Triglavian mining vessel/ New alpha ship and mining bs

Before you hate an idea, read this with open mind and put your own numbers at the end.

Alphas can atm only mine with venture. Personally I think they need something between venture and a ordinary mining barge. (A navy procurer type)
More costly but something viable similar to alphas possibility to run faction ships).

Triglavians harvest minerals just like us, and I think it would be interesting to have a triglavian miner ship type.
The miner beams would work as the guns do today, harvest more and more every time( this have to be scaled so don’t be idiots.

Or why not fill the gap between orca and exhumes.
A battleship type that kinda needed orca as support.
Weaker harvesting but a lot longer range and with 6 miner beens for appearance.
Without orca it might mine quite bad, but even more range and speed it could pretty much stand in center of belts and reach everything.
( easy to catch for ganking aswell)


Isn’t that a Porp?


i would say that not good enugh, even less cool enugh.

I’ve kicked around a couple of ideas like this in the past. Either a T1 industrial with a bit of mining bonus, sort of like a Miasmos with some mining yield bonus. Bigger, slower than a Venture, faster to lock, slower to get away, no WCS bonus. Since it would hold more than a Venture it would be somewhat of a juicier target.

Or an upgraded Venture, like a ‘Navy’ version but ‘Ore Limited Edition’ instead, that would maybe give up the WCS and some agility for better yield/hold.

Or an Ore mining battleship, Something with a bit more tank and weapons and considerably less yield/hold than a barge, but still better than a Venture. That could sort of become the bridge to learning to tank up while mining.

(If the yield vs. hold was balanced carefully enough, an ORE BS might even tempt people back into jetcanning.)

Some of these ideas were pre-Alpha. I would still consider them, if we could believe that Alpha accounts would be played by newer players looking to decide if they wanted to upgrade to Omega.

Unfortunately, since every bot and their dogbot knows how to multibox Alpha accounts, I’ve put all those ideas aside because I suspect they would just lead to hordes of alpha bots in new mining vessels.


Even mining ships usually have somewhat a “role” and trade-offs. “Something between Venture and barge” is not a role, it’s just power creep and we already have enough of that


Forum section for suggestions is that way


Ofc, but my thought was to have a battleship mining vessel would not mine better, just give us a more interesting way of mining.

I know everything will be abused :slight_smile:


What do you mean with “more interesting way of mining”?

Whats your reasoning behind this opinion? Surely you have something more than “Im an alpha and want to multibox alpha accounts and bot-mine more efficiently”. Why should Alphas get a better mining ship, and more importantly, is this an argument that could be applied to everything else inbetween anything else?

Sure. And it should be behind a paywall just like all other triglavian ships.

The question isnt “Hey, why not do something”, its “Why should we impliment yet another ship that somehow fills the gap between two already existing ships that seem to do the role they are meant for, pretty well?”

You cant just say “Hey, lets make a mini-carrier, a battleship that acts like a carrier, because it would sound cool”. You cant just say “hey, lets create a new class of ships between Destroyer and Cruiser, called Cruise-destroyer, because it would seem cool”. You actually have to present an argument as to why you think it should be implimented.

how about the other way around, you start with huge volume when you start mining but the longer the mining laser runs the less you get, so you get rewarded for active mining


Nah. CCP don’t want alphas as producers for obvious reasons.

However as I’ve suggested elsewhere a few times, Alphas need encouragement to fleet up and I think there is a case for an ORE version miasmos with a small fleet hanger of 3500 m3 and a reduced ore hold on 27k m3. It could bonus yield to a venture fleet only and only enough to make it worthwhile but not enough for botters/multiboxers.

This would give alphas a small upgrade path, get them interested in fleets and make them consider the yield maths of mining fleets. After that I think they are more likely to look for a corp and then sub an Omega account.

I’m not suggesting all alphas should mine, they should try all the things but some are interested in the industry career path.


Point 1 .the reason is versatility in belts., im no alpha.

point 2. Triglavian miner should be omega yes. that was not intended for alpha.

Point 3. First of i get it that alot pf ppl might ask for just Everything. i just felt we needed something there.
and you obvious reading way to quick, and assuming stuff :), no need to explain.

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What does this mean. Please, elaborate. What sort of versatility are you looking for, and why is it needed?


So no real reason here. Got it.

No, i didnt assume anything. I read what you wrote, and took it word for word.

This doesn’t seem to fill any role beyond “gif alpha bettur mining ship plz”.

And if they wanted to do that, the obvious solution would be to open up barges to alpha accounts.

You whole idea is based on wrong assumption that if something is not bonused for an action then it is bad at that action.

Lets call that new mining battleship “Praxis”… oh wait!

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No, go away.


Personally, I don’t.
And you don’t give us a reason why we should care enough to support your idea.

They do different things. This would be like asking for something to fill the gap between a towel and a shovel.

ok well. i just hade a thought and apparently i dont know enugh about mining, then again i dont mine, but thought ill give a few sentences here with what i felt could be nice. but i step down :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill stick to trading :slight_smile:
this thread was not as entertaining as i hoped… my bad ll :smiley:

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I’d recommend you take the time to figure out what you’re talking about before you make suggestions to change it.

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yea that was apparent… but still not as clear for you since you have to refrase others

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