Triglavian ships

We need precursor command ship and marauder also would be nice if we could fly the world’s ark

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CCP should fix and balance out all existing ships before adding any more ships to the game.


We need to get rid of these ships. They have no place in EVE, only take away roles from lots of other ships and add nothing in return other than being overpowered.


Ignore the naysayers. Trig 4 life… or at least until they get nerfed. Then it’s on to the new hotness.

I disagree with this idea because balance is a journey, not a destination. I can’t remember specific examples, but I know I heard Core A gaming talk about new strats being found for decade old fighting games in one of his videos. So even games that haven’t been touched in decades can find their balances thrown out of whack by an evolving meta.

And then we have Eve, which is not only in active development, but also played by a relatively diverse set of players, all with their different opinions on balance. If we never got new ships until everyone decided that the existing ones were properly balanced, we would never get new ships.

Okay, I can understand complaining about the ships being OP, but I don’t understand the assertion that they have no place in eve because they take away roles form other ships. By that logic, we should get rid of all ships, save for those that originally launched with the game.

I like playing with new toys, and I like the increased player choice that new ships bring. Of course, I do understand that new ships can actually decrease player choice if they are too OP, as they remove reasons to fly anything else. So, based upon casual observation of how often they are used, they probably do need to be toned down a bit. But completely removing them from the game is just throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Anyway, I look forward to your measured and diplomatic response.


Maybe make some meaningful progress on said ‘journey’ before adding new ships :sweat_smile: ?


:thinking: And that basically brings us back to what I originally said, ‘CCP should fix and balance out all existing ships before adding any more ships to the game.’ :smirk:



Have they not been making meaningful progress? I mean, I have my personal opinions on where balance still needs to be improved (and I don’t understand why certain problems seem to go untouched for so long), but I also know that they have made a lot of progress. And I’m sure that they’re continuing to work on it.

Moreover, I’ve seen people argue that (1) CCP needs to add big features and new content (Dunk Dinkle) before doing anything else, (2) that CCP needs to work on balance before doing anything else (yourself), and (3) that CCP needs to fix bugs before doing anything else. So it seems to me that CCP needs to split their resources between all these priorities, as all 3 of them are important to the player base as an aggregate.

So yeah, I understand that balance is important to you, because it’s important to me too. And I believe that CCP should continue to make progress. But I don’t think that the game would be best served by halting development on everything else. (1) they often have to wait and gather data to see how balance changes pan out, (2) they have different employees with different areas of expertise, so it makes no sense to put artists, programmers, designers, writers, and all that jazz all on the same job, regardless of how they might be best utilized, (3) You’d probably just end up with too many cooks in the kitchen anyways, and (4) they have to address the differing needs and priorities of the player base as a whole.

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That will not gona happen.

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In 2011 EVE released the Crucible expansion which was dedicated toward improving existing aspects of the game. While new and quite important elements were introduced to the game, the bulk of effort went into bug fixes, QoL/UI/UX enhancements, and rebalancing efforts (primarily addressing points 2 and 3 but tossing some of 1 into the mix as well). In my opinion, it had been the absolute greatest expansion up to that point that I had been playing EVE because it addressed so many concerns the community had as a whole (from HS newbies to NS PVP vets to industrialists, etc). While it is true that different players disagree on whether CCP should prioritize new content vs improving/providing-drop-in-replacements-for-stale existing content, one thing is objectively true: it has been many years since CCP has had an expansion dedicated toward playing “catch up” with improving the quality of existing content; I personally believe that EVE would benefit greatly if CCP released another such expansion.

Obviously new content would be added (as was the case in Crucible), but new features would primarily be focused on filling niches and rejuvenating/replacing existing content (eg. completely replacing existing missions with a new mission system + mission pool, significant revamps of FW, etc). I don’t think one quality-over-quantity expansion is asking for much considering that it has been many years since the last such expansion occurred and that such a precedent already exists. Personally I think CCP should have such expansions on a regular basis, but having just one for now would be a good start. Even if CCP didn’t have a dedicated Crucible 2.0 expansion, there’s still plenty of room for complete and total revamps of content that the end result would still be a new experience even if it is not a new feature specifically.


I concur, Crucible was one of the most successful expansions CCP ever made. It was overwhelmingly well received by the players.

Taking a step back and having an overall look at the ship meta and doing bulk balance passes every half decade or so would be very encouraging for myself. Bulk balance passes share the same ‘base level’ because they are being looked at simultaneously, where as progressive balance passes always have a new ‘base level’ each time and I feel they are more susceptible to power-creep.

As for the OP, New ships for new ships sake is a mistake. It has always been a mistake. It has always lead to more problems.

I want a new ship. what could it do?’ is just the wrong way to approach ship design.

It should instead be:
I’m trying to do this, but there are no ships that do it well/are specialised for it.


Back then, before the patch people were really pissed about the state of the game. And about how CCP treats players.

They showed it, they made memes, they shot statue, they reacted.

But most importantly, MANY people resigned from playing. That was the final warning only fool would not be able to understand. Before that players were flocking to the game, now they risked lower numbers while still developing other games. They had knife on their throat and had to improve something in EVE.

Yeah, we need ANOTHER command ship… because there aren’t already 4 that can give the exact same boosts as a Trig ship would.

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This ^

The Crucible expansion was a direct response to the Community outrage exhibited during the 2011 Summer Of Rage. The majority of the expansion focused on updating existing game content, balancing various gameplay issues and fixing multiple bugs.

If CCP needs a reminder of the bugs and issues that are currently plaguing this game, all they have to do is read the ‘Feedback’ threads.


we need to nerf them to
they are op

a trig command ship would be bonused for skirmish and information, which would make it provide a unique combination of bonuses.

Ships that combine Logi (logi cruisers and frigates), cap warfare (recons), DPS and so much utility clearly take much more away from the other ships than just a few more DPS ships being added. Introducing the Tier 3 BS has not taken away from the Tier 1 or 2, both of them still have had defined roles and uses. In a trig ship fleet, other ships have much less to do because they are more complicated to use (guardians require cap chaining, trig ships and trig logi does not (which takes away from the Oneiros)), have less utility (even a webbing Vindi is theoretically pointless because the speed of the Leshaks allows them to easily keep up with any other ship and their weapons have such a ridiculous tracking that stopping a ship from moving is not necessary) and in general just hinder trig ships.

I rather have a flat without a bath tub than this cancer to continue festering in my flat.

And then came the Inferno expansion. :face_vomiting: :facepalm: The numbers still have not recovered and I’m beginning to think thats just what CCP wants just because of server load/tdi.

And while I’m all for a

I would be afraid of what would come next. Besides, we have to get past the age of chaos 1st.

As far as Trig ships go, I like them because…( :drum: roll) they are op. Duh, lol. Also the weapons mechanics are different from all the other systems which is kinda interesting to me at least.

Or they could create a command burst that boosts dps output and give trig command ship bonuses for that

Jesus, I would eat a mile of ■■■■ for that. Unfortunately, I think it would be too OP, and have serious balance ramifications.

How about buffing the EDENCOM shipline first to make it at least somewhat comparable to the Trig line? CCP introduced an OP ship line with the Trigs, created an opposing side where the ships and their weapons are less than “meh”, encouraged us to skill into the new ship line by dropping skill books and BPCs, and pushed us to “choose a side”.

Little did we know that it appears that CCP cannot balance rewards or gameplay very well. Don’t nerf the Trigs, but buff EDENCOM ships/weapons.