SoCT Capsuleer Gathering: CONCORD's Call to Arms

I, like many other capsuleer delegates, arrived a few days ago on Yulai III for the annual gathering. To say that the air here is welcoming would be a bit inaccurate - much of the tone about is hush-hush. Attempts to field early precursor information about what will be discussed tomorrow is… Well, decidedly difficult. A few causal glances, wry looks, and micro-expressions that only my implanted eye caught.

Peculiar though that CONCORD has declared this a time for special conference on emerging threats. Agent Oveg Drust was only recently sighted in Yulai with this strange ship that looks so similar to the video footage discovered in the Trinary Data Vaults. Given CONCORD’s typical elusiveness with information, I can only imagine that two possibilities exist: They have either been sitting on this ‘emergent threat’ for quite some time, or it is so much of a threat that there is a need for brevity.

Rest assured I will do what I can to provide live updates here as we are given information… but the atmosphere here is worrying…


Thank you for doing such a thing, Mr. Nomistrav.

Hopefully this gathering will be a little more enlightening and a little less multiple-gigadeath-threatening than the last.


We will all be watching very closely. Stay safe, or at least as best you can.


It would appear that Mentor Raish is having a positive influence on CONCORD.

Consider that, post-Operation Spectre, CONCORD’s instructions have largely consisted of, “Don’t do that!” or, “You did that? Hand over the goods.” That a briefing is being offered at all is quite the step.

One would almost think that CONCORD blamed us for Spectre’s failure.


I see my invitation was lost in the mail. AGAIN.


OOoh so you are the one, i have wonderd why i keep getting invites to these strange things with your name on them.


We have gathered for the initial welcome and briefing. As one might expect, there are delays on account of the logistics, being there so many of us. I will update soon.


You can maybe take having missed the last one as a gift to your mental health, Ms. Teinyhr. People were going crazy all around from both sickness and fear, and resentment over the “immortality” of us guests came close to boiling over at times.

It was kind of understandable-- not that anyone was going to be allowed to copy out of there with a weaponized prion as possibly part of our brain chemistry, but, thanks to backups, at least someone would still be out there with our names and faces, and most of our memories. Even so, it’s a little hard having someone sneering to your face that at least you have nothing to worry about, when the reality is that you’re both probably going to die, horribly, together.

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Cryptic images of Sansha ships in close proximity to what looked like a structure or a ship surface. Some mention of immortal infantry noted, but nothing concrete. Will update as I hear more.


So … just watched the CONCORD announcement. “Triglavian Collective?” “Abyssal Deadspace?”

… I wonder what CONCORD’s reason is for considering them a threat-- or at least, enough of a threat to sic us on. Not to say that they’re wrong…


Finally, it seems that I may have some new work on the ground soon.

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Makes a change from telling us to keep out doesn’t it?


As was mentioned in CONCORD’s announcement, there is a new… ‘sector’ of space for us to explore… The Triglavian threat may indeed be human, as I initially inferred from the navigational lights on the structures seen in the videos… However, we cannot fully expect them to be at all sane or even remotely similar to ourselves - not after spending that long isolated from the rest of humanity. Whatever form these people may take, familiar or not, we know that they are not privy to Drifters. Moreover, we know the Drifters have found a way into these ‘abyssal deadspace pockets’…

I do not believe that we should temper our offensive campaign against the Drifters in light of this. No, I think we should be more aggressive. If the technologies mentioned by CONCORD that can be found in this ‘abyssal deadspace’ are even remotely accurate, than we CANNOT allow that technology to fall into the hands of the Drifters.

If that means fighting the Triglavian Collective, then so be it… It is just another pragmatic, utilitarian means to an end…


So…They’re human? Not genetically mutilated like the Jovian?

Well, I’d they’re not mutants and they got something against the Drifters. I might be interested in diplomacy.

Of course, I’m not afraid of some ultraviolence! They got warships, I’ll give them a war! If they won’t “share” that firepower they got then we’ll slay those that challenge us and help ourselves to the technological spoils.

Exciting times we live in, pilots.

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Well … if we look at the Drifters as scavenging basically all suitably-advanced tech they can find and actively trying to steal from the living whatever they can’t salvage from the dead, I guess that makes sense.

Although I’m not sure that means we should be attacking the Triglavians rather than helping them? It sounds like they and the Drifters are a little evenly matched, which means we’re actually the least-sophisticated entity involved. So maybe they wouldn’t want our help to begin with.


Ah yes, the standard capsuleer fare of “hey we found a new human civilization” “Ok now invent me a reason to call it the worst threat to new eden since sliced kyonoke so I can shoot at it for its technological lucky charms.” You and yours never fail to disappoint me in this.


Whereas you, Ms. Teinyhr, rarely disappoint when it comes to sloppy, moralistic, self-righteous, over-broad rhetoric that paints too many people in shades too dark to be reasonable or fair.

I don’t fully agree with Mr. Nomistrav, at least not yet. You’re making me want to, though.

Maybe it’s naive of me, but I do actually trust CONCORD a little-- not in terms of our own interests as capsuleers, but, those of its core powers. I want to know why they’re siccing us on the Triglavians, but, if they tell me they’re a threat, I’ll believe it’s for a good reason and that they’re not just sending us in to provoke a war.

… Even if they won’t tell us the details. In the end, I don’t necessarily need to know.

I do want to, but, it’s not necessary. Even if we’re never told, maybe ARC will puzzle it out.

You probably won’t.


Oh dear, I implied capsuleers are bloodthirsty mongrels who only care about their bottom line! WHAT A GRAVE INSULT. Punish me daddy!

I hope you heard the slap of my facepalm that echoed halfway through the galaxy.


Mainly I find it funny how CONCORDs usually biggest detractors suddenly are all for CONCORD when it tells capsuleers to go slap this unknown faction in the face.


With due respect, pilots, I think we’d expect no more from Teinyhr at this point. While counterpoint is indeed valuable, and at present we lack information, I don’t think we’re at a point where we can make a determination in either direction as to what exactly the story is on this ‘Triglavian Collective,’ or the space they reside in.

That these appear to be largely isolated colonies in pockets of hostile space is remarkable, but that speaks neither one way nor another on whether they are a threat or a potential ally.

In any case, I plan on continuing consultation with CONCORD and Society representatives over the next several days, and will relay such information as is possible.

Edit; insofar as CONCORD is concerned, I believe my opinion stands.