Trig drones?

I was just thinking of new ships and things that could be fun and relatively easy to implement.

Triglavian drones that spool damage over time
I would say they would have higher damage than gallente drones when full spooled by about 10% but would take a while to get there while being slower in space.

Would be most usefull for small people taking on bigger ships or the boring structure bashes poco smashing and pos bashing.

What do you think?


I think that sounds like an interesting idea!


Well, unless they spool up rather quickly, I would want more than 10% damage at full spool. But yeah, I kind of like the idea. I assume that they would also do a mix of thermal and explosive damage?

Edit: Keep forgetting my no pay to win picture.
No P2W


I’m fully open to them doing 100% more damage if they spool slowly

I want people to put in their opinions how they would implement it I think its a great idea just needs details hammered out

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Gilas and such with triglavian drones… hmm. :slight_smile:

Though lorewise aren’t the trigs anti-drone? Not entirely sure. Though either way it could be a capsuleer development based on triglavian tech instead of based on existing triglavian tech. Just something to consider I suppose.

Interesting idea, I like it.

Its not going to work well on Drones but i have said before we could use it on a Trig super/carrier with spool fighters would be great make them good anti capital ships but meh ratting ships.

They are anti artificial intelligence I belive hence the hatred of rouge drones.

Maybe trig drones could be empire designed ones using trig technology

Like the t2 versions of trig ships descriptions all have a description saying they where modified by a specific empire

You could make them of Gallente origin. Afaik the T2 Trig ships are reverse engineered trig-tech used by the empires - hence you need t2 materials depending on the empire that developed the ship.

To introduce such a drone, you could add some event too:
Angry Triglavians invading Federation space and bashing Gallente infrastructure that players can defend to get BPCs.

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