A future vision

The current explosion in mining yield due to rorqual proliferation and favoritism by CCP development will cause normal caps to be even more commonly spammed in larger numbers.

Titan numbers will go up higher and higher due to their ability to destroy even keepstars from safe distance.

We will have less overall players as people continue to quit for various reasons yet new players will be put off by the power gap.

We could end up having a HAC and a carrier reach similar prices given the HAC takes moon mining reactions and invention to make which would raise it’s price yet a carrier is very easy to source minerals for.

So when a single alliance will be able to field at once 2-3 fleets full of titans what do we have to aspire for?Aren’t we heading toward the end of the journey?


Until CCP introduce the super Titan.


Thats no moon?

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Look towards Serenity to see a glimpse of the near future. Everything you brought up is pretty much spot on. There is a little wiggle room still as CCP can impliment more faction caps and faction Titans that will be superior to their regular counterparts, but once that is done…

The game will be basically confined to High Sec. Outside of that it will be caps, multiboxing and botting only. We’re not that far of off that now as even LS is being overran with caps in some places and we’re well on the way to that point.

I actually wish someone from CCP would address this and let us know what their “vision” for all this is. Where do they hope the game will end up, what are their plans, where is the future of Eve Online going ?

In my mind, the 1st thing that needs to be done is close the gap between caps and sub caps. Second is reduce the resource generation in sov NS. And by resource generation I mean everything. ISK, minerals, etc.

Open up new space that will be for sub caps only or have limited caps, like wormholes but minus the scanning for everything and various other limitations. Just have smaller gates and make systems unstable for cynos / jumps of large ships.

I really think caps should be left with caps in their own space while the rest of us go elsewhere.

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All that was possible because SP trading, before that regular training was natural barrier to not spam caps. We never coming back again since CCP make money of it.


A good thing that could be done to slow down capital and supercapital production would be to delete the Industrial Hub, or to reduce its effect.

I explain myself : as we know, most major alliances use botting to make incredible amount of ISK that would normally not be possible with a human brain. The proliferation of bots is quite present in the Mining field. And the best thing that can help them (in Corporation Space) are Industrial Hub. Depending on the level of said hub, a mining anomalie will always spawn in the system. It can go from a small to colossal size, the last one being impossible to mine out as a solo miner. And each time the mining anomalie is entirely depleted, another one of the same size will spawn in the system, at a different position, but as big as the other.

Even when it’s not a bot controlling the mining ships, such things create a never ending resource point in an single system. Big alliances doesn’t have to care on an industrial POV about the systems far away from their corporation’s capital, because they can just mine in the same system everyday and either two things happen : there are enough miners to keep the minimal daily amount mined, so the Industrial Hub stay at the same level or gain one for bigger anomalies, or there aren’t.

It’s got a long way to go. CCP haven’t introduced Dyson Spheres yet.

Funny that you mention wormholes because the use of Azbels and moon mining have made it possible to mass produce capitals in wormhole systems where capitals normally cannot enter or leave, which makes it possible to farm holes harder and makes the people there harder to evict.

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I know. I was referring more to the way travel into them and out of them works. Should have been more specific perhaps.

As far as actual mechanics, there could be a ton of things done. For example a local instability could build up over X amount of time that would eventually start damaging a massive ship or even create a random unstable wormhole of its own transferring it to a random system within X distance.

Its just an idea, but lots and lots of different things could be done to put severe limitations on caps and interactions with them.


Maybe the new people that bought out CCP will introduce some new cash shop anti-cap weapons that would actually be effective. If they make them affordable I might actually stick around and use them.

Now when CCP a sold to PA everything become crystal clear.

If titans are so good PA will put them or something tied to use of them behind additional paywalls.

If there’s a problem with caps being too cheap (I’m not saying there is or isn’t), then the solution is simple: Increase the price of caps - PROBLEM SOLVED.

And please, let’s not hear any nonsense about “players set the prices, not CCP.” Obviously CCP decides what ingredients go into making a ship, so they can adjust those ingredients.

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