Triglavian mining tech?

Now that CCP has proved they can make lasers or plasma cutters whatever you want to compare them to,which can spool up how about…

Exhumer only based mining lasers found in the abyss that start with a yeald initial lower than a strip miner but after a certain number of cycles exceed even a t2 with crystal loaded.

This way if you have lots of smaller rocks these would be useless however on massive roid such as ones in ore 0.0 anomalies it’d be great.

Because last I checked, null needed more help mining?

Not everyone has rorquals

Then maybe get one ? isn’t the rorqual the end goal for mining , so why buff the lower tier ships because you aren’t ready for the end tier ?

so mutaplasmids for mining equipment? or like brand new miners that spool like precursor weapons, or both? honestly spooling with miners wouldn’t make too much sense, but mining mutaplasmids would be pretty cool

Not everybody has the infrastructure in place to mine in a Rorqual without suffering prohibitive losses. There are still places in this game where barges and lower end mining command ships are used not simply because people can’t fly a Rorqual, but because it makes strategic sense to do so.

And before somebody replies: “Then join a better alliance/coalition!!!”, to that I say: Fork that. I want to make my own superpower, not become a F1 monkey in somebody else’s :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d rather see triglavian smartbombs.

Sounds cool, both for a spooling up strip miner and some mutaplasmids for mining upgrades and mining lasers.
That would make me want to go in abysal a lot more than now.

spooling strip miners would be a little nuts, maybe just reg spooling miners. But hell yes, we need mining mutaplasmids, that would be friggin great, imagine getting an unstable mining laser mutaplasmid and you use it on a t2 miner and then it becomes almost as good as a strip miner. If mining mutaplasmids is already a topic someone link it pls, cuz they need to happen.

I can fly a Rorqual. I find they are in no way the beat all and end all of mining ships. In fact I went back to my trusty Mack after trying out the Rorq. That big assed bitch was just a sitting duck in Null, even with a corp behind me. In the end we gave up on them and went back to the “Orca with Exhumers” method of mining. If you are not actually mining a moon, no need for a Rorq at all.

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