Give us more triglavian ships CCP

I’d like to see the following

Covert ops.
T2 Battle Cruisers
Black ops
And a Force Auxiliary cap ship.

oh least we never forget… some t1/2 industrial’s … transports etc

that should about do it…



Less to none of this pve hindering crap would be way better…same goes to fob…

It’s just here to scare any reasonable pve that has nothing to do with pvp style from the server.

And yes,i know TECHNICALLY it’s pve…but it’s more like the ‘■■■■ you PVE player’ pve type… :slight_smile:

And that’s bad for the game.


I think a new mining barge with a laser that mines more the longer you have it trained on a rock would be pretty cool.


People like the Trig ships because they are overpowered. That’s normal for a new ship line to encourage adoption but it’s also temporary. Expect a balance pass soon™ to bring them in line with the rest of the fleet.


There’s no meaningful choice between a mining laser that mines normally or one that mines more over a longer time. It’s not like the rock can try to pull range or tracking disrupt the barge.

The triglaser will always be better or will always be worse compared to a typical mining laser.

Let’s say that achieving peak power would make the Trig mining laser have a higher yield (over time) compared to normal lasers. Miners will see improved efficiency if they actively monitor remaining asteroid capacity to ensure that their targets will enable them to receive full benefit from the spooling cycle. It would create meaningful and engaging opportunities for active interaction with the game for them, which is something that they desperately crave.

I think this idea is so good, that CCP should reward me with a PLEX package when it’s implemented. Make sure to like this post if you agree!

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It should also break its cycle if anybody else mines from the rock, even if it is a new player in a corvette.

I have been told that this is how miners PvP - they “mine the rock out from under” the other guy. Imagine the tears if they were able to break some guy’s thirty-minute spool-up laser.

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Need to flesh out the other pirate ship lines. Not talking tech 2 stuff. I mean fill in all the classes from frig to titan.

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The cargohold on the Triglav industrial ship should spool-down instead. You have an ENORMOUS cargo hold for 3 minutes, then it shrinks down every 3 minutes, randomly trashing stuff if you don’t get it unloaded in time. Perfect for planetary production!


I was never gone…just in hospital :stuck_out_tongue:

With no wify…

We don’t need any more T1.5 and T2.5 ships. It would imbalance the game and leader to underutilization of existing ships.

  • Figure out how much m3 you need to get higher isk/h.
  • Scan belt once.
  • mine rocks that are higher than the threshold.
  • Leave once all such rocks are done for new belt.
  • Profit

(Moon rocks don’t require scanning, they are all at least 3x the volume of the largest belt rocks)

I fly only triglavian ships.
There are many ship classes that I don’t have access too.

Triglavian shuttle. Maximum velocity increases after each gate jump, up to a maximum.

If you only use hammers and not saws, screwdrivers, and any other tool readily at your disposal, that is a self-imposed limitation that is entirely your problem.


So I should waste skill points to train for another races ship when I have trig ship skills fairly high already. ?

It’s not a waste, it’s an investment. You can buy 100x hammers, or you can buy an assortment of tools.

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I do like the idea of a spooling mining ship. I agree it would make you consider which rocks were worth mining.
But I don’t like the idea of someone being able to break the spooling unless their mining of the same rock makes it empty quicker.

You say investment I say waste of SP and time.
I will wait for the new ships thanks

I think the Edencom mining ship has more promise.