Triglavian collective - known facts - UPDATE 21/08/120

Hello capsuleers o7
I’m reporting here all the information that CONCORD released about the Triglavian Collective (TC in the rest of the post)
The idea here is to publicly give all the information we have to ensure that nothing is ignored.
I will update the post when new information are released and will also include a link to an archive with all the sources we have (and i know of ofc)
Let’s get started:

/!\ Note: Now I will set new Information as this note /!\

1) Triglavian Collective

a) Biology

  • human in origin, given the “precursor” nickname by concord, the separation must be really old

  • seem to use infomorph tech

  • seem to only be in abyssal deadspace but it is not confirmed

  • the extensive use of extremophilic bacteria could be an indication of a possible adaptation to extreme effects, if so, it could prevent them to return safely into “normal” space.

b) Culture

  • Triglavian are suggested to be ALIVE and to have an active culture and/or scientific program !

  • have their own alphabet

  • High importance of the number “3” in their culture, possibly religious

  • Their Culture seem to be highly militarised and seem to encourage combat between factions, perhaps to avoid wars ?

  • Seem to see time as a relative concepts (advencing-time, reverse-time, now-time, ancient-time, repeated-time, following-time, )

  • Scientific mastery of: Gravitation, High-energy, Bio-tech,

  • they are studying us, it is possible that it could come to some negotiations

  • they have an enemy "Azdaja" that they want to destroy at all costs

  • their culture is very alive and seem to accept new things when a consensus (Metaxy) is reached

  • they have a "Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle" that seem to be the equivalent of our CONCORD but is actively trying to get a consensus of everyone (indirectly, yes but still)

Known Factions

Triglavian Collective > Clades > SubClades

├ Perun
│ ┬
│ ├ Damavik
│ ├ Gromovi
│ ├ Ognyena
│ └ Varpulis
├ Veles
│ ┬
│ ├ Vodya
│ ├ Yodya
│ ├ Zembog
│ └ Leshak
└ Svarog
    ├ Vedmak
    ├ Belobog
    └ Dazhbog

Known Subclad but with no known clade

  • Samovda
Known Hierarchy
  • Each subclade is divided in troika (“tactical” = military, “strategic” = management, “technical” = industry, “commune” = civil)
  • Each troika answer to a “paramount” of their respective troika
  • “subjunct” is not yet placed in the hierachy but seem to refer directly to the paramount.
  • Each Troika have 3 known leaders (Koshoi/Navka/Narodnya)
    • the Koshoi role = ???
    • the Navka role = ???
    • the Narodnya role = ???
Known Geography

Flow > “conduit loop construct” > exclave

├ Flow of Vyraj
│ ┬
│ └ CLC 9 (3^2)
│ ┬
│ ├ sub 3 (3^1)
│ ├ sub 9 (3^2)
│ └ sub 27 (3^3)

└ CLC & sub - XX known but not linked to flow
    ├ CLC 405
    │ ┬
    │ └ sub 18
    ├ CLC 89
    │ ┬
    │ └ sub 15
    ├ CLC 159
    │ ┬
    │ └ sub 24
    ├ CLC 63
    │ ┬
    │ ├ sub 9
    │ ├ sub 21
    │ └ sub 45
    ├ CLC 189
    │ ┬
    │ └ sub 12
    ├ CLC 477
    │ ┬
    │ └ sub 30
    └ CLC 33
        └ sub 17

c) Language

  • Here is the discussion about the Triglavian Language. It is for now only theories, waiting for peer reviewing! Therefore I do not count it as “fact”. Below is what we are at least fairly sure of.

  • Counting system normal

  • Have a Semitic construction (where you have to add suffix and/or prefix to change the meaning of said word)

  • Similarly to most of human language, Capitalization of a word show it's importance.

Known Vocabulary (NOT YET)


d) Technology

  • use IA and drone technology.

  • possess a gate network inside the Abyss, reach of said network unknown

    • their gates seem to also be scanning device
  • TC has vessels of following classes: frigates, cruisers, battleship

  • TC use a Bioengineered technology called by CONCORD “mutaplasmid” and it have a random effect on our own technology, long term effects unknown

  • Resources used

    • Possible use of Isogen-10 (see more on it in the AD part) as energy source.
    • Zero-Point condensate, exotic matter, not fully analysed at the moment.
      • seem to be versatile in application (generate and maintain conduits, high-energy weaponry ammunition, manufacturing)
  • use particle beam and gravitation as weapon.

