Give us more triglavian ships CCP

@Zombie_Ellecon CCP has worked hard to make the races unique and “racial counterparts” highly distinguishable from each other and not terribly interchangeable. But yes, CCP is going to create extra ships just for you because you refuse to take advantage of ships that already exists. CCP should not imbalance the game because of your poor planning and narrow preference for trig ships.

@Destiny_Corrupted you should probably start a new thread for trig mining lasers so as to not derail the mian sentiment behind this one. If you do, link new thread here and tag existing participants (Daichi and others) to migrate convo.

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We have one of those and his name is Steve Steve has destroyed over 1 trillion isk

He mines edencom supporters all day

I kind of got the feeling that triglavians were possibly going to be the next playable race in eve and that’s the whole point of this invasion ?
I could be wrong

You’re not the boss of us!

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You’re out of line young man!

I can’t hear you with that mask on.


Don’t piss them off or we’ll get a trig version of an imicus

If you haven’t chewed through the power cord by now could you explain what the heck you’re even trying to say

Just what i wrote…What is so difficult about understanding clear words?

Or are you so badly brainwashed that you just understand sweetend,snowflaky,political correct formulas?

Well if so i feel bad for you…real bad…

You are lost for the real life outside of pc…


@Spruillo can you even? Because I can’t even.

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There is a Triglavian industrial ship, and it looks like there’s two varieties of it (a shorter one and a longer one). You can see it in a number of scope videos and the trailers put out for the patches over the last few months. It’s not (yet) available to players, though.

I’m kinda with @Archer_en_Tilavine though. Trig ships are very poorly balanced and we really don’t need more of them right now.

As for trig mining barge @Destiny_Corrupted no other faction has its own mining ships at this point (they’re all ORE) and the Trigs have Mining deployables (which I sincerely hope never make it into player hands). I’d be wary of any new mining ship addition at this point given the unholy mess that the resources market is in. And as with the other trig ships they’d almost certainly just outclass anything else sub-capital. If they offer more defence they replace the Skiff, more hold they replace the Mack, more yield (even if it has a spool mechanic) they replace the Hulk.

While I don’t have an issue with expanding the range of ships available to players in principle. New Trig ships have a tendency to just overrule other choices, not generally expand choices, because they’re so powerful, and have such a massive range of bonuses.

It feels a bit like CCPs intention is to make the Triglavians their own faction on approximate par with the empires, and that their having one ship of each broad type in T1 and T2 is inevitable. It would be nice if they actually balanced the damned things, though.


mining laser that mines from targeted and 5 other random rocks in range from the first one? count me in

Mind you, wouldn’t it be fun if it could?

care to explain how they are unbalanced and why?

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Would have to have a real niche to be filled.
Maybe it would have been cool for the expedition ships to have been triglav, but they were ready to go long before triglave stuff really got fleshed out.

Didn’t CCP just recently shrink the size of all the asteroids?

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That wasn’t necessary.

Was gonna leave it alone but I feel strongly enough to tell you what also isn’t necessary.

Or doesn’t have to be, is where your anger will take you irl, if you allow it free reign.
Places you don’t want to go. Get ahold of yourself my dude.

Step 1: Put on Triglavian suit.
Step 2: Take new picture
Step 3: Now your character’s ‘playable race’ is Triglavian!

What are you waiting for?


what the universe needs right now is more @#$@# munins.