Dev blog: Triglavian Technology - Ships & Weapons


(Dark Engraver) #21

This is true if you read it sounds more like the jove fleet had a bunch of nano frigs and cruisers distracting the amarr while using what I would describe more like old tracking titans except it was a mothership to pop their ships.
Also if not mistaken the amarr drew first blood blowing up a stationary frigate at the fight start?so jove ships couldn’t be THAT tanky

(Ralph King-Griffin) #22

id be considerably more concerned about about damps, no rng.

(Dyver Phycad) #23

In person maybe but their ships supposedly possess outstanding combat capabilities. Or possessed, I should probably say, now that everything they used to have is in nano-decay and going to vanish completely.

(LordOdysseus) #24

More skills to train. Hooray! :smiley:

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #25

Who’s to say? The only combat between Directorate ships and Capsuleer vessels was back during the Admiral Ouria incident, and he didn’t exactly come out on top~

During Vak’Atioth things seemed to be far less even, but you’ve gotta remember that the Jove had capsules while the Amarr were essentially what we fight as NPCs - definitely not an even fight, if you’ve ever ratted or done missions to compare that split to :stuck_out_tongue:

(Arthur Aihaken) #26

I’d only be interested in the Jove if we could get an updated version of that cool-looking UFO.


(Dyver Phycad) #27

Agreed. Though, with the new AI this paradigm isn’t really applicable any longer. Now the NPC seem to be way more powerful than capsuleers.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #28

Fair - my only point here is that Directorate =/= OP by any means, it’d be perfectly reasonable to see them introduced under the precursor (or jove skill) umbrella eventually, alongside the Trig ships & whatever else may come :slight_smile:

(Arthur Aihaken) #29

Drifter/Jove Faction ships would be slick. Too bad we’d probably get the nerfed versions.

(Dyver Phycad) #30

Don’t reinforce CCP’s notions. It’s already bad enough as it is with the additional things you have to buy with more money in addition to your subscription.

(Arthur Aihaken) #31

Drifter or Jove Battleship for $100? Yeah, I’d bite. A lot of you would, too.

(Aldrith Shutaq) #32

Holy crap, getaload of the saltstorm this guy is stirring.

(Fluffy Moe) #33

I flew around in them on Sisi a bit, and yea, that spool up time is not a good mechanic, but I see some potential here.

As stated above, potential is in fleets, for example have 10+ BSes MJD right into mid of opponent fleet and unload full smartbomb barrage while repping each other. Fits would of course need to be played with etc, that turret becomes just supplimental not main damage to finish off or tip hard tanked targets to break their tank.

I also kinda see them doing OK against caps and structures. Not great, but OK. They may become an alternative for people that can’t fly caps themselves.

(Arthur Aihaken) #34

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if we get anything geared towards solo play.

(Yiole Gionglao) #35

So their main weapon is useless for PvE? :woman_shrugging:

Good that my money is not paying this.

(Arthur Aihaken) #36

I wouldn’t say useless. But there are definitely current tools better for the job. It will not fare well against Guristas since one ECM and it resets the damage back to base. Tracking disruptors and sensor dampeners will have a similar effect.

(zluq zabaa) #37

I’m pretty sure the Vedmak will be a mean opponent in a 1v1. In order to break the damage spool up, you need to forgo something else. Damps cost you a midslot, ECM either midslot or drone damage. Damps can also be countered by being closer or using a different type of Ammo. ECM, yeah, but you already have this against every other ship.

There are many more things to say and try out, but I’m sure it will be great fun for solo pilots.

The Vedmak has the ability for some range control. 4 Midslots on an armor tanking Cruiser are not so bad.

The Damavik will be an absolute beast in 1v1 frigate fights and maybe more.

Now the Leshak, good that it has only 4 midslots or this would be absolutely insane. 4 utility Highs and 8 freaking lowslots. CCP listened to us and there is even a good amount of PG left after fitting the T2 gun. <3

(HiddenPorpoise) #38

The vedmak is anemic, that combined with its odd mass/agility ratio means it is a much better shield kite than it is as the intended armor brawler.

(Arthur Aihaken) #39

All the Triglavian ships are anemic. Which sucks, because I was looking forward to flying them. Maybe we’ll call these version 1.0 and train into them in anticipation of the next release.

(Muon Farstrider) #40

I’d like to ask if there are any plans to add in rigs for the new precursor weapons. The ability to trade off weapon enhancement between mid/low slots and rig slots is an important component of the fitting metagame, and it’s an aspect that is currently missing here. This makes coming up with fits for these ships a notably less engaging puzzle than usual, particularly as they also have only one weapon system type to choose from. It’d definitely be nice to have those fitting levers to play with.