Invasions compared to incursions

from what im reading this seems to be a reskin of incursions. is that right? also what about the payouts and challenges?

That seems to be more or less true.

Slight differences in that they aren’t spawning in dedicated sites, and they move around the system to different locations. They seem to be runnable in smaller groups than incursions.

Payouts seem to be mainly tied to salvage currently, but apparently LP may be coming as the spawns progress (I’m not sure we really know though).

But essentially yeah, looks like incursions 2.0

there are no new ideas

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so more useless than incursions atm, got it

It is like some FOB had a one night stand with an Incursion and created this Invasion…


Unfortunately that’s the way it seems to be headed.

If they just go the way they seem to be, then likely they’ll be marginalised to only a small group of players like incursions, though with poorer reward, and they’ll just be an inconvenience to work around.

It may be a bit early to really tell and I hope that CCP has more planned, but it’s not looking encouraging beyond the initial curiosity.

good. i wont resub then. thanks

@jin_ko82, if you need specific new content to resub, I doubt it would ever happen. You like Eve or you don’t. New ships or new PvE content or perhaps new Sov mechanics just don’t change what the game is at it’s heart. If you dont like Eve’s Heart then nothing else is going to matter.

@Scipio_Artelius, Basically I agree, but this time I think they got a lot closer to what incursions should have been in the first place.

I did a few incursion sites in the very beginning, but a few months later I came back to them and could not get into a fleet. Real quick the meta became stupid expensive fits or no fleet for you.

Never had enough corp mates interested to do our own. These look like they will be a lot easier to get into for all types of players


agreed wish the drop rate of loot was a little better there is a lot of risk fighting them

Well on the positive note, there’s lots of other things in the game and new content worth doing (eg. the normal abyssal sites tied into the same group that has initiated these invasions). It’s casual friendly, a challenge, small time required, etc.

As someone that normally hates any sort of EVE PVE, abyssal sites are pretty ok.

So maybe try some other stuff too.


Can I do this in a Thrasher solo? I’ve been thinking about trying one

Doesnt hurt to try.

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You can ninja salvage them in a thrasher. There’s a lot of ninja salvaging going on at the invasions currently.

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Pretty much except there’s no sites, no isk payout, no LP. It’s all loot drops and salvage. Which anyone can steal.

As is it’s a piss poor addition to the game.

The problem is with the payout all being in salvage/terrible loot. How the hell do you pay people out for fleeting up. Unless CCP greatly expand what invasions are this is just going to be more DOA content.

Your right, since they announced this as Chapter 1, I am going to remain confidant that as we progress further into what ever they have planned these concerns will be addressed.

Understand I’n NOT being a fanboy, just choosing to stay somewhat optimistic.

Are there any ingame chat channels for the invasions?
I am looking for groups or small corps doing these invasions.

I been going solo, just killing the roaming trigs in the systems. In about the same amount of time it takes to run a longer lv 4 mission I’m getting about 100mil in salvage sold to buy orders. If I’m lucky and get a skill book that’s another 100mil+. Not bad at all, with little to no ninja’s to deal with.

The problem is the conduits/ group content. It completely changes the strat for sharing rewards and dealing with the ninja’s. Pretty much need to have a side team for pvp or salvage, or both. Makes for an odd experience that needs some work.

The attemt to combine pve and pvp is kinda cool, but this version seems to just be annoying.


Do the normal incursions still exist?