Triglavian Miner

Combine Mining Lasers with Entropic Disintergrators for Triglavian tech.

the idea is that a triglavian miner can use the compounding effect from entropic disintergrators when mining space rocks.

I was also thinking if this combination was done it would allow players using this tech to switch their lasers between rocks and ships, this way mining lasers become a defensive weapon and damage compounds to a set limit, just like the entropic disintergrators. (damage amount should be low)

when you combine this with the new crystals in the game, the idea of having a spoilage fleet becomes quite interesting.

the idea is that a handful of trig miners could stand up to one or two pilots, random gankers and such, but if you bring in a small gang / whole fleet then you’ll encounter problems.

I admit i’m not entirely sure how to scale the mining amounts vs the normal miners in game.

however I would imagine one aspect of balance would be empire miners can use drones while trig stuff wouldn’t be allowed to use them.

thoughts anyone?

Why is this needed? For what purpose?

All Triglavian ships only have one weapon, so you would only have one mining laser. Meaning you can only mine a single asteroid at a time. Then, you would have to stop mining in order to fight off any NPC belts rats or players that show up. And Triglavian ships are expensive. Sounds like an expensive, inefficient way to mine. Not to mention no one would hardly use them because they would be gank magnets…

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I kind of like the Triglavian miner, but my proposal to that is once a mining cycle is complete, you will acquire more minerals per cycle, just like with the entropic disintegrator damage increase per fire cycle.

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