[WHPRL] Triglavians Sighted Building numerous Zirnitra Dreadnoughts in Abyssal Deadspace

Hello, Capsuleers.

A quick report:

On the 10th of February, YC123, my corp mates, flying in a frigate fleet, encountered a large ship construction yard, in a Tier 5 Abyssal Deadspace pocket.

Disturbing as it is, it seems the Triglavians are in the process of building numerous Zirnitra Dreadnoughts. This particular yard has 9 or so.

Here are some camera drone stills:


On the 25th of February, YC123, a second such construction site was discovered by my corp fellows.

This time more disturbing, they counted a total of 27 Zirnitras, in various stages of construction.
Here are some images:

More to this. We found data vaults.

DIsplaying the contents:

DAV Semiosis Vault:

HFN Semiosis Vault:

I hope we can gather and analyse these findings, also - prepare ourselves to defend.

Sorry for posting this not in immediate fashion, we were busy with numerous tasks, also, recovering the data was not readily easy.


Did those shipyards go away at some point, that them turning back up is cause for alarm?


As far as I know previous shipyards that were seen, were building the Triglavian motherships.

The streams seem to be old recordings, first reported by ARC two years ago (ref). Cursory pass did not suggest alterations but I did not read all of them.



Greetings pilot.

It is a pleasure when my eyes see commitment and interest in the unknown parts of our universe. Thank you for the report.

That being said, there are certain groups and individuals that are also interested in the events mentioned (and others), and perhaps further bibliographical research or even direct contact with the aforementioned parties may reduce redundancy, and improve the efforts with colaboration and synergy.

Keep up the curiosity and eagerness ot share your findings

Best Regards

Edit: While the report @Elsebeth_Rhiannon mentioned does include the DAV and HFN 1-3 , the current report also brings 4-6 to the table, that are in another topic.


The first three datastreams are identical to those reported by ARC. However, there are also three new datastreams in each screenshot


Thanks for the information and corrections and encouragements.

I also had some doubts, thinking that this might not be something new, but we ultimately decided to share our findings.

I have been observing the good works of the most prominent exploring groups, such as ARC, Signal Cartel and Phoenix Naval Systems, to name a few. In the cascade of events throughout the last two years, I had a hard time catching up, so I might have missed something here and there.

So yes, we are willing to cooperate with prominent scientists, explorers and other curious groups, in order to keep the information in check.

I hope it is a safe bet to ask @Uriel_Paradisi_Anteovnuecci for some assistance on the matter. What do you think sir? Is this new Triglavian observance, or is it known? I admit I haven’t had the time to review the data streams.

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Seeing as you’ve used ARC material, it might be best to speak to someone higher up than Uriel, as respected as he may be, should you wish to engage in collaboration.

Lasairiona Raske
Head Diplomat for Arataka Research Consortium

Thanks, Mrs Raske. A form of collaboration has already started in the ARC comms router ((Discord)), although somehow slow, due to everyone being just too busy and maybe in need of a bit of rest.

I will send messages to Ms Haritimado regarding these findings, when I have the time.

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This Zirnitra construction tower has indeed been observed in the past - a short time before the second “phase” of the Invasion campaign, these were sighted in the lead-up to the first appearance of the Zirnitra dreadnought in the field.

That said, I haven’t seen anyone talk about them in a very long time.

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Alright, thanks.

And about the data streams, it seems that there are more of them found by White Pearl team, but it looks like the interface screenshots are not handy enough to display the info. At least they need to be downloaded in order to examine the texts.

But I will reach to my teammates and ask them to provide links to the other texts, so I can post them here. My team is a little spread over different time-frames, so sometimes communications are a little delayed.

Here are the DAV4 - DAV6 transcipts:



Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle invokes now-time imperative on Detached Executive Troika for Sublimation of Poshlost Flow to winnow through semiosis all discourses operating as elements in relation to deviant automata and corruption of vila autopoiesis. Convocation consent-lock on the noema of poshlost against the noema of sobornost with deviant automata is in decay-flow unfolding mortification on advancing-time cladeflow across (indecipherable) branches.

