Imbalance ships or why I play money for? And few more problems


I really want to talk with some CCP representative. Please, explain me something. I didn’t play 4 years. Decide return…

Dear CCP…


Why I’m left game previously? Cause spot bonus ships, cause ugly imbalance with ships. Now, as I can see the same. For PVE, you need missiles, other options is not relevant. Everybody use Gila’s :slight_smile: Really?

PvP is something weird. I can’t understand how 2 or even 3 assault frigates with almost perfect DPS skills can’t kill Kikimora’s. I don’t understand why people use Drekavak for destroy structures. :confused:

CCP, I really love this game. But, please, somebody explain me WHY this imbalance exist and when this will ends?

Mac os

Huge amount problems with Mac OS X. Mac client not exist anymore? Why I should use Wine (I’m not a linux user). It works ugly, client crashes, hot keys for modules don’t work, I’ve tried many ways to solve this issues, but you are stupid launcher override wine settings. Even if I hard in hard way change rights, some how launcher override… I’ve lose few ships because of that. :frowning: I even don’t ask to compensate. Understand, this is game :wink: But…

So dear CCP, tell me. Just try to make correct conclusions. New player, or me (my old character was lost), on the start should learn Gila, after make isk (anomalies in null, abyssal, waht ever) by days, like job. After getting skill points and learn Kikimora, ikitursa drekavak? So, should I pay for 1 year subscribption, buy 2-3k plexes for just NORMAL gaming?

P.S. So could you please compensate my time, and Skill points to remap character for normal PvE boat, cause I didn’t know about this, that in PvE content only missiles (Gila, Tengu, etc…)

UPD: Please people, try understand. I have new character (Madzuko), yes. Low skilled, less than 15 mil SP. But I’m returned pleyaer, not new. I spent a years in lowsecs, and know small ship size PvP very well. (but not only small size).

I understand the game mechanics. Kikimora it’s just an example.

I don’t remember exactly with skills, but orund 200 dps, and very quickly stack it. Track disruptors works a bit bad, range and jam is best choice. Normally dualrep + MWD kiki kills easelly any t2 frigate. Could be even more . Of course not all the time. But if learn numbers and other aspects – we can realize that this is very powerfull ship.

Imbalance in game, cause PvE content for making ISKs not the same for types of ships. Missiles and Drones (in facr also Gila) , and no other options. Like example even with my skill set I can bring Munin to Abyssal t4 or even t5 and get some money, but it will much harder than Gila. Combat anomalies, WH’s the same. I’ve even compare Jackdaw and Svipul. :confused:

So please, do not harm me a much, that I’m bad player. Probably it’s true for some percentage, but I’m not so stupid. I’ve start this topic TO CATCH real, alive Game Master or another CCP person. Cause I have questions to them.

Tnx for understanding.

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they can

the mechanic of triglavian weapons where the dps slowly ramps up makes them ideal for extended fights like structure bashes.

Because developing an OSX native client is a huge amount of work (comparable to making a new game), the OS infrastructure is completely different, graphics drivers/cards/libraries differ, and this for only a small percentage of players. So CCP goes for the cheaper out of the box solution. If you don’t like Wine (I don’t) install bootcamp (I don’t like being forced into that abomination called windows either, but at least EVE runs fine.)

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Who “they” Who lose ships from Kikimora? Sorry, but I can’t. As you said: “the mechanic of triglavian weapons where the dps slowly ramps” I don’t think that it’s slowly. The stacked DPS actually fast. My personal experience and also I watch many PvP streams, so not slowly.

You maybe don’t understand whats happening here. I do not make a drama if I lose ship. I’ve played in EvE online many years. And I don’t know any Public way to ask CCP representative expect this forum. But I can tell you, I’m not lazy.

First thing first: problem is not that I, or something else lose ships. It’s game, almost always unfair battles (And tha tok :slight_smile: ) But I can compare this situatin with one which was many years ago, when Dramiel was too imbalanced ship. Now it’s official: triglavians.

Second thing second: CCP Should put few lines somewhere about this game and tell people how to play. Do not learn Galente ships, Matarian and even Amarian. Missiles for PvE Precursor for PvP. That’s ok.

