Since when was it taken as a good idea for you to give crap pilots the ability to feel good about themselves in steamrolling people with abusive abyssal mod setups … ?

Isn’t that a bit P2Win ? Ie: the type of crowd that this company should NOT be catering to in the first place if it aims to survive ?

So, you lost a pvp engagement and came here to blame the game developers?


Say I give you a small brindle to fight me with, and I have a handgun because Im rich.

Would you still call this balanced pvp ?

Edit: Added “balanced” for the stupid trolls out there.

Yes, it is person vs person…

Your question is wrong. “fairness” and PvP or combat in general do not go hand-in-hand…

If you are looking for a fair fight then you have already lost…

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Although, there is such a thing called “balance” in pvp, in most games …

Giving a random average/crap pilot the overwhelming ability to steamroll the many just because he put more Isk or RL money than them into his setup, doesn’t make it “balanced” pvp.

As for fairness, people remain the subjective judges of that, and to me, the state it’s currently in doesn’t really work in CCP’s favor, nor the game’s.

And it is never about 1v1 pvp, but mostly a group PvP… unless that “balanced” game is some fighting where every fighter is the same with different skin.


Except when that “group” gets steamrolled by one “solo” guy who paid more than them …

Are you getting it yet ?

that group is bad at the game then. HTFU.


So that group is bad at the game when they lose against him, and considered good, if not “pussies” if they just avoid to fight altogether.

Eve 2020 logic folks …

This is the same as life…you have to just roll with it. Eve is a massive game and cannot be balanced the way you are describing…

But you are not stating why you think it’s not fair or a suggestion as to how it can be fixed…

Hey, no worries. At some time even that one pilot who steamroll everybody in his isk-coated ships, will get simply ganked.

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Sure, except sadly only after bleeding out numbers of people who go to look at a different game away from this p2w crap.

No, it’s common sense. If the tactical assessment was “that guy’s ship WAY outclasses what we have, we need to retreat” then that was a great move. But that wasn’t the case…

You 100% cannot expect a fair and equal fight in Eve, most games or in life…adjust your perspective.

I really need that mug!


You lost…stop crying and learn from it…

Me’s does to its seemz.


Before abyssals, we had standard blue and faction mods, that didn’t make some setups completely OP yet.

And just like real life, why choose more imbalance over less ?

But you are not stating why you think it’s not fair or a suggestion as to how it can be fixed…

That’s CCP’s problem, they get my/our money to fix their game don’t they ?

It’s not broken, you just don’t know how to lose graciously…


Never said I never expected it.

The current imbalance levels are simply off the charts, it’s now even more P2W than it used to be, and that is a FACT.

nope. There is no problem with the game if you lack “creativity” to come up with n+1 setup to beat solo bling: scram+web+neuts close and ECM 70-100km away.

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