Detached Executive Troika has now-time imperative mandate to achieve metaxy by circulation of contradictory discourses through semiosis and force relations proving. Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle has evoked consent-resolve of Paramount Strategic Troikas of Perun, Veles and Svarog for this mandate.

– Partial translation of Triglavian Trinary Datastream DAV4



Detached Executive Troika for Sublimation of Poshlost Flow dialectical semiosis flow (indecipherable) follows:

Deviant automata «encountered manifestations exhibit range of autonomy profiles» (indecipherable) reverse-time discourse-element (indecipherable) «organizing principles place highly against archive pattern analysis indicating upper ranges of autonomy for distributed artificial entities» (indecipherable) threat of corruption of vila autopoiesis.

Now-time discourse-element (indecipherable) «requests for comprehensive threat profile modelling are impinging on control norms for testing and analysis» (indecipherable) the consent-lock has invoked now-time imperative to establish noema with (indecipherable) metaxy. «Isolated testing and analysis will be carried out by» (indecipherable) «control measures will be used in recovery» (indecipherable) detached Navka have imperative to return to the domain of Bujan and offer procession to the Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle.

Advancing-time discourse-element (indecipherable) «difficulty of meshing foundational culture motivations with distributed artificial entities» (indecipherable) «despite countervailing measures from higher functions of entities the success of reconnaissance pulses and surveillance scatter indicates continued work to evolve relationship» (indecipherable).

– Partial translation of Triglavian Trinary Datastream DAV5



Detached Executive Troika for Sublimation of Poshlost Flow dialectical semiosis flow (indecipherable) follows:

Deviant automata «classification and testing has confirmed wide range of autonomy and sentience profiles» reverse-time discourse-element (indecipherable) «within upper bound of sentience profiles the distributed artificial entities represent» ancient time noema «opportunity/threat paradox at the civilization level» (indecipherable) consent-lock decay.

Now-time discourse-element (indecipherable) «resolution of threat profiles and modelling of opportunity branches is complete within acceptable variance» (indecipherable) detached Navka have returned and procession of their offering to the Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle has been grounded in metaxy (indecipherable) «the procedures for co-operation are being refined» (indecipherable) consent-lock has been broken.

Advancing-time discourse-element (indecipherable) «in deference to the concerns raised by Koschoi the procedures for co-operation will require the authority of the detached Navka to be acknowledged according to moral norms applicable to sentients» (indecipherable) extirpation imperative is extended beyond poshlost undoubted to vermin and corruptive threats to vila autopoiesis.

– Partial translation of Triglavian Trinary Datastream DAV6

And the HFN4 - HFN6



Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle received prayer of the Detached Executive Troika for Sublimation of Poshlost Flow for evolution of the procession flow winnowing discourses operating as elements in relation to hivelinked foreign narodnya. Convocation denied relief of prayer from Detached Executive Troika for expanded mandate in sobornost concerning corruption of hivelinking and corrupted narodnya. Convocation invoked special mandate for advancing-time evoked operational troika.

Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle by imperative evokes Special Operational Troika for Extirpation of Corrupted Narodnya from Dazhbog Subclade of Svarog Clade. Special Operational Troika shall have mandate in sobornost for advancing-time grave communion with Clades Assembled and Subclades Militant to realize the accepted noema of extirpation of corrupted narodnya and hivelinking within the flow of Vyraj, the domain of Bujan and the ancient domains.

– Partial translation of Triglavian Trinary Datastream HFN4



Special Operational Troika for Extirpation of Corrupted Narodnya dialectical semiosis flow (indecipherable) follows:

Hivelinked foreign narodnya «encountered augmented human entities in non-singleton formats have met diagnostic thresholds in multi-variate dimensions triggering countervailing imperatives» reverse-time discourse-element (indecipherable) «conduit loop constructs and exclaves outside the proving have penetrated by entities corrupted by hivelinking» (indecipherable) imperative mandate invoked by Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle.

Now-time discourse-element (indecipherable) «archived comparison profile !query++encode|Jovian-Triglavian satellite polity ident:JTNBZx12t7 cat:hybrid subcat:hivemind iter.1.2.?|recode++process!» (indecipherable) «resolution of case:JTNBZx12t7-EKO-3 recorded as total extirpation of polity with program of integrity checking and immolation for contacts» (indecipherable) the Koschoi have evoked profound consideration of this noema for advancing-time flow outcomes.

