Triglavian Ewar

I think it’s only logical we finally get triglavian Ewar ships at the frigate and cruiser size categories. My proposal is a ramp up Ewar module specific only to the triglavians which can be mounted only on these Ewar ships instead of an entropic disintegrator which will gradually reduce enemy resistances as it spools up (could also be scripted to reduce a specific resistance ).
In order to allow these ships some form of damage seeing as they’ll have no disintegrator a moderate drone bay and a standard 10% drone damage bonus per level would do.

I would rather see some sort of anti-drone ewar. If applied, owner loses control over the drones, they stop acting (moving, shooting, mining etc) and can be scoped by anyone.

Trig Ewar would be spool-time-extenders so that it takes longer to ramp up damage, and DPS limiters so that the maximum DPS is lower than without.

I don’t think losing drones would be a good form of e-war, I would simply have it as a debuff to drone damage and tracking. If a ship can apply bonuses to drones then it should also be possible to disrupt the ship’s drone control functions.

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