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Obvious alt toon here. I want to share what I’ve been up to lately, so a bit of background and explanation of current circumstances first.
Since the beginning of the year, I expanded from running a single high sec industry corporation to running a high sec corp, a low sec corp, and co-running a low sec alliance with others. Low sec is where I started to pvp back in 09. I then spent almost a decade in null and went from line member to FC, to CEO, to Alliance Exec before leaving it behind forever after getting fed up with the politics. My corporation and allies all operate in the US Tz.

We run moon mining ops in low sec 2-3 times a week using procs and orcas. The alliance also operates in coalition space under the flag of a prominent low sec entity who originally bankrolled us. One to two ops a week are the allied moons that we suck up, contract over and they pay percentages that go out to the pilots individually based on the amount mined. We pay boosters, haulers and overwatch toons based on time. When we first started, ship losses were the norm. Eventually we developed a better method for it and have reduced losses drastically.

It’s not the glamour of sitting in a rorq mining null sec anoms all day, but we find it to be interesting content. The danger of mining in low with a fleet adds a layer of complexity to the operation. We’ve had bombers, black ops, strat fleets, carriers, dreads, and battle rorqs dropped on us. We also run invasion content in between. This is where my idea comes in. We need a Triglavian mining barge.

  • 2 high slots - ideal for 1 triglavian mining disintegrator (new), and 1 remote armor rep
    • no gun or launcher slots
  • 2 mid slots - ideal for prop mod or cap battery or point or utility
    • needs to at least be cap stable with repper and mining laser running with cap battery
    • should not have enough powergrid for MWD and/or active reps
  • 3 low slots - ideal for dcu, armor plate, and resistance module


  • - powergrid cost for medium remote reps
  • + bonus to hp restored with medium remote reps
  • - capacitor need for medium remote reps
  • other standard triglaive bonuses?

The vision is to have a mining barge with a very short range mining laser and remote rep. It has no offensive capability at all, and the range on remote reps would be around 5km, mining disintegrator 20km. Using this other idea thread as a launching point (Triglavian mining tech?), the new mining disintegrator would start with an m3/s equal to a proc, but ramp up to a covetor after multiple cycles. Mining cycle times would be similar to ore barges. The remote rep, allows the fleet to effectively tank incoming damage with remote reps as opposed to buffer fit on procs. This type of tank would also allow people to form invasion mining fleets and stay together for reps to effectively mine out the ore in invasion systems. It’s gimped enough to not be prone to abuse due to range restriction, and still needs escorts for damage.

I expect most players to scoff and argue that we don’t need new barges when other crap is going on, but I disagree. All the rorq pilots in null that won’t want to mine after blackout should come to lowsec with me and fly these new ships in a cool, subcap, group activity. This is the way to bring people together for more activities in eve.

TL;DR: New trig mining barge to encourage cooperative subcap play for mining fleets.

Flame away.


An interesting idea. Some thoughts though:

What about ice? Since the volumes are all fixed at 1000m^3 the only bonuses that apply to ice mining are effectively cycle time bonuses. In order to have a Triglavian-style mining laser be able to tackle ore and ice equally, it would need to reduce its cycle time the longer it stays on target. That’s an exponential decrease in cycle time (i.e. each cycle would reduce the cycle time of the next cycle, so its bonus would apply faster and faster until it hits the cap) which would be inherently difficult to balance. It could be done, but it would not be nearly so straightforward as with Triglavian weapons.

Or, Triglavians could just specialize in mining ore. Maybe there’s just not much ice in Abyssal Deadspace?

Two things here: first, you’ve left very little room to mix tank and yield. That’s one of the benefits of having barges be shield tanked.

Second, given that these Triglavian barges would be entirely armor tanked and that ORE vessels are entirely shield tanked (aside from some of those massive hull buffers), it’s unlikely that the two would function well together. Which isn’t inherently bad, but it does limit utility and make integrating them into existing mining ops harder. We have armor and shield fleet compositions for combat with no problem and can swap between them as needed, but we also have a full roster of armor and shield ships to choose from. Starting off with a single option for armor-tanked barges seems like a huge detriment.

Overall, I think it’s an interesting idea, but it needs to be more thoroughly thought out.

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prefacing this with the fact that I only mine moon ores in a prospect from time to time when i’m hanging out.

Build up on strip miners would be a nightmare to balance, Bronson is right. But the idea of Mutaplasmids for mining equipment is interesting. I’d imagine it would fast become a game of just maxing yield and cycle time regardless of fitting though, where with combat ships some fittings might be willing to sacrifice some RoF or DPS (etc) to fit modules they otherwise might not be able to without bling. or to make a fit more efficient. Barges and exhumers dont have exceptionally tight fits so theres no real trade off rolling to redline your fitting or activation costs when you can omptimize your ISK/hr by what could be such a substantial amount.


  1. Logi and mining in one ship, does to much
  2. The way to return mining as a group activity is OBVOIUSLY to nerf drone mining with Orca and Rorq

Bottom line it is ship creep which is bad for EVE.


I think the Triglavians are harvesting tears :rofl:

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Naw, they don’t harvest tears, they harvest wrecks.


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I’d actually be okay with that if it balanced out right.

i.e. If 3-4 Procurers self-tanking equaled the tank of 3-4 Triglavian barges remote-repping, with roughly the same yield, I don’t see an issue there. But the OP mentioned starting at Covetor-like yields and going up from there, so either the yields would have to come down, or the remote reps would have to be pitiful.

I don’t think the concept of spider-tanking barges is flawed in and of itself, it would just have to be balanced properly with yield, buffer, ore hold, etc.

I mean technically the ORCA can mine and Logi at once its been a long time but i remember that hull having shield logi range bonuses. I think the issue would be when you got 10+ in a tight formation all repping one barge when its attacked. but in Highsec with those suspect flags?

Well put simply what starts with C and Rhymes with “On tent”

To me the key thing is this is a fleet and so they could also just use the ship role intended i.e. one of the existing logi ships or the Orca, however the Orca only has a range bonus on shield boost so it is barely a logi.

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