New Triglavian Mining Ships and Triglavian Drones

Hello, I was thinking that it would be really great if we would get triglavian mining ships which would have also disintegrators but some mining version. The beam would slowly mine better each cycle and there would be some small bar on the screen with some nice animation of the laser and around the laser would be ± 20 triglavian symbols and the symbols would have to be pressed while they would shine, if not then the desintegrator would get heat damage each time. As the beam gets hot and mines a lot of m3 the symbols have to be pressed much faster to cool down the exact part of the mining disintegrator, so this would promote non afk mining and as a bonus miners would get much better yield. Miners could choose between twp modes of the disintegrator. First would be as I wrote above and the second one would be very close to standart mining laser with little bonus to the mining yield but without pressing any buttons to cool down the parts of the laser represented by the symbols. These ships could have special modules to equip like better cooling devices for the laser.

I was also thinking that it would be nice if we would get Triglavian drones which would have small disintegrators. There could be also small medium and large variants. The advantage would obviously be better dmg over time, but opponent would have to think about taking care of the drones first. The disadvantage would be that they would be bigger and they would need more m3 in the drone bay and I would like to suggest that all trig vessels would not need anything else to operate them but if any other vessel would like to take these drones they would have to fit special triglavian augmentor in high slot in order to control them when they have non trig. design ship.

English is not my primary language so please excuse any possible mistakes which I could do.

I think that my ideas would be very good and players would love them if they would be properly balanced. I asked around 3 dozens of people and everyone liked these ideas so far. Devs please let me know what do you think about it.

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Trig combat drones I can get behind.
(Though wouldn’t they just be rogue drones?)

No empire has it’s own mining vessels though. We’re good with the ORE ones. I don’t think we need more mining ships to compete with the barges and exhumers.

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If even the variant of this idea where you don’t have to constantly provide input to the mining laser still leads to more yield over time than a current mining laser…why would i ever use a normal mining laser again?


It would get more and more difficult to keep up over time so you would have to stop and restart the entire mining laser or it would get very difficult to handle. This would promote the non afk mining i see on moon mining each day every day everywhere

It would bring something new for the miners and they could decide - be 100% focused on better mining yield or chill have a coffe and watch how my orca drones are mining. I believe that devs would balance it somehow

I mean the second mining laser as described here.

It wouldn’t promote non-afk mining. It just wouldn’t get used.

It’s impractical to watch local, d-scan, manage your targets and mining cycles and play a never-ending mini game all that the same time. AFK miners will continue to AFK mine with the modules they are already using. Non-AFK miners won’t use them because they add a massive ganking risk.

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It would be second mode which would mine much slower for dozens of cycles then regular mining barges and exhumers and then it would be slightly better but with correct counting it would be for example 3% better if you would mine netire cargo but soem asteroids are not big enough so it would be pointless if you would mine small rocks.

There’s not a rock in eve that will survive dozens of cycles against a boosted Exhumer.

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It would not replace mining ships as we know them its just alternative which would be better in some ways and in some ways obviously not. Just mroe options and thats always good bro

Right but 3% better for no extra effort is still 3% better right?

Ummm they get as big as 400k m3 in moon belts.

How would it “get more and more difficult”?

The symbols would flash more and more often … and after longer time period there might be even two or more at the same time

Dude sorry I dont use math devs would ballance it somehow, I dont know exact numbers it was just for example

I don’t follow. What flashing symobls? How does this encourage people not to AFK?

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I get that. But i think the concept for the second miner is flawed.

Either the mining lasers we have now are better in every way. Or the one’s you propose will be better.

One of them will be obsolete.

You can’t just dismiss someone’s confusion by telling them to read the thing again when the thing they read was the cause of the confusion in the first place.

If you would use the mode of the desintegrator which would get better and better mining yield each cycle it would slowly heat up and you would have to click on flashing symbols on the new bar in order to cool down the part of the miner which is about to overheat and the desintergator would take heat damage if you would not press the symbol.

So you’re basically saying:
“I want CCP to make a mini-game like DDR where I click on certain symbols that appear to keep mining.”

Is that right?

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Only for this mining mode - It would really promote non afk mining and this might be sometimes beneficial and sometimes not. Sorry I dont know whats DDR.