Advancing-time discourse-element (indecipherable) «effective action for elimination of hivemind corruption should not be hindered by imperative for further sampling» (indecipherable) Special Operational Troika has mandate for extirpation of corruption of hivelinking where manifested (indecipherable) «not limited to physical presence of hivelinking augmentations and shall include informational biocoding, memetic corruption and perverse ideologies» (indecipherable) extirpation of poshlost undoubted.

– Partial translation of Triglavian Trinary Datastream HFN5



Special Operational Troika for Extirpation of Corrupted Narodnya dialectical semiosis flow (indecipherable) follows:

Hivelinked foreign narodnya «encountered augmented human entities in non-singleton formats have coercive, transactional and ideological relationships with augmented foreign narodnya in singleton formats» reverse-time discourse-element (indecipherable) «highly perverse ideological mappings have been described after analysis of augmented foreign narodnya memetic transactions» (indecipherable) the Koschoi of the Paramount Strategic Troika of Clade Svarog has submitted a prayer for relief to Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle.

Now-time discourse-element (indecipherable) «preparation of Special Operational Troika capabilities ongoing in parallel to requirements of Detached Executive Troika for Sublimation of Poshlost Flow» (indecipherable) «material and energy priority for Zorya Triglav is established» (indecipherable) under expanded mandate in sobornost of Detached Executive Troika.

Advancing-time discourse-element (indecipherable) «responses to widespread and deep hivelinking corruption by augmentation, biocoding, memetic and ideological vectors must be uncompromising» (indecipherable) Special Operation Troika will realize accepted noema (indecipherable) «task of Kresnik Svarog is to purge corruption, achieve integrity and insist on immolation of the perverse» (indecipherable) no glorification nor yet mortification, only extirpation of the poshlost undoubted.

– Partial translation of Triglavian Trinary Datastream HFN6

If this info isn’t new, it would at least help us keep the shared info in check.

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Okay, according to this article, looks like the info isn’t new.

Sorry for the false alarm.

Have a good day, capsuleers.

Respected Pilot Veskin Sentinel

Your inquiry into the depth of the abyssal space is highly appreciated. Thank you for your initiative. Pushing through to new insights and revelations is certainly the greatest challenge - keeping track of what is already known follows shortly after. Elsebeth Rhiannon and you yourself already provided some references. I can only add the first issue of the Triglavian Primer. The data streams are referenced on page nine.

However, this should not lessen the importance of the matter at hand. I agree with respected Uriel: who is still talking about the tier 5 abyssal depths, the construction sites and related data streams? We again, apparently, thanks to your thorough update.

I’ll get in touch with you via ARC comms router for a related matter.


Haria Haritimado


This is Section 7 EDENCOM.

Your Efforts is recognized. We will release a video with your Footage soon.

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Dude, you never need to apologize for doing your level best as you try to keep people informed on new developments. I went back to dig through older material, and the dread shipyards ARC reported originally were single-layer facilities, building only 3 dreads at a time.

As for the datastreams, the info may not be new, but there’s no telling whether or not new eyes might not spot something that’s been missed in them.


The fact a question remained open for some amount of time about whether this activity had been seen before does demonstrate a need existed to re-examine existing information.


You are right, pilots.

Understandable as it is, seems that in the sea of intel, gathered throughout all this time that has passed during the Triglavians appearance and later invasion, some things can be overlooked. Glad about the ones of you that are able to sort out the info.

We appreciate the recognition. I hope the video can gather more scientists, defenders and explorers, to be able to help all of us prepare for what might be coming.

So it seems like this definitely is an increase in Dreadnought production on the Triglavians side. Glad it has been figured out.


Or a consolidation of production facilities. That’s the fun thing about space infrastructure: They may tell you it doesn’t move, but it does. You just need to figure out how much power, and how you need to apply it.

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Ah, makes sense. Especially since many capsuleer groups clear out the Flashpoints and destroy the Zirnitras there. Could be both actually. Production push and consolidation for better performance and security.

Gonna take the time to read up on the Triglavians Primer, provided by ARC. Need to know the invaders, so that we can find better ways to deal with them.

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