Trigs in high-sec

Hi all, just here to vent a bit.

I just wanted to play EVE to mine and relax. Not AFK mine mind you, I actually got three accounts so I can mine on two and be a support in Orca on third. Well I didn’t make it to Orca. Still on Porpoise. But I liked it. And when I noticed that belt rats are coming regularly - I got a fourth account to defend my guys. It was awesome. I felt like a mining director loading the ore to my porpoise and hauling it to base. All in high sec.

But triglavians happened. They kept destroying me. First they killed my miners because I didn’t even know what they were. Then I thought I had protection from them with my cruiser - they blew it out of the sky and again destroyed my miners. Then I upgraded to battleship and threw drones at them - they avoided it and blew up my miners. All in high-sec. I understand that it is a anti-bot measure but I literally couldn’t escape fast enough. They just went straight for the miner in covetor. He was dead before battleship even targeted Raznaborg Damavik.

Well screw that. I cancelled all 4 accounts. They’ll revert to Omega in a month or so.

Thanks for reading.

The Trigs aren’t that hard to kill. If you had 4 ships in the belt you should have been able to kill them easily. I can kill a squad of 4 Trigs in a single Skiff. Pay attention and warp out when they arrive if you can’t kill them. Just use a flight, or several flights, of combat drones. A squad of 4 Trigs takes maybe a minute to wipe out.

I had a Dominix with full flight of medium drones (hammerhead) and full flight of light drones from porpoise (warrior). Trigs went around and killed my covetor.

Procurers are a thing u know?

So warp your Covetor out. It’s that simple. Also, don’t mine in paper-thin ships with the Trigs roaming around. Use a Procurer or a Skiff. Max yield or max tank. Pick one, you can’t have both. If you go with max yield, you had better be paying attention when rats or other players warp in.

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First off, it seems like you were trying to learn from your mistakes and rise to the challenge. So, kudos. That’s a good quality for an Eve player to have.

Second, I understand your frustration, but don’t give up. As QuakeGod said, switching to a tankier barge with a decent buffer will buy you time to deal with the rats.

Finally, I’d recommend not trying to solo Eve. I mean, you can if you want, but you should know that if you do, you will walk a more difficult and dangerous path. Thus, I recommend joining a corp that gets into the same kind of stuff that you get into, that way you can work together and share knowledge. Barring that, come to the forums and ask questions or bounce ideas off of us. Some players might be dicks, but many others will gladly help.

Good luck.

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Another solution is to grind the various SP events and get into that orca. Then, when trigs attack you can simply dock the covetor into orca’s ship maintenance bay.

That’s the upside. Downside is the covetor pilot will be left floating in space in a pod. And I have absolutely no idea how roaming trigs respond to pods. (They used to leave them alone in conduits.)

Plus, ship bay will hold two covetors. So, that’s a bonus.

Well if you have these many accounts, you might consider changing your miner ships to procurers, and equip your porpoise with remote shield boosters and/or shield bursts besides mining foreman bursts. Each ship has battlecruiser+ level defense, plus the ability to field 5 light drone. The combined firepower of 15-20 tech 2 Hobgoblin should easily blow any triglavian squad in minutes. Don’t use porpoise for hauling, use it for on site boosting and mining (you would be waaay better off) and use miasmos for hauling.

Just move into another system without a Conduit and you are safe. Those Trigs herassing you appear only near Triglevian invasion systems… stay a few jumps away from them.

Try Porpoise or Orca using remote reps on each other when in an emerging conduit system.
Then have a web on at least 1 to catch a frigate and then light drones on all ships to murder them.

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