Trigs and Neut

Hey there,

I am using a procurer tanked out for solo mining and I can always get away from trigs without them getting halfway through my shields.

Now question, today I died to some and they were casting a neut on my capacitor. Is this normal? I get the point of trigs is to stop afk mining, but making them so they neut you and make it impossible to get away seems kinda dumb. Yes I was mining while aligned, no I was not afk.

Thanks fellas!

Yeah, starving trigs (have neuts) can spawn. You can alter your tank to make it more neut resistant (i.e. use passive hardeners -and make sure you have some buffer through the use of a shield extender and CDFE’s), but I highly recommend to stop mining alone. Make some friends. Join a corp. Mine together. Boosts will help your isk efficiency, more numbers will allow you guys to easily clear the trigs, and community makes the game better. Don’t be shy; miners tend to be a friendly lot.

Also, half your shields before you can warp off? Something seems off. You might need to work on your tanking skills and/or need to improve your fit. Here, check this one out. With max skills (and no boosts), you’ll have 85k EHP versus void, in the neighborhood of 80k EHP versus trigs, and around 60k EHP versus trigs if your hardeners shut off.

[Procurer, T2]

Damage Control II
Mining Laser Upgrade II

Adaptive Invulnerability Shield Hardener II
Medium Shield Extender II
Thermal Dissipation Amplifier II
Adaptive Invulnerability Shield Hardener II

Modulated Strip Miner II, Veldspar Mining Crystal II
Modulated Strip Miner II, Veldspar Mining Crystal II

Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer II

Hobgoblin II x5
Mining Drone II x5

And no, I don’t fit survey scanners any more. Of course, I multibox, which keeps me busy enough even without the survey scanners, but I also prefer the tank. Thus, I split my lasers and drones between 3 different targets to reduce wasted cycles, and call it a day.

So I am in a corp, was just solo mining while no one was around.

I’m not quite T2 yet, but have

MLU x2

Adaptive shield hardener x2
Survey scanner
Shield extender

Strip miner x 2

No rigs yet.

With that being said, I could have all the tank in the world, if they warp in on my head and my capacitor is at zero what can you do against that?

Is there something that reduces the effect of the neuts? I was even trying to warp to something very close and would not allow me to do that either.

Thanks again! : )

The standard roaming Trig patrols in non-invasion systems only ever have 1 neuting ship (Starving), and it neuts for 10 GJ/s. As long as your excess capacitor regen is at least 10 GJ/s, they can’t neut your tank or your capacitor out.

Train capacitor skills to max and/or fit capacitor rigs if needed.

See that’s the thing that was weird. I was trying to warp away and my capacitor was at zero. I was having a bit of lag previous so I am wondering if I got stuck in some kind of glitch.

My capacitor skills are all four, and usually never a problem.

It could be that your active modules - strip miners and Invulnerability hardeners are draining your capacitor as fast as it regenerates. Shut them off and the next regen cycle should give you enough capacitor to warp. You can get some cheap T1 shield rigs to plug the resist holes for triglavians if they are mainly what you’re worried about - thermal & explosive. Most people will also plug EM since the Procurer has 0 native resist to that.

Medium T1 shield rigs are roughly 100K ISK each and would let you replace the second invulnerability hardener with a second extender or a cap recharger if you think you need one. You might also consider replacing one of the MLU’s with a power diagnostic (bonus to shield, capacitor and power grid) or a damage control (resist bonuses). Whether the trade-off between yield and tank is worthwhile is for you to decide.

No, you weren’t, because no trig can insta kill you. It takes at most 2-3s to press the warp button. You can always warp no matter how much capacitor you have. There is no tackle in highsec unless you shoot back.

I never said the trigs insta killed me. Did you read or just come on here to argue?

They warped in and instantly neuted me, it took them forever to kill me.

If you have zero capacitor you can’t warp, thanks for the attempt though.

This is wrong, you can always warp if not scrambled.

I just did a test. I was at capacitor 100 percent, then I warped, my cap went to 92 percent.

You want to still argue?

So how can I warp if my cap is at zero, does it go into the negatives. It’s ok to be wrong.

I don’t argue, I know, and just give you facts. It’s a game mechanic, that you can warp without cap. Not far, and you will not reach your target, but you will warp and are spit out in free space.

Just do multiple warp attempts and stop until your cap is almost empty. Then trigger a long warp and see what happens.

sorry, but @Tipa_Riot is perfectly right. You can do a partial warp even with zero cap

Thanks. I still assume the OP was actually AFK and was not able to even try warping. The time to cap out a barge from trigs takes what, 10-20s? Plenty of time to press warp. Of course it could be he was pointed because he shot back or shot at haulers.

Stop talking and listen to Tipa.

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