CCP allow caps In hi sec again

We should be able to mine with rorquals or do some pve with carriers.

Hi sec needs content too.


Nah, let’s not.


Capitals in high sec, with a suspect timer? That would likely create content.


Was about to post to suggest this. A permanent suspect timer allowing anyone to shoot the capitals would almost be something worth considering!


Muppets like you fail to realize that capitals remove and suffocate content, they do not create it.


It’s your sandbox. It’s not CCP job to create content in your sandbox. Create your own content.


What do you plan to mine or rat with these in HS?

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Oh. Are we trying to make sub-caps obsolete in High sec too? Sure, why not. I feel like CCP is considering doing this, and then undoing it to show us they can fix problems.

And I’ll add that High sec capitals should be able to destroy NPC stations. In Jita. Nice knowing you… market bots.


Hisec has the content you deserve.

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Mining should be banned from hs. Move it to LS or Null. (Or wh). That way ppl cant complain that they keep getting ganked in HS. And you can then use the Rorquals you so desire…

Yes, lets force people to only one “right” gameplay.


I dont see this happening if they let caps in high sec. Still takes a lot of training to reach caps. Sure you can spend a small fortune and buy your way there, but many will grind out the skills.

I still use frigs even though I can fly murauders. I’m sure the same enjoyment of flying ships in general will stay the same even with caps in high sec.

What an original idea! Can you guide us trough your thought process how you came to this novel and never before mentioned concept of capitals in Highsec?


You personally, are free to keep playing suboptimally. Most other people especially from organized groups, will work to play optimally. That includes being able to bully people in highsec with their overwhelming capital numbers.


Not always optimal to be in a ship that takes a minute to align. Or that can only get around with a jump drive. Most likely many missions will only be able to be done in specific classes of ships. Bullies are only as good as their pray is dumb in high sec regardless of ship. They could possibly take part in the trig invasion or incursions. Anything with a jump gate may keep them locked out. I would assume those activities would also be beefed up to counter caps if they were able to even get to it.

If caps were allowed in highsec its possible the only thing they would be used for is mining and looking pretty in front of a station. That dont sound optimal to me except for mining.

Cute fantasy.

It’s still just a matter of time.

Caps in hisec just means the gap between vets and new players gets bigger.

The income for noobs becomes even less significant.
During wardecs noobs are facing carriers and dread bashes instead of vindicators and T3’s.
The farming which is already causing issues get’s worse.

It’s a bad idea and you should all feel bad.


It’s funny that they can keep capitals out of Empire but not -10’s. So funny.

One is not related to the other.


As I said previously bullies are only as good as their prey is dumb in highsec. Most player owned stations are pointless in highsec anyway. If you dont have a station even by the old rules wardecs were easy enough to counter.

Now farming I agree with. Caps could make it a disaster for the players just starting out. And the market as a whole for all players could have problems.

I never said I agree with caps in highsec, just joining the conversation. It probably is a bad idea but it dont hurt to explore the idea.