The consequences of 'Trig space'?

I watched fanfest with a degree of devoteeism and right now, let me tell you I am more excited for the AT than I am for upcoming instanced PvE environments. But to be fair i am always really excited for AT lol.

As with every large change that comes to something you love, I for one cannot help but feel a bit of anxiety; and one of the things I love about eve is there was no hard limitations on who can go where. To me that is a greater risk than damage to economy caused by farming in groups; but both are terrible scenarios so i am really confused right now.

I will say, the big thing that sets eve apart is its lack of dedicated instances. Which are poison for multiplayer gameplay.
Hopefully it stays that way…

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whats at

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I hope this doesn’t burst your bubble, but this is apparently going to be the last AT. And there won’t be any new/unique AT ships handed out this year.

There’s a whole Reddit thread (or two) filled with tears over this.

The Alliance Tournament

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oh never paid any attention to that. it means nothing to 99.9% of the people playing the game who will never see one of those ships or participate in the tournament. no different from those pirate citadels that no one fights.

they shouldnt be giving out free ships to a few people that cant be earned in game by the entire game anyway.


it doesn’t matter to me.

AT must be a lot of work for CCP. shrugs

but only the most devoted eve players play in the AT. and it draws interest when its on.

more importantly is the threat of instanced pve to the current dynamics of eve online and how a potential expansion could turn eve into a playerless mess like elite dangerous. i’d feel a lot more comfortable if people at trig space still showed up on local.

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I am kinda opposite. The times where I used to care about ATs are in the past, now I just chill, have much less time to play etc. cuz life… So I very much welcome the new space. The thought of finally being able to concentrate on what I am doing instead of D-Scan is quite appealing to me.

However I am still unclear about a lot of the stuff. Maybe I missed it somewhere or it was not presented yet or I just misunderstood, so maybe someone here could clear it up for me a bit.

To my understanding, the abyss is targeted at mainly solo PVE players and no one will be able to enter it other then the player with the thingy for it ( I forgot what that thingy is called ). Does that include fleet mates ? If you are flying duo for example and both have the same thingy, they still can’t enter as a pair ?

No one will be able to follow into the abyss, but the entrance will remain in regular space, be scannable, and can be camped to obtain targets coming out of it, is this correct ?

Going further, they said that the 1st layer is meant to be completed in approximately 15 minutes ? Or was that each layer ? And they said there are currently 5 known layers. So that would mean approx. 1 hour 15 min - 1 hour 30 min completion time. Could use a clarification on this.

And what happens if you get disconnected or log off while inside ? Obviously logoff timers aside, but if you get DCed and can’t get back on until a day or 2 later so the servers go throuh a reset or 2, what happens ? Do you jsut end up warping into a random “outside” space and your ship gets crushed as shown ? Or do you end up in regular space near where the entrance was ? Also are the Abyss instances affected by server resets in this regard ?

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You are kind of hijacking the thread with all that, but here goes quickly:

  • It’s entirely solo, you cannot bring fleetmates even if they also have a copy of the filament. They get their own instance
  • Entrance/exit can be scanned and camped
  • The 5 layers are difficulty levels. One instance is only one layer (3 “pockets”) and takes about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, you’re done, you’re dead or you’re spit back into kspace. If you DC in one and survive, you better log back in quickly.
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The instanced nature of the content has a lot of advantages for CCP. It gives the developers a sandbox environment where they can work on upgrading the foundation systems that support Eve without placing the game at risk.

They can also do A-B testing, live on TQ and use the feedback to guide development of the content a lot faster than is possible now. I expect this procedurally generated content with advanced AI is the future of PVE in Eve but, once the foundations can support it, the anomalies won’t need to be instanced - you’ll be able to scan them down and interact with them same as current anomalies.


oh stop, they are not free, they are earned. they can also be earned in game by anyone, you can join in and work your way into a team or work your nuts off and buy one.

so yes anyone can get their hands on one if they really want one and yes anyone can work their way into a team and who knows, your team might do well and you’ll win one.



Didn’t know this, that’s a shame, i guess EVE.NT are going to take over and run it in some way?
must have a read on reddit later.

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The whole thing with this Triglavian instanced PVE is not so much what this specific PVE is, but what future it could expand into.

We know very little at the moment, however it seems as though these deadspace pockets aren’t themselves the locations where the Triglavians manufacture their ships, do their industry, live, etc. So there must be other space that they come from, or go to, that is stable and doesn’t collapse.

I know that’s kind of thinking more lore than gameplay, but for me, it opens up a heap of possibilities for future expansions along the Triglavian storyline, into the other space CCP Seagull aluded to back in 2014 and the type of space we might eventually build gates to.

So, while I’m not for instanced PVE, hopefully it’s just the start of something else down the track.