  • adaptability seem to be the key axe of their culture.

    • Are Actively hunting some kind of Corruption

d) Mutaplasmid

  • The mutaplasmid are actually colony of “extremophilic bacteria”, suggesting that our space-time conditions could lead to death. Possible confirmation of impossibility to TC’s people to live inside our own space.

  • The mutaplasmid exist in two states: actives and inactives.

  • When dormant, it need a tool to make it both active and specialized.

  • When active, early information seem to suggest that it has a lifespan, meaning that it decay with time.

  • The bateria colonies can become unstable and is highly open to mutation, to use with great caution. Possible corruption of nanopaste inside every structures.

2) Abyssal deadspace

a) pocket

  • pockets of gravitational maelstroms, 5 types have been identified

  • until proven otherwise, seem to be natural

  • once the dive is launched, it is impossible to go back by the same way

  • dangerous storm affecting ships and electronic systems ( given thw drifter state, seemingly in a damaging way)

  • TC has build structures that “stabilize” the storms, efficiency and reach unknown

  • existance first hypothesised then proved by the work of Proffessor michel mayor, director of the current project discovery

  • Resources

    • Discovery of presence of Isogen 10, a highly powerful energy-holding mineral rendered stable by gravitational maelstrom.
      • Possible breakdown in lower isotop, but highly dangerous due to large energy dissipation.
    • many exotic particules.

b) Filament Technology

  • The filament alter the warp field of the ship, confirming the effect to be a gravitational and by correlation, that AD is probably a natural phenomenon.

  • The filament become entangled with the ship’s warp core. Possible long term effect to determine.

  • Each filament is linked to a specific pocket of AD

  • Various pirates and sleepers seem to have now access to this technology

    • If our translations are correct, it is possible that the Sansha Nation have access to AD and is trying to get TC technology

3) CONCORD information

4) Questions

  • is the TC still humans?

  • how the drifter came in the possession of the vaults?

  • was the corrupted trinary data linked?

  • if yes, what the quatermaster did with them?

  • Ancient Enemy Azdaja = yet unknown ennemy, seem to be extremly important to the collective to destroy them, who are they ?


Now for a more “speculation” part here it was i would guess:

  • the TC are master have mastered gravitational theory and application
  • based on that they are pretty close to the talocans.

We in the State have mastered gravitational theory as well and have been using graviton reactors for some time in comparison to ancient gallentean fusion ones or these ridiculous fission minmatar ones (I guess some people just love to glow in the dark~ ha!)
Creating a directed gravitation fields is just a question of availability of the energy and competence of the engineer (in other words, you DON’T hire gallente or -especially- minmatar engineer if you want to create a custom gravitation field).

What I can add from myself - is a bit linguistic analysis (I probably am already known for taking words literally, so, yes, my first idea was to look up meaning of Triglavian), and it seems to mean “Three-headed
I don’t know if that’s true or reflects anything or that they used it in this meaning, or if you can use it somehow… but consider it just a tiny contribution of what I could dig up. Maybe there is a hidden something related to this.

What does interest me personally: is whether they could be convinced to join our war against Gallente Federation? Or maybe if they have some technology they could borrow us to achieve the Victory faster? Would they be interested in trade? I am myself highly interested in such technologies and if possible - will support such trade deals with Caldari State.


I got the same idea from their name, thanks for confirming it.
As for the rest i personnaly hope for a peaceful communication and a not aligned power.
As for the gravitational mastery, i mean absolutely no offence but the talocan and triglavian seem to be far more advenced, otherwise caldari state would have found a way to open wormholes at will that said They may be the most advenced empire on this field.


So, pilot? Thank you for starting up such a thing. A couple very minor things that aren’t even actually substantive, and I apologize for that.

You seem to have a couple translator glitches. “Information” is a non-count noun. It has no plural form: no matter how much of it you have, it’s still just “information.” But, “fact” is countable-- you have one “fact,” two or more “facts.”

You have some information, and two or more facts, here right now.


