So I'm back after 6 years or so.... What does CCP want exactly?

I’m trying to work out the industry meta here.
What is CCP doing exactly?

I have been here a week and already had an attempted suicide gank on my hulk in highsec - it failed.
I’ve watched a freighter being suicided right next to my own freighter on a gate the next day.

All these changes to ore and they seem to want people to mine in high-sec, but then this kind of thing seems FAR more prevalent than 6 years ago.

I’m glad they finally put some exclusive ores in high-sec and low-sec (it was a reason I left, this seemed a no-brainer). Now low-sec is as dangerous as 0.0.

Do they want us to mine in high-sec or no? Should I just move to a c2 wh or something?
It’s very confusing tbh.

What are new players doing for mining? They must be getting ganked left and right in those low-end ships.

Any help appreciated.

New players don’t fly expensive hulks so aren’t really targeted. A Hulk is pretty much worth ganking even on a T2 fit since it requires so little to gank it, let alone if you had anything better than T2 on it.

What CCP wants is there to be risk everywhere though, and value everywhere.

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CCP wants more active playing and less AFK gaming. That’s why they penalize no brainer activity.


What “they” want is that you and others to play/pay there game, everything else is up to you.
Do you want to mine in high-sec or no?

I’m pretty sure C2 wormholes have less to mine than highsec.

But as you say, there is plenty of a valuable and non-exclusive ore in highsec now. I think CCP want you to mine it.

New players are mining it and making more than they have in a long time. Hulk are juicy targets which can be used safety enough if you pay attention as you proved. Others just get an Orca and rely on the massive tank which is also viable for now.

It’s not very different than before, maybe actually better for new players.

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The game’s on roids at the moment of your posting, 90% drop rate event till Nov.10th
So it’s pretty much gankers carnival in hisec, the isk/ehp gank line gets lowered sooo much.
And people gank like crazy, that’s it


Probably the best reply here. You seem to understand what I’m saying.

I used to run a corp in low-sec and wanted to start it up again most likely, but am wondering how to progress people through high-sec to low-sec.

These ganks being so isk efficient for maladaptive pilots make that kinda hard.

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Isn’t their adaptation to the Halloween event an example of successful and effective adaptation?


“I shall now rationalize my misanthropic tendencies using Halloween as justification.”

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You want to play Eve, in lowsec and you think that anybody who ganks other players in Eve is morally defective?

I think you’re cope posting now.

If you need to put words in peoples’ mouths, you’ve already failed.


You cut out half of what I said.

Thanks for coming.

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It’s right there for anyone to read, who do you think you’re kidding?

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There is a Halloween event going on atm in which 90% of a ship’s loot is dropping. I wouldn’t be moving anything expensive around right now until the event is over in a few days.

Also remember that things getting blown up is good for the overall economy. It keeps market prices up and benefits industrial pilots the most.

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This halloween event is reason for a couple of my corpmates to keep their freighters and expensive mining barges docked.

Ventures aren’t worth ganking even if 90% drops, and Procurers off the beaten path are relatively safe as well. What you are seeing is probably the effects of the halloween festival combined with people’s stupidly greedy tendency to fit for max yield.

Those Ventures and Procurers work in lowsec as well. What doesn’t work is focussing on max yield and blindly progressing through routines like chump.

Also, the 90% loot drop chance was a great incentive to win your fights in FW space or kill some explorers.

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Yeah am aware of the event, I got killed in a noob ship yesterday. So, not sure if that’s the reason for a lot of the ganks. You look at the killboard and there are empty shuttles and all kinds of stupid stuff going on.


High security space has little danger.

Thanks for your comment friend, I am yet to decypher how this helps in the question “What is the meta for mining corps?”

But I’ll keep working on it.

CCP wants us to not do something more entertaining that simply grinding ore, isk or standings they want to create enough risk to prevent you from watching movies. Thats why they added exploding asteroids but really is this really why we play eve?

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