Give us more triglavian ships CCP

What was so bad about a clear word again?

Can’t you stand it?

What,even what single word,was ‘inappropiate’ about my post?

Please enlighten me…

It was just the truth by any means…clear words,no sugarcoat as it should be between matures…

If you want kindergarden talk go there and get red ears how THEY talk today…

Welcome to the real world outside of political correctness…

Btw @Nicolai Serkanner i never flag something…not my style…

If you look for the flagger look somewhere else…i never did and never will…


Yeah…must be hard to see someone that is not influenced by the pc crap right? :slight_smile:

Welcome back, Balos.

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There’s so many more options for expanding on ships for existing pirate or navy faction and revamping visuals on existing ships that it would be a waste of time to add even more to an already expansive precursor line.

Sounds need tuning, drones could use moving turrets, a few empire ships still need fine tuning, people don’t even use t1 minmatar in proving grounds (that I’m aware of)…

There’s other things that need attention.

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Dude, get a grip.


I need ‘a grip’ because of this simple post?

Maybe YOUR reaction is a little bit overdriven? :slight_smile:

Maybe not just ‘a little bit’ ?

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BTW 14 days in hospital costs 140 € regardless of medication or treatment in civilized countries…not thousands of $ like in less civilized ones :slight_smile:

And yes this is off topic…

But worth mentioning nevertheless…

They need to nerf the ■■■■ out of triglavian ships or nerf T1’s or T2’s Sad that no other ship can match triglavian ships. Makes for very boring game, fights.

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Would agree to having all Triglavian ships abilities being severely reduced out side of triglavian zones so atleast T1’s and T2 have a fighting chance.


Alarmclock miners are the easiest prey for this.

After the first roid they wonder, but dismiss it. Might have been a fluke.
Maybe accidentially typo’d the alarm time, etc. etc.
After the second roid, they usually get curious.

Some of them actively try to “combat” it by spreading out their lasers …
… those are the ones with potential …
… and then there’s those who think their whining is making me go away.

Oh boy, it doesn’t … who would have thought! :grin:

I kind of never believed this was true. Are you saying that you are actually able to mine tears this way?

Yes, that’s what I’m saying.
Why, the ■■■■, would I be telling lies.

Shouldn’t you know me better than that?

There’s a good chance you got this from me …
… or from someone else who got it from me …
… because I’ve been spreading this around for a looong time now.

I’m not repeating this over and over again for nothing.

Think about it this way:

Why would I be in a mining corp
… which only exists because I had the idea …
… if I didn’t know this would be a thing eventually? :smiley:

Proper, competitive mining is going to come eventually …
… because it’s a must in the environment CCP seems to wish to provide.

Odd reaction on your part.

I think I heard about this mining PVP from the athanor owners who were mad about people coming in and mining “their” rocks. It sounded like a hypothetical countermeasure to me.

I don’t know if it’s odd, but maybe I misunderstand.

In any case … it’s true.

Works best in a covetor/hulk against anything with less yield.
For bonus points: Make sure to jettison your mined ore and explode the can in front of his eyes.

Have fun exploring the possibilities! :smiley:

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