Triglavian Belt Spawns

What are the best drones to use against these?
Faction drones are insta agroed and removed from the field.
What are the resists on the Triglavians and what are the best drones to use to combat them?
Will T2 drones last longer or will they just eat those also?

If your faction drones are getting killed off, yes, your T2 drones will also get killed off.

I use T2 Hornets. The trick is to not have them out when the Trigs warp in. If your combat drones are already out when they warp in they will eat them alive. Pull your drones in, wait for the Trigs to attack you, then send out your drones. A squad of 4 Trigs can be killed by a single Skiff using a flight of T2 Hornets without losing a single drone. I do it every day. Kill the neut first, then the remote repper, then the other two.


What are the damage resists on the Triglavian ships?
What is their hole?

They don’t really have one. If I had to guess I’d probably say EM. Here is a link with all of their resists and damage types:

And even though player Trig ships can’t use missiles, the NPC Trigs do use EM missiles in addition to their regular weapon. But like I said, I use Hornets. They do Kinetic damage and chew them up pretty easily. T2 drones do much more damage than faction drones as long as you have good drone skills.

The normal Trig belt rats don’t scram or point you and are fairly easy to kill. If you are in an invasion system, however, I wouldn’t stick around to try and fight them because those WILL scram you and it won’t just be a simple squad of 4.

I thought explosive was the best damage against them, are you using the warriors for the shield?

Why would I stop in the middle of combat to swap out drone types? No, I use Hornets from start to finish. Hornets will take out their shield in like 2 seconds. What takes the longest to kill them is that they remote armor rep each other.

Explosive is the best damage to deal, followed by thermal.

That’s because most of their HP is in armor, so you want to do a damage type that works best against that.

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Thanks for that information. I’ll have to try some other drone damage types next time. I’ve always just used Hornets because I have max Caldari drone skills.

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