[ARC] Confirmation of new Triglavian construction platform


We’re currently receiving camera drone stills that indicate the existence of a new classification of Triglavian construction platform in Abyssal deadspace. More information as we receive it, or as we get better footage of the structure, or the objects under construction.

Bounties are currently available for usable footage or stills of the construction.


Maybe blow it up before they finish making whatever it is they are making?

We can’t blow up a mobile depot in 20 minutes. You want us to kill at Trig structure that fast?


I have faith in your abilitys.

What’s the scale of it? It looks disturbingly citadel-shaped.

The scale is best described as ‘quite large.’ However, the gantries appear to be arranged for serialized production of a new class of vessel. This footage should demonstrate that fairly well.

While none of the vessels appear to be complete, they may very well match the schematic distributed via semiosis console in June.

Considering, it is likely that this is a vessel. While we need to get better references, it seems safe to say that it is larger than a Leshak, which would make it a probably capital-displacement vessel.


If this is indeed the same vessel as seen in that footage months ago I have to ask; what has taken them so long? In comparison the much larger World Arks seemed to have been constructed rather fast! So given the time spent on these smaller ships, could there be something more potent and more complex, to them that just lots of guns? If they are putting us though provings could these be a final test?

I suppose it could be we have just stumbled upon an early construction site and completed vessels are waiting to strike but I think they are showing their progress on purpose… its just their style

I’d wager these shipyards we’re seeing are part of the actual design phase and first constructions of novel ship types; the Workd Ark classification “Xordazh” gold consent came far into the progression of its shipyard sites.

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The World Arks were also a repurposing of an older ship class, no? Much quicker to refit than build from the ground up.

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Yes indeed - the “Kitezh” class (likely more of a defensive usage) was repurposed into the far more aggressively purposed Xordazh. I’m wondering what their plans are with this ship, and what else they might be incorporating into it as they specialize toward whatever tasks the collective is aiming to complete.

It was a reactivation/militarization of an old design, but it most certainly looked like the hulls were being built from scratch.

Still, there’s something to be said for familiarity with an existing design, even if repurposed.


I’m more inclined, having a bit of familiarity with how our own supercapital yards organize, to think that what we saw with the Xordazh was the hulls being reassembled after the individual subsections were overhauled, refurbished, and refitted for their new purpose in separate facilities. No point doing the work on each small section in the main spacedock: take them someplace with the specialized fiddly bits you need to do the work on those specific sections, so you don’t get in your own way when you need to work on weapons 50-100m away from propulsion, and each array of tools takes up 75m of that.


I’m not convinced they use shipyards in the sense we do. We still hven’t seen any Triglavian structures apart from the pylons and conduits, things that are essentially portable, or ships. I can imagine them building a conduit gate in exactly this fashion. They come across more and more as a race well adapted to living and working in space.

Except, you know, for that whole spacedock scaffolding that we watched them build the World Arks in.

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They do seem somewhat… Thukker-like in their nomadic tendencies, however. I wouldn’t be surprised if those shipyards were unanchorable.

Whilst I am… nomadic myself currently due to… reasons, I will endeavour to keep an eye out for further details.

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Based on what? Just because we haven’t been able to find/enter the places they actually live in? You don’t build—and crew—tens of thousands of ships without a pretty considerable population. Even the World Arks had to be brought back out of mothballs and refurbished.

Well it seems to be the case that the Xords were being built from the ground-up as new constructions, rather than being retrofittings - it can be assumed that the Kitezh-class schemas served as a base. The first stage of Xordazh constructions barely had the center hull put together, and had only a part of the portside “wing” built out at all.

Which is only more indication of a non-nomadic underlying social structure. A nomadic group would have already had conduit-ships ready.

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I’ve seen planets in Abyssal deadspace the few times I ran conduits, maybe they’re actually habitable and the arenas we’re sent to are somehow responsible for generating the hostile environment outside their borders?

Who knows? I try to stick to things we actually have evidence for or against, myself.