Third things third:" I don’t understand why people use Drekavak for destroy structures." It’s more rhetorically, but means like it’s one more points to imbalance.

About OS X, crap… I doesn’t care about graphics, can live without this, but activation modules keys… and I’m developer, I know how to fix on my sied, but this stupid launcher… It means that I pay money for game, and didn’t get stable client. Hm… :confused: I am confused.

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@Trevor_Dalech sorry, don’t get hard feelings about me. :slight_smile: Won’t to offend you. I mean here is not only about the triglavian.

Like example CCP devs make new event, lets call it “hunt”. They make a ballance for solo assault frigate. Any assault frig can run it. In reality: not any. Some of line ships have totally unusefull ships. TOTALLY. In any sense.

It’s really long story, but I want to understand CCP devs react on forum messages? Or no? I’m pretty sure they don’t play in game which sale fo people. Maybe do not read forums?

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well i fly amarr ships only since 2011 on a mac so i kinda see your point lol

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I fly Amarr ships, I love them. As well as Matari. But my point is that sense less any ships. Really for PvP atm you need: Kikimora, Ikitursa, Drekavak, probably missiles boats. For PvE missiles boats.

I mean, I’ve remeber how I saved my thrasher, cause Hurricane try kill me. I just make it close, low orbit gives a safe spot cause big guns – small ship. Ppl says that counterarguments ащк Triglavian ships is simple, track dis, and range. But any ship in this game have opportunity to fit it without huge sacrifice? I even accept that EvE it’s not about solo game… with one exceptiion, SOLO AVAILABLE with kikimora in small size ships :slight_smile:

It’s a worst time in EvE for small scale gaming. :confused:

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Ouch, I can tag people here? @CCP_Alpha could you tell something about ship balance? These fix will fix it? With who I can contact from you’re (I mean CCP) team for discuss it? How to commit the suggestinos (if this is possible?

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I omehow doubt you’ll get an answer…

Me to. But I will call them next week :slight_smile: just want speak with some GM’s or somebody from sales. Cause this is a product, I pay for it :slight_smile: I want understand a few things.

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Very interesting stuff.

How come other people don’t seem to have this problem? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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Hm… sarcasm? I do not tell anything about other players. I said that I didn’t play and see no difference with game which I left. Or did you see somewhere that I say something about other players? :slight_smile:

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I’m just asking a question. You’re opining on balance, specifically you seem to be suggesting that multiple AFs can’t defeat a kikimora, but plenty of other people kill kikimoras with AFs all the time so it seems like there’s something else at play here.

Have you considered the possibility that the game is fine, but you’re just ■■■■■■■ terrible at it?


@Haulie_Berry Sorry, game is not fine. I experinced player, even 4 year brake. Now skills blovked me, true. But I’m talking not about skills and my losses. Lose ship? Ok, why I buy ships? For battles of course. Just learn related’s on Zkill, do you think with this particular case I’m wrong and Kikimora not overbuffed? hm… so price for this usual ship in game where game driven economics so high just for a reason?

So yes, I’m accept you’re accusations that I’m bad player. I guess, atm with my skill set it’s fair enough. But about balance… nope. Kiki just an example. Game have many problems with ships, game mechanics, Faction warfare… I even don’t know how to start think about it.

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There are plenty of things that can be improved, but I guarantee that kikimora killed the two of you in AFs mainly because you’re not very good, and that better pilots would have won. :woman_shrugging:

Well. Maybe not with those fits. :roll_eyes:


Well, there are plenty of ships outside of missile boats that are good for PvE. For example, drone boats tend to be rather good (and extremely popular).

Oh, and by the way, the Gila is a good ship, and is rightfully popular, but the reason it is so ubiquitous is because more causal players will just throw the Gila at everything, regardless of whether or not it’s actually the best tool for the job. They’re skilled for it, they’re comfortable using it, and they’re not big into theory crafting or researching new fits. CCP could create an event site where the rats all had missile guidance disruptors and chewed through drones, and people would still fling Gila’s at it.

