Dev blog: Triglavian Technology - Ships & Weapons

Check out this dev blog for more information on Triglavian ships that are coming with EVE Online: Into The Abyss next week, plus a little more on their weapons system - Entropic Disintegrators.

For more information on what’s coming with EVE Online: Into The Abyss, check out EVE Updates!


Looking even further down the line, we intend to flesh out the Precursor skillset with more ships and weapons that push the boundaries in EVE combat. We hope Triglavians set the stage for what’s possible going forward and we hope you enjoy these powerful new options in the capsuleer arsenal.

Yay :parrot:




Seems niche hulls. 2 min to full dps on cruiser?

The damage spool-up probably won’t lend itself well to PvE. Not when you can typically destroy even the toughest NPC battleships in under 30 seconds.

Same with pvp, just ecm them. There goes spool dps…


Im basically imagining what other colors we can come up with here, can we make multi color beams that interlace in and out and like swirl around one another, making multi beams into one larger one as you zoom out?> would be interesting to hear how the code would work for that graphic effect. i love lasers… hehe

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I want to fly this ship


@Jeremiah_Saken Yes, ECM, tracking disruption and sensor dampening will be effective anti-Triglavian tools. This will have to be offset by remote sensor and tracking. I think these will end up being more tools for your average fleet arsenal than solo play, but who knows.

@Imustbecomfused We all want to fly that ship. So bad.


I welcome our new triglavian overlords with open arms and loaded guns.


Someday :broken_heart:

I’m actually making a new, more concise makethrough of that plan, along with a frigate and cruiser - gonna post that sometime soon~

And I really like the “precursor” branch idea for coming up with shiplines, it’ll be a fantastic springboard for some really interesting possibilities for factional ships in the future - definitely something to keep an eye on :wink:


Well the 3 we got now are basically t1 tho not even faction right?

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You wanted to say: Even more unfinished, left to decay or not properly fleshed-out projects because you can’t get your act together and finish what you announce.

Figured. :wink:

With regards to the range control: With that many mid slots fitting scrams and webs, as well as the number of open high slots for neuts, range control is no issue at all with these ships. It’s more like who brings the TD and how many TDs, or who can reship to a TD ship quicker. Speaking about TDs, these ships are also mostly useless in PVE against Blood Raiders and Sansha.

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indeed. this whole Precursor thing could be the answer for adding the good ol’ Jovian ships into the game. of course, not on the same technological level as their supposed users but perhaps watered down to something that could be usable by capsuleers. much like how we now have access to Concord ships (which are also watered down versions of the real hulls used by the NPCs).

in fact, it could be also a medium to perhaps, bring the Talocan ships as an actual line of ships. not just containers for T3 blueprints and salvage.

Precursor lvl skills could be used to tap into those ancient empires which arent well known outside of their components into T3 ship production. Tahkmal, Jan Jung, heck, even the Sleepers could have left ships to play with we just havent found them in the lore or they havent been conceptualized. T3 are just the end result of reverse engineering those technologies but the are related to the empires, not Precursor ships at all.

so there’s still place for those.


Don’t worry then about getting any,other players will find good uses for them


The time it takes to reach full charge will vary, but you can expect a time around 80 seconds for the Frigate, 120 seconds for the Cruiser, and 140 seconds for the Battleship thanks to its rate of fire bonus.

A literal manifestation of “power creep.”


What’s the point of introducing the Jove ships in a watered down state? They will be just like any other ship in order to not be completely overpowered … contrary to what they are actually are in the lore of the cluster. Introducing watered down Jove ships would not add anything worthwhile or enjoyable to EVE because it would destroy the legacy of the Jove just so that some people have a fancy looking toy. This is not acceptable.

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I mean, the Directorate was considered “super advanced” back during the battle of Vak’Atioth, but Theodicy makes it pretty clear that their advantage came almost entirely from information. They seem like their ships had(?) great mobility, and they can navigate by generating wormholes, but their combat prowess has always been pretty drastically overestimated due to them gaining advantages in other ways


I’d love to see some ships geared towards solo play. Not able to fleet, rep or receive reps or command bursts.


I will check the dev blog now.