Eve ship stats are too overbalanced - I REFUSE to skill for the Triglavian ships

Guristas = MASSIVE drone damage bonus, but you can only use 2 drones

Angel Cartel / Sansha / Serpentis = similar weapons bonus but limited number of turrets

Triglavian Collective = HUGE dps increase over other ships: takes between 80 and 140 seconds to reach maximum charge.


I mean why would anyone skill for that new ship tree when they are basically doing the same thing as every other ship in the game/weapons class, just using a different name and graphical layout.

The above systematic overbalancing of everything in the game is the reason why i’m not enjoying Eve at the moment. There’s no ‘fun’ in capping everything so that everyone in the game experiences the same wealth. It’s boring…

There should be some edge feature in Eve. Without this then I have nothing I want to ‘aim’ for.

What are your thoughts?


Ok. Thanks for updating us on your skill plans.

Like what?

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You’re most welcome.

Let me think: Triglavian ships could be re-designed so that their weapons are immediately usable, but draw all power from the shields on instant-release of full charge.

Well all weapons are just the same basic idea, take a target and apply n damage to it after either checking for proximity (missiles and bombs) or by just rolling a die to see if you hit (turrets)

Every weapon in the game works off one of these 2 very basic mechanics, so why would anyone train for anything because most weapons do the same thing, its personal preference and how they choose to fight, and for things to be balanced you need to cap things lol


When one ship or ship type has an edge that can be used, people use it. It becomes so used that other doctrines become pointless and we end up with Ishtar online, Drakes online, Rifters online, Slippery Pete’s online, etc.

So having overall balance, puts the influence on the outcome back on the skilled players and how to best use the doctrines against evenly matched, but hopefully less tactically adept players and FCs.

So for me, I think the balancing is good, but that’s not to say my opinion is better than yours, just different.


I’m not even going to skill for the marauder, because the DPS increase is not much different to the ordinary battleship.

I know this might sound extremely petty: but I really enjoy and appreciate the feel of using something different. At the moment every ship seems basically the same thing, same mechanics, same effect just different class and graphical layout.

It’s also the reason why I no longer play in nullsec.


I think you might want to just consider flying ships and having fun because eventually they will rebalance /nerf the Triglavian ships but not this day.

CCPs pattern is to buff up groups of ships then when their stats indicate people are enjoying those ships their only reaction 'dese days is to nerf nerf nerf and call it a content update.

/end salt but tldr - ships are then they get nerfed enjoy the moment good chance ccp will nerf them in the future.

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lol the amount of times you used nerf can be made into a nerf song


You’re totally right though.

While technically true, deliberately ignoring the fact that it takes them many months to “rebalance”, in which people get to actually enjoy those ships, makes you look dishonest. Your statement, as is, is misleading.

People cannot cope with “edge features” any more. That is why CCP introduced these ridiculously overpowered jacks of all trades without any drawbacks Triglavian ships: Massive DPS, massive utility, massive tank, significant range, ridiculous tracking. No other ship in EVE has these bonuses, not even titans.

I thought the main downside to the triglavians were the whole “step outside optimal and the charge cycle has to start over”.


The problem with nerfing aka balancing is that it never ends once you started.
There always will be THAT ONE ship that can do something better even after you nerfed the last ship.
And then the whinethreads about that start.

Let me say as it is…if ccp never would have touched the nerfhammer we would have the SAME situation nethertheless.

The whining would be the same as the demands,the same situation with less stress for all.

Nothing reasonable comes out of nerfing something.it is just meaningless because someone will always complain about a babyfart…

Absolutely right and no fall off too, which means that their engagement window is more limited. And the cap transfer range also means you cannot be too far away from your cap buddies, though the range of RR is reasonable.

I have only used the Leshak and for specific jobs, like blowing up FOB’s, I tried using it for a level 4 and found the optimal issue a real bind.

And I should point out I hate the over use of the nerf hammer.

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So basically nullify the shields…

On armor tanking ships.

I’m the only one seeing the problem or wot ?

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And how do you get out of the engagement range on a ship that are so fast and agile and can neut, web, scram, point you?

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How is he being dishonest???!!!

AND yet they don’t work…or take 180 seconds to. How is that overpowered?

The thing is: you see ship bonuses and think to yourself “hey, that looks cool i’m gonna skill for this ship”, then you realize that it’s nothing special or that the overall factors are in fact balanced when bonuses and stats are taken into account.

If i’m paying for a game I want to feel excited about earning something. Right now there is nothing exciting / anything to feel proud of.

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What does not work? My alliance recently replaced all bombers in stuka fleets with these stupidly OP Kiki destroyers. In the past people used T3C and other cruisers to hunt Rorquals, today they descend on them on Drekavac fleets. Leshaks have replace Rattles and Oracles for structures bashes in high sec and low sec.