To be fair, Trig ships are indeed OP right now. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the biggest determining factor in fight outcomes is still player skill. I don’t know the particulars of your match up, nor do I care, because I’m willing to bet money that you were beat in the player skill department, and are now looking for external factors to blame. Doing this will lock you into your currently level of competency because it will prevent you from asking, “what could I have done differently?”

By the way, I’m really not trying to be a dick about this.

If you can get a game working for Mac OS, then great. I’m glad for you. But it’s kind of absurd to complain to devs for not supporting a proprietary platform that has less than 10% of the desktop/laptop market share and a longstanding reputation for being a terrible platform for gaming. I’m just saying.

Hey CCP, why is there no client for Temple OS? This is BS!!!

Ok, not slamming you or the like.

Trig ships are new concept compared to other ships.
Once you tried one you understand this.

First they have extremely weak shields, are meant to be armour tank focused (but not the best in game), they have a slight nature speed tank built into them, and the big point is they are limited to one turret, and this in itself is the big limiter.

Disintegrators have no falloff range capacity like other turrets, they offer no alpha first strike, and they have too cycle to get to good damage.
Yes once they cycle their damage to maximum the disintegrator is deadly, but with all the above in most cases they never get to max damage.

Hate to say it, but its more a case of lack of tactics and knowledge that has cost you against trig ships. And most good trig pilots know and understand these limitations and uses tactics to counter.

Like any ship in the game there are tactics and fits that counter them. Guess need to learn them.


No) I’m sorry, again, kiki have 200 dps at start, for a minute, maybe minute and half increase… :slight_smile: But, not only kiki… it’s just for highlight. You think that I’m total new. That isn’t true. Yep, I see triglavian frist time. I;m read, even watch video… Really? Do you think I don’t understand what you talking about? :slight_smile:

But again, problem not only kiki. Triglavian ships imbalanced. Rest of all the same but with opposite direction. :slight_smile:

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That in itself is have your problem. Watching and doing are two totally different things. A lot of these don’t give you detail of the whys and how to’s.

I suggest grab an trig frigate fly it for a bit and learn its traits, once you do that you’ll how to use them and how to counter them.

Gila is a drone boat, not a missile boat. Your primary damage comes from Drones.

Drones have always been popular for PvE because they use no ammo.

This has nothing to do with imbalance with ships, and everything to do with using your brain.

What are you talking about.

The imbalance is in your head.

You chose a Mac because the girl you liked in school chose a Mac because she didnt know that Macs are just overpriced PCs that look stylish but arent very powerful in terms of Gaming.

Not even sure why you chose a Mac. Bring a Mac to a gaming event, you will be laughed out by everyone around you.

The moral of the story, dont buy a mac to play Games with.

Only if you are completely impatient at this game. I started out in an Algos, moved up to a Vexor, and now im in a Golem. Thats how people normally progress.

If you are impatient, and cannot progress like normal people, and dont want to wait, then yes, buy 2-3k Plex and pay 1 year subscription.


You didnt research. Your fault.

By the way, drone boats were one of the primary ships used even back when I started out, which was 7 years ago. You said you stopped playing 4 years ago. You have no excuse.

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@Solonius_Rex first thing first: Your manner of communicating is unpleasant, offensive.

Kill on enyo, yes I see the same. Wha’s this shows?

Mac? Why Mac? Why CCP delivery this content on mac? Company declare a product works on Mac? Ok. No? Company problem.

I starded early, and I know about game something. Even that Worm and Gila and, meyba rattle, is a drone boat. Tnx CO!

Hm… what I’m doing wrong if I do the same? Any char whih I ever had in this game did the same. Or I said something about it? Or I even said something that I’ve get Temperst and after rifter?

Again, even for you. Explain a bit. BPC od kiki very expensive< why? Overpriced for a reason? Just in case? No. Cause it’s very popular ship. Cause imbalanced. If you really want understand trust numbers, they don’t lie. Kiki 293,286 kills vs 29,096 loses…

So please, do not tell me that imbalace in my head. I understand game mechanics very well.

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