Invasion ship of choice

Given that the Gila is the ship of choice within the ship restrictions for abyssal runs, what will you take to encounter the Trig invasion with the restrictions lifted? I’m pretty varied with my skills but tend to fall back to missile fits due to their ease, so a tengu or nighthawk is probably what I’ll run with.

Oï !

I say, the Triglavian might have had a bad enough time taking a beating from Gila’s drones in Abyssal Deadspace. As such, in every system under Invasion, drones will be completely subpar compared to others weapons systems, as they’ll get a reduction to speed, HP and DPS (IIRC).

Missiles are always a good choice, since they aren’t affected by any of the Triglavian’s effect pilons. A well fitted Caracal for perimeter systems should do the trick (might want to upgrade to a Drake if needed), and then battleships like the Raven or Barghest would work well too.

Rattlesnake is out of question, as you’ll be missing half of your DPS since your drones are basically useless…

Triglavian pockets are ship restricted not the invasions… think of them as a Triglavian version of the incursions…

Oi, don’t diss on the Rattle before you test it yourself.
It does work, just need a single web for Ogres to melt even the frigs. Gecks will do even better.
For solo, Vindi might be your best choice given that it almost alphas the frigs and take a few volleys on cruisers.

That does assume solo and that you don’t go in too deep into invasion, limiting yourself to cruisers.
BCs and up will melt almost everyone without a fleet.

with drones being gimped and the trig being vulnerable to therm and exp damage i am thinking minmatar ships with arti and phased plasma or fusion ammo stack therm and exp resist and boost turret tracking speed.

Alright, maybe saying Rattlesnake’s drones will be straight up useless with the Invasion’s effects, but I do think it’ll be subpar, since a lot of debuffs are only applicable to drones, compared to the others weapons systems that can function freely without too much problem.

By the way, what do you mean by “not going too deep into Invasions” ? You mean staying only in perimeter systems, or adjacent systems ? I guess the Foothold system is a big no if you aren’t escorted by a decent fleet.

Hitting the gates with hit and run tactics I was able to do fine with a cookiecutter passive T2 module Gila. The damage did feel low with Vespas, but I’m use to the -50% abyss bonus, so I just chalked it up to that. However, the speed reduction was very noticeable.

If you are goign solo high slot salvagers and tractor beam are almost a must to salvage the moment you pop one of them. Ninja salvagers are everywhere.

As a side note, at what range do the frigates and cruisers orbit you?
Wondering if a blaster Proteus equipped with faction web and point might offer a surprise or two to those ninjas.

They were hovering around 8-10k I believe. I was doing a lot of hit and run though, so by the time they got to orbiting me I was typically running for repair.

T2 version of caracal what’s it name worked solo for me it was fitted for t4 abyssal dive.
As long as you hug gate or station you are more than fine no matter what spawns.
While I was in belt I did got overwhelmed with dps spawns were warping in rapidly I couldn’t keep incoming deeps under control warped out deep in armor with assault damage control on cooldown.

Word is they made them easier to deal with since then.

Salvaging doesn’t give suspect timer.

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Lol on me. Had a brain spasm there…
Well, then this game addition has some needed fixes or its heading in the direction of RW.


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so can a trio of ships do the entry level perimeter sites?
also can you solo from any of the difficulty tiers? perimeter>adjacent>foothold? Just regular T2 HACs work here?
interested if its possible to solo w/ alts etc. Or just two people with multiple alts

Anyone interested in teaming up and having a go at a system?

Perimeter is possible in solo with a solid fit of 1k tank and som 600-1k DPS + at least one 15km web.
Adjacent a bit more risky as BC and BS spawn a lot more frequently there and you definitely need a bit of backup or station\gate hugging.


could you manage to solo in a blingyish T3 cruiser?

Should be absolutely fine in perimeters. Just make sure there aren’t any scrams (“Anchoring” NPCs), that you have just a bit extra cap (they do neut, but not a lot) and that you watch your tank and align away if it starts to fade.
Focus Kiki, Vedma and Liminal varieties first to minimize damage

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never did and should not

What damage types are they most susceptible to ?