix.

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Yeah, a lot of those points were brought up during the presentation. The key being they need to stay in range, and when they reach max damage, they will be some of the highest sub-cap damage dealers in-game. The Devs realize that makes them pretty niche.


Sure, but at this point, does that niche exist outside of structure bashing, as i said, how many 30km engagements last long enough for a trig BS to even reach that damage, 60 seconds of continuous fire to reach the highest sub-capital DPS when a vindicator can already be dishing out obscene damage for that entire time while being easier to get hold of

I’m not sure the gap they are trying to fill with these ships actually needs filling


I suspect they will be really expensive. There is reason for that. Basically to buy more PLEX and sell on the market for ISK. Or alternatively grind ISK like a wild donkey. Oooor even more crazy stuff, actually doing this new stuff for blueprints and materials.

To me they look like they could fill out a niche for wormholes and small gang brawling, and it might become the new bash meta “go-to” ship.
Some pictures about the details of the ships:



I have perfect uses for the battleship and cruiser however I want some stats for the disintegrator weapon to be sure.Ow and yes I plan for farm the hell out of it already got planned fits for the best cruisers.


Do share with the group. I think a Muninn might have the best overall potential because it doesn’t require cap to fire and can apply pretty much all damage types with good tracking. It has a weak kinetic hole but EM, thermal and explosive will probably be the primary damage from Drifters, Rogue Drones and Trigs.

Drones and missiles are going to get picked off by Trig defences so ships like the Gila, Stratios and Ishtar are not going to fare well in these.

You’re going to need faster ships to navigate Abyssmal space so a MWD is going to be mandatory equipment.


It’ll depend on what’s in there but my thought process so far has been have atleast mwd if enough mids go dual prop mwd/ab,cap injector-they could have neuts,webifier-annoying fast frigates,active tank-no idea on incoming dps so if I need that extra bit from heating reps I should have it.

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I think having a few of these as a part of fleet going after caps may be pretty good. A BS hitting a cap doesn’t need any additional tracking, so the slots can stay open for something else.

Also, it may be OK for more rounded use. In today’s game I often use cruise missle BSes with 1 missle comp running missle precision script and 2 rigor rigs + 1 flare rig + implants. This set up lets me apply low DPS to frigates and destroyers using fury cruise missles, or switch ammo to precision missles and take out frigs and destroyers with 1-2 shots, depending on their movement etc. Can take out cruisers and BCs fairly well with either fury or precision ammo, the actual applied DPS is close enough from both types of ammo. Fury obviously does better vs battleships and larger targets + structures, while precision does relatively well at anything below a cruiser.

I brought this up, because I think it may end up being possible to use these ships and weapons in such a capacity, but instead of having to switch ammo, maybe just run some tracking modules and let the base DPS take care of the small targets while staying focused on a single target may bring it down in equivalent timeframe to the fury missles.

But it all depends how the numbers and fits are going to work out of course. The possibilities are there, but will they be able to actually work well remains to be seen until after we have a bit of time playing with these for a while.

Battleships have been sorely missing increased DPS and tank vs caps causing the gap between sub-caps and caps to be too extreme. Now if they could come up with a module that would provide maybe 20-25% (or whatever insert value here) extra EHP vs XL weapons only, and only usable on non-advanced battleships, then this along with a DPS increase would place them where they need to be for gamewide balance and make more of them fleet usable instead of the few super-niche select hulls and fits.

And that is just battleships. Cruisers and frigates on the other hand I see as hugely unbalanced.

If these frigs and cruisers will be able to take out much larger targets then what we have now, then it will be really problematic. I can already make a blinged fit a kinetic Tengu with 1300-1400 DPS (less DPS if you go cheaper or not kinetic) or a Loki with basically BS tank and BS DPS but none of the drawbacks, or even a VNI with 950ish DPS and perfectly cap stable good tank that doesn’t have any issues whatsoever hitting any size targets, so as much as these are unbalanced already, will these new cruisers make this unbalance even worse ?

And what about the frigs ? Will an average solo frig be able take out a destroyer or cruiser reliably ? That I think is very wrong, they should have a chance of doing so, but just a chance.

So its all a lot to consider.


EW is probably a given - at least in the harder Abyss voids. Personally, I think drone and missile fits are going to get absolutely massacred.

Also, keep in mind this wouldn’t be the first time ships have been added to this game with little initial utility that were re-balanced and became quite popular. Blops come to mind first, maybe Motherships second, and IIRC logi had to be re-balanced before they become more popular than RR BS.

I doubt it, it will still use standard tracking so if you can’t hit it with a BS sized blaster you won’t hit it with a trig BS turret, so its not applying any DPS to things it can’t track, its not just a continuous source of damage

is this fan made? cant find any links to this.

ccp never announces fanfest stuff. kinda pointless for people who dont watch fanfest. where am i supposed to find info?

What’s the reason for people thinking that missiles and drones will be bad against Trigs? Do they have point defense lasers or something?

man those ships are ugly as â– â– â– â– . idk what ccp is doing with this games visuals anymore.

they only update caldari ships, dont care about fixing any of the other ships that were supposed to be fixed years ago and now they just make ugly cliche looking ships instead of sticking to eves old themes.

its nice to see an expansion finally but it doesnt really seem that interesting. i dont see how these abyssal things will be soloable and if you cant solo them no ones gonna do them

There are structures in T-Space that shoot drones and missiles specifically so those comments should be related to the actual encounters, not the ships themselves.