Triglavian mining/utility ship

Ccplease add one of the existing Triglavian npc indie ships as a dedicated mining.

-Mining turret with limited range (im thinking 2/3 of the similar meta level module) , but like the turrets and remote repair module of Triglavian ship, it starts below others in m3 yield and increases to 150% , due to its limited range in nature it could have added an automatic compression of ore as it harvests the other.

Mining turrets are specific to this ship and cannot be mounted on any other ship. And one turret can be mounted, so players would need to select correct one for their needs.

Ship itself like a Triglavian ships would be armour tank focused so would gain no tanking benefits of ORE mining fleets. Remember Triglavian ships have major loose of shield hp compared to their counterparts.
This is lore based as Triglavian ships gain no radiation resistance from shields, but do from armour. So it’s only natural for their mining ship to have armour over ships for mining in abyssal space and T-Space.

The ship has the standard Triglavian ship role bonuses and thus utility highslots for remote rep and other modules.
The ship level skills would relate to 2 mining bonuses

So without the large shield hp pool the ORE mining ships have and lower passive hp regen, a Triglavian miner would require more work to maintain, a solo miner might put local reps on, but a fleet would take advantage of the Triglavian remote rep bonuses, and use those lower slots for tank and mining bonuses, midslots would be low, so limit what could be mounted.

I think the following would work;

2 highslots *(1 mining and 1 utility )*
1 midslots *(utility/drone/prop)*
4 lowslot *(tank/mining/drone)*
3 rig
1000hp shield 
4000hp armour
Mining Barge bonuses *(per skill level):*
2.5% bonus to ship armour resistance 
2% bonus to Strip Miner Yield
2% reduction in Ice Harvester Duration
2% reduction in Gas Harvester Duration
5% bonus to metamining module range
Role Bonus:
100% bonus to Remote Armor Repairer range
50% bonus to Energy Neutralizer capacitor need
50% bonus to Remote Armor Repairer capacitor need
50% bonus to Smart Bomb capacitor need

T1 Metamining module, would work like the turrets and meta-remote-repair module.

Maximum Yield bonuses 150%
Yield bonus per cycle: 7.5%
Cycle time:  45sec
Base Yield: 7m3/sec *(maximum of 17.5m3/sec at full spin-up without an skill or module bonuses. This would take 15 minutes to get without bonuses)*
Range: 7km

As can be seen a T1 version would take a while to get to full Yield and have to extremely close to what it’s mining. So it’ll have a huge bonus to Yield, but will need to be on grid and have to have close monitoring of ore hold as if it fills like other mining lasers it’ll turn off and but have to start right at the low Yield again.

Do you also plan on an exhumer at a later time?

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I just wonder, where. Expect moon mining, you gonna find rocks big enough to take any advantage of spool up time? Remote reps bonus is not even close to being worth trade of for much lower effective yield.

Why strip miner bonus and not “new” miner? Does “metaminer” is considered as strip miner?

Ice and gas bonus with only (I expect) one turret slot? No one gonna use this for ice or gas unless there is also whole new line of gas harvesters and ice harvesters.

I know that all trig ships have smart bomb bonus. But it feels extremely out of place on non combat ship.

Range of “metaminer” is quite low. Didn’t do the math but with full bonus, probably still will be below strip miners. Especially covetor and hulk. Pair that with maintaining logi range, broken asteroid belts or fleet hangar deposit range and you end up needing to strip mine whole belt. Which negates whole benefit of using spool up on big rocks only.

Yield (with full bonus) is absurdly low. Lower than mining barge. There is no single reason to use this over ORE barge. This isn’t how trig spool up is designed.

I get feeling that idea is nothing more than bonuses from mining barge and trig ship copy pasted together without giving it much thought. Also it looks like OP don’t even have much mining experience. There is no single advantage over other mining vessels that would encourage using it. Other than different gameplay. Actually it’s massively underperforming compared to most of other options. It lacks many details. Like fitting numbers, ore hold capacity etc. So it can go sideways even more.

My proposition to salvage this idea would be to make cycle time very fast and make spool up bonus carry on if miner is reactivated in few second time frame. Which should incentivize more active gameplay. But I didn’t thought about that one more than 5 seconds…

Yip ideally once the T1 is sorted, then we have a base to work from

Remember this a T1 version. T2 and Veles versions would have a 2.5% and 5% boost to base states on the mining module.

The T2 version of the ship would be a more fine tuned and advanced version of the T1.

I wouldn’t expect the T1 version to be amazing. But with zero wastage the T-Space rocks would take advantage of the spin-up. A T2 with 33% or crystals effects, but that a question of do the trig use crystals or just proton elements only available for Spod, Merc and Abyssal ore?
Basically limit to 3 types, with specific use in T-Space and fields with complex ore and mercoxit ore.

The veles version would be lower fitting, better range and equal yield to an T2 with type-b t1 crystal/proton element (without wastage) similar to the ORE version of the lasers and strip miners.

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I am very highly in favor of this.

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