Triglavian Collective speculation thread

Please try to focus on the ship designs,potential origins and capabilities without seeming ridiculous(no they can’t be aliens type of ridiculous).
First off the orb at the core of the ships is something we haven’t seen in any ship up to date also the same orb is shown in the leaked Concord video,by the fact that the video is highly pixelated and we can clearly see ‘something’ in the orbs background we could say it’s in fact a triglavian ship
Secondly the ships themselves have some elements that seem amarrian in design-color scheme,in fact of all 4 major empires the amarr have had the most confrontations with the drifters it’s either they learned more off that then the rest of the cluster knows which is highly unlikely or the drifters decided to adopt some amarr design into a new subfaction of their own.
The orb is described by Concord as a ‘star’ -could it be a new power source?perhaps a tiny artificial sun?
The oversized hardpoints on the cruiser and battleship mixed in with normal hardpoints definitely suggests they will have some incredible firepower.
The name Triglavian Collective could be a hint at the faction itself with triglav representing a unity of the gods of heaven earth and hell,if the new faction is related to wormhole space they may finally have a ‘voice’ the current drifters don’t seem to have a mind of their own acting alot more like drones than individuals.

UPDATE1: Footage recovered and compiled by [ARC] operatives from damaged drifter fleets show the triglavians and drifters fighting each other in what appears as a shattered system.

The pulsing red orb at the core of the triglavian ships seems to be a powerful weapon able to channel a constant red energy beam,the same beam type weapon effect also can be seen emanating from the free floating orb weapons mounted on the ship hull,however an interesting fact of note is that the triglavian ships only fire 1 beam per ship why this is the case remains to be seen.
Again as far as the footage goes the triglavians seem able to outmaneuver the drifters.

UPDATE2:A single badly damaged Triglavian cruiser is currently outside the DED planet 10 station badly damaged,the pilot is not responding to communication attempts neither is his ship to many various effects by capsuleers


I hope to god they aren’t fan fest prizes

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3 new ships, 3 new guns. Lux Xiphos cruiser floating weapon as a bonus. Frigate looks unfinished, WiP mayhaps, no orb yet.

Note how they are Amarr frigate/cruiser/battleship and all of them Energy weapons. I like energy weapons.

I’m afraid they might be part of some Easter event. I personally don’t like when lore stuff is bound to some RL holidays.


The color scheme and geometrical features of the ships are quite reminiscent of refineries to me. I too, am hyped for ships with refining bonuses.


So these are absolutely, certainly not going to be something that’re given out as fanfest gifts - they’ve already been given a story-importance through the “data” they were originally teased in last week, and seem to already have made some significant impact in the likely case that they’re behind the damaged Drifter ships we’ve been seeing.

The “Lux Xiphos” you also see in the files is in fact for the new Drifter Cruiser that’s also shown up - check it out:

The Triglavian Collective itself is a really interesting subject of speculation - I’m leaning toward them being either something CONCORD is responsible for, given the rumors of anti-drifter tech in development, or possibly even the Enheduanni (watchers of the Sleeper COnstruct, enemy of the Others) as the true faction we’re about to start seeing.

Something as distinct as what appears to be some sort of compressed star seems far out of the reach of empire tech - add that to the strange orb module that’s actually identical in part to the thing that comes out of Lancer drones, and whatever these things are becomes an even stranger mystery - one I’m super eager to uncover more of.

Myself, I’m really looking forward to whatever this year’s Fanfest Cinematic will be :wink:


There are also strings suggesting a “Gureaster” event called “The Hunt”, unrelated to these things - strings for Guristas NPCs are seen, as well as names for the Agency goals and a new type of combined damage and application module for missiles and drones - sounds fun :slight_smile:


Those two first ships in the image remind me of the Confessor (Amarr T3 destroyer)
Image link:
And with the energy wepaons hint, maybe the Amarr finally have found a way to strike back against the Drifters after nearly 3 years?




/me dies of happiness.


Well the Gurista logo is a bunny skull. It would be a criminal offense not to let the Guristas take the spotlight on easter.

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I’ve been moaning about this on reddit for the past two years! There’s a severe lack of Guristas events that don’t have the Valkyrie stealing the spotlight!

And also, Guristas SKINs. All of them!


But would a Guristas supporter like you shoot the Gureaster rats? :thinking:

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Shooting Guristas? Of course not! But there’s nothing stopping me from spending a few PLEX getting the SKINs in Jita!

Frankly, I haven’t done a single Agency site or event since they were implemented. Too much of a hassle really…


But Gurista ships rule supreme for it. Been using a Gila past few days for the gala sites & the thing just outright murders rats for just looking at it.

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Fixed that for you!

A shame hardly anybody ever wants to pursue a life of real piracy.


To get things back on track. Do we know anything more about these? Outside how they look.

Got to say, I like the floaty orb-thing weapon. Reminds me of the Event Horizon drive tbh.

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there’s some more info about them but nothing lorewise. apart from their aesthetic and the oversized weapon mount they have installed in the hull. the ships seem to have a siege mode (only the cruiser and the battleship animations have been shown) along with a warping animation.

no more content has been seeded on Singularity regarding the Triglavian ships apart from that.

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I hope that these ships will not be available for Capsuleers.
And it will be as in the past amputation tool for Lore.
Well, as always, some lovers of all “correct succession” could pouchatsvovat in the plot of the game, and on others who wanted to affect the plot in Safizon did not pay attention.
Since not only everyone is entitled to the influence of the plot.

I don’t know why, but they remind me of rogue drones in their design…
the orb thing in particular, remind me of the “eye” of the huges drone’s structures.

And given the regulars burst of activities of rogue drones in all of new eden, It’s not hard to make the connection…
I would also like to point that they also use EM/THermal damages.

But on the origin itself, there is a terrifying thought: could it be that some drifters ship got infected?

I have an other theory but I’ll keep it for myself until we have more information but I like it less than this one ^^"
(well, less for the cluster, more for my tinfoil hat :stuck_out_tongue: )


Interesting speculation. I would certanly be happy to see an artifical lifeform faction in the game.
Also I would be happy to see a “nonsense aliens” faction. I think CCP has the talent to implement such thing with elegant and smart moves.

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and I forgot to add that drones are known to harvest isogen-5 from years, and have connections to the drifter through the SOEs.