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It depends by how useful those Tri-ships will be in the new Meta and the drop rate of those BPC. With low Meta value or low drop BPC chance there will not be any consequences and those ships can be even less popular than Barghest, due to low flexibility in PVE DPS. This will make Trig space similar to Unidentified Wormhole space. Otherwise, core power block will try to farm that stuff like Machariels time ago.

Also, those ‘disintegrator weapons’ with COMBO Thermal/Explosive damage looks very strong for PVP. So, as another consequence, they can be reworked, because they aren’t on the same level with all other weaponry concept.

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The biggest consequence of Trig space is pretty clear in my book:

Ship Amount Control.

There is obvious roguelike elements (without the progression, you’ve got something to add for the next iterations there CCP) with the procedural content, but other than that the crucial underlying tech is the 1 ship per space limitation, like the limitation with Resource Wars sites.

In my book this is more of the necessary push in EVE for fairer fights through new techs. This instance spits you back to face untold numbers of gankers when you are done, but they could allow for a small-gang of 3 to get a space where they can be pitted against another gang of 3, instead of 50.


to be worried about gankers in a feature thats not even out yet xD
you sound like highsec has given you ptsd, want to come to Templis CALSF and start enjoying eve again?
or if pvp is not your thing, just buy a permit and be done with it? its only 10m and if you follow the law of the sovereign space of James 315 you’ll be fine.

i see why they did only one person in the sites even though i regret that it begins to look like instanced (hopefully players in these sites are still in local!). they want to prevent you and your 2 mates from farming this ■■■■ hard, and others like you that would.

don’t take it the wrong way - this is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn how to play the game. but lowsec’s cheaper.

i mean i get that. and its really cool that you are still somewhat interested in eve, despite having much less time to play.

but think back of when you did play, wasn’t pvp the most exciting thing you could do in eve?


Most exciting to me was when I won the RNG and got killer deadspace mods. Then I had to fly them to Jita by myself which was a bit unnerving, because due to Eve mechanics I simply couldn’t trust any of my corp / alliance mates to help out. So I didn’t even use any scout, and quite a few times jumped through gate camps even, some times didn’t make it.

PvP in Eve actually got boring. While there were some what I would term as actual “good fights” on average they were mostly pre-determined before the combat even started. The good fights are just too few.


This should never ever happen. This is one of the reasons many voiced opposition to the 1st CCP suggested Instance scheme (Dojos). EVE isn’t about fair fights. More to the point, allowing a ‘fair fight’ mechanisim would undermine a core aspect of EVE , that being the NEED to make friends to be successful beyond the small solo niches.

The reason more people aren’t complaining about Trig deadpsace is because this time CCPs idea is not so outlandish, it simply loads all of the risk onto the end point of the pve activity. if one wants to be safe during trig diving they should make friends that can sit on their out beacons or invest in alts.

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A lot of people fly solo, its a lifestyle choice friend.


Or you could just mind your own business and let me decide what I want to do with my time?

I don’t know what you are trying to insinuate (actually I do) about me but just because I’ve decided to spend some time in high-sec doesn’t mean I don’t know low-sec. So what about you keep whatever film about me you have in your damn mind and actually address the point?

Also, you seem to be among those guys who think there is only your way and nothing else to enjoy the game.
I clearly agree with the superiority of PvP in EVE, EVE is and will likely stay a terrible PvE game, but being that condescending and deluded to the point of believing only your playstyle is to be enjoyed is close to hubris.

I very much enjoyed PvP, but what I decided is that I would rather save my time and efforts for more meaningful PvP, but don’t let it stop you from enjoying your meaningless roams and solos.


In case, if that space content will be too difficult, it will require or a fleet to perform fast and easy or a huge amount of time to perform solo. Firstly, 1 ship per space limitation will turn away fleet members like it happens with current pirate Outposts. I heard about the drama around those dropped Capital pirate BPC. Even in a fleet it requires a lot of personal time to be spent on all that stuff beginning from creating that fleet. Secondly, nobody will be interested to spend, let say, a hour to clear something under the huge risk to be podded. It reminds me the PVE combat mechanics of Besieged Covert Research sites in Low-Sec. Their rewards aren’t so bad, considering the time to complete. They require special ships, which costs a lot of ISK and SP.

Another, the third consequence, which I didn’t mentioned above due to my lack of information about it, is the future of DED space. Mutaplasmids can play a huge role into replacing and/or nerfing the current blue DED and Faction loot. At least, if mutaplasmid mutation will be cheap and effective, it will break the prices on almost all DED items. Based on known presentation it will affect: Shield Extenders, Armor Extenders, Scramblers, Disruptors, Neuts, MWD, AB. In any words, almost all types of DED loot and entire DED PVE game play style.