Invasion knowledge share

So as I’m stuck at work while I hear about the fun Invasion cries softly I figured I’d post up seeing if anyone has learned dos and don’t of the new content. I’ve heard the Neuts are as brutal as they are in Abyss Space, so that’s prob throwing off many people’s standard PvE fits.

Thoughts thus far?

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Best ship in New Eden is your best bet. Not much solo stuff so far.

I’ve yet to be scrammed by one, although have been neuted, webbed, damped, tracking disrupted…despite me flying just a logi frig.

I’ve also noticed they don’t engage at gates unless attacked by players first. No longer the case - i’ve just been attacked at a gate just sitting there but i was alt-tabbed so someone may have been attacking them whilst i wasn’t aware.

Also, damage seems only to be thermal and explosive.


I am seeing a few Wolf (Rifter) ships in Minmatar space.

Hello, first and foremost.
Can anyone answer following questions concerning this invasion stuff?

  • are there cerebral accelerator boosters to get?
  • are there Skins or BPO or BPC to get?
  • is this only “join a fleet and beg to get at least some of the loot” or also alone doable? for a pure EVE solo player?
  • what kind of loot is aquireable - not just fighting a trig fleet down then rush for the loot but what can ALWAYS aquired at least for every player, not just on those with superfast ships ?
  • is it actually worth the time and risk ships/assets or just a time sink and i’m better of with regular stuff, missins, mining, ratting, PI and such (like the events in dezember and february)?

Thanks a lot for answers

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I lost a Praxis (on my other account) after being scrammed, pretty sure it wasn’t another player

As long as i don’t have detailed information about this this invasion is, and if it is worth spending the limited time i have for gaming i will simply not do it.
That’s just the point. Quite sad it is, isn’t it?

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It’s more sad that you gauge the worth of content on it’s isk gain or collectables rather than how much fun it is.


The fact that CCP did not give us all the details is what I like the best. Unfortunately, like the OP, I’m stuck at work and can’t go find some answers myself.


My question to everyone is now, if you could go into an Abyssal site with any ship, what would that be? What’s the best PvE missile boat? Tengu? Nighthawk? Golem? I’ve been away a while!

So are random folks fleeting up to attack the Drifters…oops…Triglavians, then? That would be cool. If so, what are they using to communicate?

If that is true then CCP has worked a miracle.
High sec players working together!!

Some ad hoc replies to various questions posted here.

I kitted up a one-month old toon, in a venture, and went for a look after DT. Just for a couple of hours. For each invasion point there is a system that is the centre, adjacent systems (one out), and peripheral systems ( two out with scouts). May have got names wrong. Especially in the invasion system, the trigs seem to target gates, belts and structures. And they re-spawn.

My target was to find if/ what/ where there were any new mining resources, which are supposed to exist? Didn’t find any but I did find an acceleration gate in the invasion system that I did not enter. This has a beacon labelled “contested space” with trig spawn guarding it. If there are mining resources I’m guessing they are in there? If anyone could confirm that would be good.

From what I saw this is mostly true. There were various cruisers standing their ground with small trig groups, but they typically ended up warping away and I got targeted. By this time I was salvaging and that is definitely doable solo.

Good to know. I typically warped out as soon as I entered a gate and only flew to within 100 km if trying to leave. Ended up most times just watching fights at the gates and then going in to salvage. There were a few people looting at each fight location but not sure what they got. I was just doing salvage and that is all trig stuff required to build the four new ship bpo. There were BS at some sites so maybe the loot drop from those is of interest/valuable.

Yes. That is what I saw. Random folks were piling into the invasion system I was in, lead there by the Agency. Once in they were just broadcasting on local as to which structure/ belt/ planet had currently spawned a new trig fleet and pilots were mostly just responding as they felt the need.

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Invasion is not a temporary event. Like Sansha Incursions it is here to stay.


When you enter an invasion area, a new chat channel auto-opens which covers the entire invasion area, so you can chat to all players inside that invasion, but because the channel covers all the systems affected by that invasion, if you’re trying to fleet up with other players on that channel, they may not be in the same system as you, they might be several jumps away from you. If you are asking in the invasion chat channel to join a fleet, saying which system you are in can help, or ask for fleet in the local channel for the system you are in.

I had a look inside a couple of invasions and didn’t see any new types of sites, just lots of small fleets of Trigs roaming around between belts, plants, moons and gates inside each system. With only a couple of hours to see what was happening, so far invasions look like fleet ratting with the rat spawn rate turned up to 11.

Because the rat fleets keep moving around if they are not engaged by players, you could be fighting one rat fleet and have more of them drop onto you while you’re still fighting. Bring friends to fight the Trigs, and have some logistic support, invasions are not solo content.


Did you use any of the acceleration gates which were marked by beacons, at least in the foothold systems? I’d be curious to know if these actually lead to “new types of sites”.

If you want to solo the invasion you would probably need a battleship at minimum for tanking requirements. Pirate faction would be best. Anything else you need logi for because they hurt a lot. I have not found any worth while loot…yet. I went up to one of the sites and one of the requirements was too mine so I noped out of it.

Aha ! Please tell me more. What are these “sites” you speak of, and where were they? Were they in the main foothold systems and marked by beacons? Or, was this somewhere separate that you perhaps had to scan down (as others were speculating on the event chat yesterday)?

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Yeah, do tell more, what sites? Ore description shows all 3 new ores are morphed Scordite. I thought they’ll show up in normal ore belts, but alas. And there arent celestial beacons or any trig anoms. Scannable sigs?

Yeah, do tell more, what sites? Ore description shows all 3 new ores are morphed Scordite. I thought they’ll show up in normal ore belts, but alas. And there arent celestial beacons or any trig anoms. Scannable sigs?

I haven’t checked for sigs yet but small fleets usually hang around gates, stations and planets in each invaded system. And they DO attack on sight at gates when traveling, as it happened to me a couple of times in a Crane, so maybe avoid transporting your valuables in a slow aligning ship in case you’d get scrammed.