Need Help, Just Want to Quietly MIne

Returning from a long break. My 4 year old sons really likes Mining (Lol) so im really just looking for advice on some good spots to mine where I wont get podded I dont need a specific system, just advice on what Sec to stay in. I was ganked for 'illegally mining ’ by a player corp in a .6 system and 1.0 is all mined out due to the NPC mobs.

Any advice?

The farther away you are from trade hubs, the less likely you are to be bothered. There is no “risk free” location. Because the ore you mine will have an impact on the game economy there must be some risk to maintain a risk/reward balance.

You can also look at mining missions. They are probably as close to risk free as you’re going to get.

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Buy a permit?

Alternatively, just mine in a tanked Procurer. I guarantee you won’t be ganked anywhere in highsec. Literally - send me a killmail and I’ll reimburse you minus your insurance payment.

No really, I can make this offer because it would cost you significantly more in gank ships to engineer such a killmail and scam me, which is the same economics that will keep you safe from random ganks. And if you do by chance happen to be very unlucky and exploded by some roaming gang of bored ideologues, I am happy to throw a couple tens of millions of ISK to make your 4 year old happy and replace your inexpensive mining barge.


Will even those be safe from the Trig scouts?

The mission pockets need to be scanned down by players - if you see probes in your overview you can dock up. I’m not sure about the Trig scouts - a Procurer should be safe even if they do take you by surprise, they don’t tackle so you can always get away.

Check out Minmatar space, e.g Heimatar Region. Compared to the overcrouded Caldari space you will find a lot of non-empty belts and it is usually far enough away from standard suicide ganker activity.

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Methinks you just admitted to CCP and the world that you break the EULA by letting your four-year-old play the game…

Does my cat count? :cat2:


They will slip that. He is a future… long future subscriber…

Ya’ll can mine with me. I’ll help protect ya.

He never said his son plays, only that his son enjoys mining. My son likes to watch me play my games and he’s almost 4. Sometimes I do what my son asks me to in game in order for him to enjoy. :slight_smile:


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I love my mining barge, tanks trigs long enough to get away or maybe even kill them… I sold my exhumers because they sucked in comparison for tankyness.