CONCORD struggling

Just watch that - cannot cope with the traffic, will have to limit communications in nullsec. Combine that to to capital forces of Blooders and Sansha in hisec, inability to warn about impending 1.0 planetary attacks, and the complete inability to respond to the Triglavian threat.

CONCORD’s dropped the ball. And the national responses are not much better.

Please discuss.


I’d very much like to see any statement on how they intent to move forward. Interesting turn of events nonetheless.

We’re all doomed. I suggest investing to the security infrastructure of wherever your loved ones are. Nothing says “I love you” like surface-to-space defence batteries.


Definitely considering pushing a hefty donation towards the Sundsele Circle of Chiefs for Security, myself.

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I suggest that CONCORD deprioritize the provisioning of services to Minmatar territory in order that insure that services in more important star systems remain intact.

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I’m honestly scared right now.


CONCORD has been a joke at best for some time now, so it’s not surprising that they crumble under a little pressure.

I wouldn’t blame the empires too much directly, though. They each invest a lot into CONCORD for services that I think they could do more efficiently themselves. I think that a scaling back of CONCORD could ease the burden on the empires and allow them to better protect their own territories.


This is indicative of a very serious problem with both CONCORD’S and the Big Four’s ability to provide security to their space and people. Make no mistake: the civilized culster is on its backfoot.

This is not a time for cynical commentary or derision towards those intitutions that keep everything and everyone we care about safe. We must rally and protect what is good in this galaxy, not let go or help tear it down. Fight, Empyreans. Our power is a responsibility, not a right or a tool for our own ends.


Nullsec blackout? Does it mean no goons in our channels?
I’ll say YEY.

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Is this really surprising though? Ever since the Triglavians started invading, most of the problem has been shoved off on us.

If it wasn’t obvious yet, let these occurrences of recent make it clear: Capsuleers are, and will likely continue to be, the backbone of New Eden, whether that means where’s the roots of its industry, the pioneers of its exploration, or the frontliners of its defense.

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I think that’s pretty arrogant. New Eden would probably be better off without us.


IMHO Capsuleer program should have never left Caldari Navy. Such disgrace as we often witness happening in current capsuleer “society” would never have happened if we all followed the Navy regulations.

They don’t.

And this is not going to do much more than get those of us living out in null to be even more militantly hostile toward the empires and the people living in them. Drifter attacks on structures have once again ground to a complete halt. There is no reason the SCC cannot be using this time to shore things up, or even GASP giving us the means to help them keep the fluid router systems stocked with QEHE4.

This is a lot of over-reaction over something that isn’t going to fundamentally change anything.


CONCORD is a butt.

At the moment, Trigs and Blooder caps are all over high sec space. And the Empire still insist on keeping capsuleer capitals out. Let us bring in the big guns and take care of this bravo sierra once and for all.

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Someone should simply form another authoritarian corp that supports the lowsec and nullsec systems like the CONCORD.

Or, you know, we could not, and nullsec could stop paying sov bills to CONCORD since they don’t do a damned thing out here for us.

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Creating a corp just for those sectors and that they will really matter about it could resolve the problem.

Why should we? Why not just, you know, not have that extra layer of needless bureaucracy?


QFT: capsuleers have experience keeping structures stocked with necessary fuels; the SCC could ask us for help. But we probably will have to struggle through a long dark, before the SCC ‘gets it’.

Another way would be to figure out new methods to push back against the invading forces that are putting so much pressure on services we have taken for granted.