Dead Balance in PVP

Been looking for a long time what people says about balance … Seems that players dont really care about pity
PVP balance in eve. This meta of t3d-t2 assault frigs and capitals led any interaction in pvp to camp or 100% gay-wins when you’re overblobbing anything. If small ships maybe “fine” and you can find countermeasures
it can be killed by some types of cruisers, most of ships(BS most) lack any defense vs them in small scale fleets - in comparison capitals, each second player already having capital ship and can drop it anytime anywhere and without fleet you cant do anything or having simillar ship size(1 for sure wont do much), null sec is dead(for grinding only) , Fractional Wars became bloodbath for newbs or grinding site again … What i suggest is simple do not let Capital ships enter Low sec (except rorqual, orca, freighters and portal drop from titans) make it “Freedom fight” site, change FW - do not let players change their faction for estimated time , lets say 1 year or more… Without capitals it will make fights more dynamic, will make capsuleers try other ship types. It will create some space for newbs, also change plexes (maybe restrict how many players can enter site from each faction and neutral side).

Also great part which is dead today RP , but dead balance not letting players to interact with each other in proper way to role play. First of all change PVP balance …

No idea if CCP really interested anymore in their project, there are billions of ways how to improve EVE online and they can earn from it.

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We need more titans


You can have all of them but not on Tama gate ^^

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I see this will end well. How old are you twelve?

BTW what is it with people this days and forming coherent sentences so the read is not a total pain?


It’s too much to ask of a next generation fixated on instant-gratification of their me, myself and I while hooked on every possible shortcut to not work or make effort they might very well enjoy.


I suggest let capital ships enter high-sec


I suggest Jita’s sun to go nova.


Then dont let them shoot … titans and dreads permanently camping gates seems fine for you? 90% ship type useless here then …

Call it how ever you like , but when you want to enjoy all ship types or fight for FW few titans falling on you really “FUN”

So you want more titans in FW?

There hasn’t been balance for a long time now. I left NS about 4 years ago and not looking back. Saw all this ■■■■ coming as it was already underway back then.

As for LS, I don’t even go there anymore unless I’m in a disposable ship or its gated content with ship size limitations. Quite literally. I get jumped once in a while but its not too bad, as long as am ahead or break even ISK wise its a no issue. I prefer HS and WHs, just my thing though.

Today I warped to novice - titan sitting outside Plex. :joy:

We had a good laugh about it :+1:

so did i

Why would there be balance? Is US balanced with New Zealand? Is Porsche balanced with Hyundai? Is Real Madrid balanced withNY Red Bulls?

There is never balance anywhere ever. The pendulum always swings too far.

It might always look like this from one generation to the other, simply because the next generation in stable countries will grow up with access to tools that are far more developed than those of previous generations.

If anything the unability to create semi-proper sentences might be connected to the deterioration of language thanks to the meme/scream practise in social media. Alas, it’s probably even more the “freedom of speech” idea that turned into some kind of: “everyone has the right to make others listen to nonsense, in fact everyone should do that” (facebook). In earlier decades, people were a bit more cautious with what they wrote. They didn’t want to look like an idiot, so they held back when they felt their written word isn’t yet good enough. Now that it is okay to be an idiot and apparently every opinion is important, no matter how much it lacks reason, there is no shame to spit out words without any instance of self-control.


Oh common, that isn’t a generational thing. I have seen this from people of all ages. Such generalisations are just not helpful at all. Even if there would be a statistical difference between generations in such things every person should always be treated as an individual.

Also you sound like those people who blame illiteracy the TV and the radio, what was the deal with books again? Oh yeah people will lose the ability to remember things :grin:

No, this is simply a personal issue of the OP. And if he wants to start a discussion and communicate with other people it is not too much to ask that this is done with at least some structure that makes it understandable what he actually tries to say.

Hell my grammar is probably horrible and my spelling total shite, but I’m also dyslexic and English is not my main language and I still manage to write in a way you can at least understand what I try to say most of the time (hopefully).

Hopefully we can easily understand you.
What about ideas how to make PVP great again and make all ship types useable?

You could not remove capitals from going to losec unless you provided a different means for them to travel around.

It is not enough to be able to go gate to gate when every gate can have a bubble.

Oh yes exactly, that was what I was trying to say. That’s why I wrote: “It might always look like this…”.

I don’t blame the technology. It’s not the internets fault that people use it for a type of scream-down communication. TV and radio are great inventions and they can be used for great things, actually helping people develop their speech. The same goes for the internet. It’s mostly the question of how things are used.

The question is how much of that is solveable by mechanics. In theory the over-use of gatecamps and drops will be punished by either being bait-farmed or getting less and less content. In practise you can always bank on the lazy or unexperienced players.

In theory the avoidance of PVP is punishable by denying people any content, in practise there are many ways around this. Unless people get really greedy, they can always find ways to avoid PVP while still making bank. Sure, you can outsmart them a number of times, using a number of different strategies, but they’ll learn eventually. Also, the effort and opportunity cost for the PVP enforcer is much higher than the effort for the avoider.

Carriers aren’t so much used on gatecamps because of their fire power, but because of the possibility to decloak easily.

Next: cynos and gatecamps are also used because single PVP wins/losses have little meaning (apart from Titans maybe), in times of gigantuous industrial output. The general motivation for going the long way, making the complicated move for a single kill (apart from hunting Supers), is decreasing. Some people won’t even go on roams if there isn’t a somewhat guaranteed time/kill efficiency.

Now, if you happen to get into fun fights, it is because all sides decide to have it like this. Many people get bored by camping or dropping on stuff. They might re-think their PVP goals in EVE and come to the conclusion that more than anything they urge to feel the adrenaline of their early days again. This is not something that CCP can enforce onto the game, but it’s something that players can choose to do. Starting with you.

Not all ship types are usable in all types of spaces and situations etc. But overall EVE is extremely well balanced given that there are so many ships available. I don’t see any problems with PvP in general at the moment. Maybe that is just a issue in the very small piece of it you are currently playing.

Maybe you can describe what the actual problem is in more detail and in a way it is understandable.