Sorry for the translations problems, I actually not using an automated translator so I sometimes make errors by confusing rules between languages, so thanks for the corrections :slight_smile:


Considering their apparent technological level, it would not surprise me if it turns out they created these dead space pockets (rather than gates to new systems like Anoikis) to hide from us and to stay away from our petty squabbles. It was working fine till the Drifters ruined everything and blew their cover.


Arise, Warrior,
For time has come to fight for Freedom,
Arise, Brave among the Chosen,
For the chains of your People must be broken.


Gosh, we just keep running into those human or transhuman groups that have long since migrated beyond the boundaries of our cluster and developed technology we only have the faintest, if any understanding of.

It makes me wonder if we’re some sort of galactic laughing stock among them. “Look at those backwards savages, they’re still using stargates!”


No, please, no!
There is never time to fight for Freedom! It’s the most Inhuman thing to do!
Freedom is criminality, destruction, death.

Freedom zealots is the main threat of Civilization in our cluster, and they shall be exterminated without mercy or regret!

Please keep freedom-related filth out from civilized discussions! We don’t need that disgusting concept in here!


Please, could we leave politics aside?
The goal here is to get all facts about triglavian we get (to apply to every other debate of the same kind).


Perhaps they could be persuaded to the side of Good and to see the Light of God.
I too am intrigued as to the capabilities of these creatures, and I hope that they are a gift from the Heavens to help us finally end this ongoing conflict, both against the Demonic Drifters and their human servants.


I expect that they have found some way to weaponize their gravitational technology. I cannot explain the use of a visibly external miniature gravity well otherwise, so it must have some offensive use. Perhaps Concord could enlighten us on the crafts weaponry after it is analyzed.

The use of the word Filament also implies some biological origin, so perhaps they use melded biological tissue in their ships to supply a form of active hull reinforcement? The jovians used something similar to that, if I remember.


if the State has mastered gravitational theory then the State would have found a method to re-open the Eve Gate that collapsed years ago for unknown reasons.

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People only see what they want to,
Blind to their path,
Forgetting where they come from,
Losing their Heritage for a dubious future.

Meditation should help. My apologies if the words and images were displaced, but First Mother has shown us the way.


Have you been to the Gate? It didn’t just collapse, it took the whole system with it. Nothing remains but a scarred planet and a lone outpost. The Jove couldn’t even reopen it, nor could any ancient race.

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Thanks for separating politics and science.
Actually, one of the easiest way I can imagine to weaponise such a small gravity well is to create a container that you can control.
A week or two ago I emitted the hypothesis that the TC use plasma beams, and gravitational well would make an actual pretty good containment chamber.
It would be an extremely interesting thing to debate.

On the other hand for the filament thing i agree that could imply a biological origins but also come from some exotic particles. We do not have enough information to assume anything unless, of course, you have more sourced information.

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People see only the narrative they wish to carry. Ignoring anything that may bring the legitimacy of it in question.

They wish to move forward, confident that this is what they must do. Ignoring criticism and catious advice as they past though.

The farther they wander, the more they forget where they started. They become nomadic, something new than what they started as. This path having molded them.

They lost their identity of who they once were in exchange for a future they worked towards with the narattive they carried at the start.

…Perhaps the Triglavains? Human in origin but they walked off a different path and became something different…We just need to know who they were before they started walking their path.


I put alot of blame here on Concord for what is to come in the future given the way they are interacting or want us to interact with the Triglavians.

In a way it’s similar to the early days of exploring Anoikis which in the end got us the drifter menace.

We are being sent as guinea pigs into a totally uncharted area to forcibly take technology from a race we know next to nothing about.

We know for sure it was the drifters that attacked the Triglavians,they seem or seemed content to keep to living in their dangerous and volatile domain for god knows how long until now.

We don’t even know the extent of their technological knowledge there could be dozens if not hundreds or more layers of deadspace they colonised or created,they could have a fleet that could dwarf anything within New Eden.

It is my firm opinion first interactions should be peaceful


Well, for now, concord only mentionned “exploration”.
But I agree on the fact that we know next to nothing of the TC, that’s precisely why I created this thread !
The thing quite curious for me it is that for the drifters to go to war like this, there is only three scenarios I can think off.

  1. the TC attacked the drifter
  2. the TC have something that the drifter want
  3. the TC have something that the driffter want to destroy
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